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  1. Green Bus Terminal

  2. Natural Parks

  3. Moving Trucks - Variety Set

  4. Japanese Ambulance MOD

  5. Tokyo Metropolitan Bus MOD

  6. CTA (Chicago Transit Authorty

    Really neat I love the detailing, just wish it was a little bit more southern Illinois :3 think you could do St. Louis Metrobus too? ^-^ Pweasssse?
  7. Wind Farm Service Truck - Power Plant Vehicle

    Theres a wind farm truck? o.O huh... guess cuz I always demolish the plants after I plop 6 windmills I never get a chance to see it. Oh well... I'm sure you can use this to replace the yucky construction vehicles :3
  8. Municipal Bus Garage for Shuttle Bus Depot

    This mod doesn't actually work. It lets you place the garages but they don't function... the Shuttle Bus depot shows a warning that the required building isn't in place for the module to work.
  9. Municipal Bus Garage for Shuttle Bus Depot

    So I can have full size buses driving around without that big ugly building? EEEEEEE!!!!! Thank you! ^-^
  10. Japanese Emergency Car MOD Set

    All these neat Japanese vehicles... we need some mods for Japanese buildings and one to change what side of the road sims drive on >.>
  11. Japanese Moving Truck MOD

    Awesome! You're the only one whos doing mods with asian flavor, keep it up ^-^