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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. Transformer Substation

    Version 1.0.0


    Info: Have you ever wanted to properly end your power lines with a transformer substation? Well now you can! By previous request I'm releasing this file which I first displayed on my CJ a while back. Originally the plan was to include this lot as part of a set of several different types of transitions(1-line, 2-line, 2-way, 4-way etc.) for both the in-game maxis power lines and also MandelSoft's custom power line set. However I've decided to abandon that much delayed project in favor of a completely new custom power line set I'm currently working on. This substation can be used to properly cap the beginning and end of your power lines using a couple of very simple BAT. The lot provides 400 units of power, the idea behind that being that while a substation doesn't actually generate power it plays an important part in prevent transmission power loses by stepping up and the reducing the voltages across a long distance power line. It can be found near the bottom of the power menu. No dependencies are required. Stats: Plop Cost: $400 Power produced: 400 (8MW) Monthly Cost: $4 Demolition cost: $100 Dependencies: None!
  2. City has to have power somehow!
  3. Entry no.23 - Dresden GS @night

    *Update* - This entry only showcases the maxis night shots of the power plant. For the cooler dark night shots please check out entry 34. The rest of the city may sleep at night but the power plant is very active. Normally only two units are required at night, but on this humid night all units are active while another nearby power plant is down for maintenance. The stacks for unit 3&4 weren't built with a maintenance/rest platform so aside from a single high-intensity xenon discharge flasher on the north side they do not meet the current aircraft warning safety regulations. Rather then spend the money to built a platform on a structure that wasn't designed for one, the PRPA simply illuminated the south side of the stacks with spot lights from the roof of the boiler building. The port facilities are also usually abuzz at night. The residents of Dresden have a love-hate relationship with the big plant which dominates the city's skyline. Those who work there and their families love it because it provides over 750 well-paying full time jobs and a trickle down effect in the local economy. There are also those who appreciate the vital role it plays in the regions economy and others who simply admire the structure because of how massive it is - like me! . But most local resident who don't directly benefit from the plant, aside from getting their electricity from it, resent the plant because of scenes like these; Even after the recent modernization project which significantly reduced overall sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates releases, the plant is the second largest source of air pollution in the region after the ICON smelter facility. Previously it had been the #1 source by a large margin and independent studies have shown that local levels of air pollution(within Dresden) have been reduced by over 80% since the construction of the superstack and the conversion of units 3&4 to peak only usage. But coal power can never be completely clean and people will understandably never be happy with air pollution. However the often forget that plant came first - Dresden's pop. was 28,000 in 1954 when the first phase of the plant was completed(1000 of whom worked there), today its over 92,000. They were the ones who chose to move into the city despite the power plants presence and after just having spent 1.6 billion dollars refurbishing the plant, she's not going anywhere. And with the tour of the Dresden Generating Station is concluded.
  4. Entry no.22 - The Power Plant, Dresden GS

    The Dresden GS(Generating Station) is a major coal-fired power plant owned and operated by the PRPA(Pretoria Regional Power Authority) a publicly owned electrical utility company which owns and operates a total of 11 power plants in and around the Pretoria Metropolitan Area. Dresden GS is by far the largest of PRPA's power plants with a total nameplate capacity of 2,240MW. When operating at peck capacity the plant produces almost 50% of Pretoria's electric supply, enough power for 1.2 million people. The plant is located on the East side of the Dresden Port District. Phase One Prior to the plants construction most of the electricity supplied to Pretoria came from 3 medium sized hydroelectric stations and an antiquated coal power plant all of which were located in the Central Pretoria. Together these 4 plants - Holyrood(Coal) GS - 335MW, Noirwater1 - 294MW, Noirwater2 - 190MW & Evermore1 - 118MW), along with a couple of other small stations produced a little over 1,000MW. This was more than enough for the region's 400,000 residents back in the mid 1940's. However at the start of the 50's the city entered into a prolonged period of growth and expansion. With its population and economy expanding by nearly 8% per yearly it quickly became evident that power demand would outstrip supply in matter of years. A site was quickly selected on the south side of Cisco Bay and 18 hectares of land near Dresden's booming port was earmarked for the thermal-electric plant that would meet Pretoria's seemingly insatiable growing power demands. Construction began in May 1951 and quickly became a project of superlatives: The stations first boilers were the largest ever installed in the nation; the 380,000 kilowatt Parsons G2-5A generators were the largest available and the stations power transformers were the largest in the world. Each of the boilers was paired with a brick-line smokestack, both towering 465ft(142m) over the surround landscape which made them the tallest structures in Dresden at the time. A new hydro interconnection was built consisting of the Hardack, Tauon & Muon hydro corridors and the Hillsboro & Enforce transmission substation through which electricity was directed around Cisco Bay to Central Pretoria. The total cost of this project was $148 million. The station was formerly commissioned and put into service on Aug 13, 1954. Almost instantly regional capacity nearly doubled from 1,050MW to 1,810MW. It was much needed since by then the power situation had become so desperate that the government had to implement rolling blackouts two months beforehand. Though these only effected the outlying(and less affluent) areas of the growing metropolis. Dresden Generation Station, circa Jan 1955 But Dresden GS's story does not end here. Phase Two Regional growth would continued unabated over the next 10 years. By 1960 it was clear that additional units would be needed. A study concluded that year indicated the plant would reach maximum capacity within 10 years and another 1,000 MW of electricity would be needed within 25 years. This time the government did not wait around and quickly authorized the PRPA to building additional generation capacity. And so in early 1962 construction on phase two of the station began. Part of Cisco Bay, directly west of Units 1&2 was backfilled and Unit's 3 & 4 were built on the new landfill. The coal stockpile was moved to the west side of the plant and expanded. A new much larger docking facility was also built. Coal imports would increase by 125% from an average of 400 tons per day to 900. The amount delivered by ships would increase from 40% to over 90%. In Aug 1965 Units 3 & 4 were completed and placed online. Two Parsons G5-9S generators with a capacity of 500,000 kilowatt's, once again the largest available at that time were installed. And the Hardack, Tauon & Muon hydro corridors were all expanded with a second set of electric pylons. The new boilers were of a far more efficient design and were each paired with a 600 foot tall(183m) smokestack. The two new stacks again assumed the title of Dresden's tallest structure until the KIRO TV tower(609ft/186m) was build on Mount Tokiko in 1971. Dresden Generation Station, circa 1975 After the completion of units 3 & 4 total nameplate capacity of the plant rose from 760MW to an impressive 1,760MW. Phase two had a total cost of $226 million and when completed made Dresden GS the world's largest power plant, a title it would hold on to for the next 15 years(1965-79). Modernization Project By the late 1980's the original units of the plant were approaching the 40 year mark and nearing the end or their life expectancy. These units were operating at less then 30% thermal efficiency and were under powered for their size. The station was a major source of pollution and smog in the Pretoria air shed. With the oldest units dating back to the 1950s, the plant was ranked 3rd on the national list of dirtiest power plants in terms of sulphur dioxide emissions per megawatt-hour of electrical energy produced. Overall it was by far the largest generator of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other particulates in the entire region. Dresden GS's old Unit 1 & 2, only used for peak load purposes by the late 80's. In 1989 after after Baycole GS and the new transcontinental hydro corridor were built, phase one of the plant containing the Units 1 & 2 underwent a 1.6 billion dollar modernization program. The original boilers, turbines and generators were all replaced in the 6-year long project. Low NOx burners and electrostatic precipitators where also added at the time. Two new Dynamic Electric T-1000 generators, each producing 620,000 kilowatts, were installed increasing the total generating capacity by 27% to 2,240MW. The two boilers were marred to a single new 1,001-foot tall(305m) superstack built to vent pollution high above the local air shed. The original brick line stacks were taken out of service, however they were not demolished because they were connected to the buildings superstructure.The super stack greatly reduced local pollution levels because not only did it replace the two shorter stacks of Unit's 1 & 2 but Unit's 3 & 4 with its shorter stacks would transition into more of a peak load role. The superstack is currently the tallest in the region, being a single foot taller then the ICON smelters "Big White" just across the Bay. Units 1 & 2 today The superstack took 6 months to complete and contains nearly 25,000 tons of concrete. It is currently the the 8th tallest smokestack on planet Azura and the tallest structure in the city of Dresden/the South Shore borough, overtaking the 839ft (256m) tall WBNS TV tower built in 1985. Dresden GS is connected to the PRPA's(Pretoria Regional Power Authority) operations center via direct microwave link. The transmitter/receiver is located on the 280m level of the superstack. Direct links to both Hillsboro TS & Enforce TS are also located on there. Tip of the stack In the shadow of giants Rising above it all Cooling Systems Two 270ft tall cooling towers were added to the east side of the plant as part of the upgrade to units 1 & 2, dramatically reducing the plants thermal pollution. All of the waste heat generated by the plant was at one time released into Cisco Bay. This water is used in large condensers to cool the used steam back to its liquid form. Prior to the construction of the cooling tower the plant withdrew more than 50 million gallons of water per hour for cooling needs at peak load. Today Units 1 & 2 operate using a new closed loop system. Units 3 & 4 continue to use the once-through system. Withdrawal levels have been reduced to 30 million gallons of water per hour at peak load when all units are in operation. However Units 3 & 4 only operate on a peak load basis, usually between the hours of 6am and 8pm for an average of 14 hours per day, while the newly replaced Units 1 & 2 are used for base load purposes. The closed loop system of Units 1 & 2 withdraw only a fraction of the amount of water they used to, approx. 1 million gallons per hour. This means that the plants actual average hourly withdrawal rate is much lower coming in at around 18 million gallons per hour. The intake and outlet structures Coal Supply Western coal is delivered to Dresden via ocean going 100,000-ton freighters. Shipments of coal regularly arrive at the Dresden GS docking facility The plant coal pile is relatively small for a plant of this size with a maximum capacity of 0.75 megatons. This is nonetheless sufficient to provide for about 40 days of operation at maximum load Coal is feed into the plant by a series of conveyor belts either directly off anchored bulk carriers next to the pier or from the coal stockpile Typical mix of the coal batch is 90% western 10% eastern. Eastern coal has a higher energy content but has greater emissions so its use is limited. Eastern coal is delivered by rail on unit trains to an unloading facility on the "coal spur" which branches off GWR's mainline Almera sub Connections to power grid The plant is connected to the power grid by 4 double circuit 250 kV transmission lines, also owned and regulated by the PRPA. Two lines travel eastward merging with a third from the nearby Bunsen Burner Waste to Energy plant to form the Hardack hydro corridor. Most of Dresden GS's power flows on this interconnection towards the Middle East and Central districts. Two other 250kV lines travel southward on the Zelfor hydro corridor providing power to the South Shore borough and creating an interconnection with other power plants located south of Pretoria. The Switchyard at Dresden GS, looking east The Switchyard looking west, obscured by the mist from the cooling towers Overview of the Plant Today Units 1 & 2 Units 3 & 4 Currently Dresden GS is currently the third largest coal-fired plant in the nation and the 16th largest electric plant overall on planet Azura. This complex is one of my 3 favorite creations that I've made in SC4. Hope you enjoyed checking it out
  5. I've subscribed to a couple of pylons from the Steam workshop - but they seem to act as standalone buildings instead of string wires between them. I'm going for a rural feel, and found some nice log/timber poles. I tried searching to see how/if it is possible to have actual pylon behaviour, but did turn up anything. So - is it possible, and how could I make it work?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Introducing the very affordable Doosan Portable Power lot for your rural and out of the way construction areas. Great for situations where you don't want to drag power lines. Good for beginning little towns way out in the country. Also good for testing areas. STATS: 1x2 Power lot 5 MW output Main Model 1,224 tris Custom LOD 222 tris Upkeep- 56.00/wk Installation: Extract rar file in folder and copy/past crp into your assets folder. Steam Workshop Link in side panel ---------------> Enjoy.
  7. Electricity

    I'm a new user... I have multiple Power Buildings and Power Lines leading to Zones...But I continue to have "Lack of Power" and still getting the "bolt" symbol over the buildings. Any suggestions or ideas for a fix or why this is occurring...?
  8. Am I the only one bothered by the clear green bias the game shows? Particularly that windmills practically fart flowers and sunshine. The windmills, if you place them in high wind zones (and on most the stock maps, there are plenty of high wind zones) are the most efficient power source you can build, until Solar(!!!). Windmills don't require water, they don't require deliveries of fuel nor generate garbage meaning they don't contribute to congestion and they also require no roads. Now I am aware that the green energy sources have a somewhat higher upfront cost. The problem is, this doesn't go anyway at all to making them more balanced - if you're going to have the thing forever, the lower costs will pay off through a healthier operating surplus. The advanced wind turbine is an even more grievous offender, eliminating the main cost of windmills - the noise pollution and limited high wind zones. Out on the water, the noise pollution doesn't matter and there is usually plenty of high wind. Yeah, I know, a coal power plant is a lot cheaper in terms of upfront costs, but even then, because you can't economically scale down power production, the ability to incrementally add to your power production again works in the favor of windmills. The upfront cost of a coal power plant, is higher than the upfront cost of a single windmill- a windmill is the cheapest way to start. And then, a second windmill is the cheapest way to double your power production. And kind of so on. It's not really that clear when it would be a better time to build a coal plant. Solar also poops daffodils and makes puppies and kittens happy. Again you have a high upfront cost, but the operating costs are waaaay lower than oil and the fuel is free as sunshine. And as if in a nod to the fact that Hydro dams aren't all beer and pretzels, they suck, being a great way to flood your city, sink your budget, or my personal favorite - cause the sewage to back up to the water pumps causing mass death. I've also yet to have a hydro dam - you know - generate power. But the real problem is that the wind always blows and the sun always shines. IRL my understanding is that wind is pretty cheap both in terms of construction and operating costs, but it suffers the serious limitation that the wind doesn't always blow. This means that baseline and fallback power stations are required, baseline such as coal, nuclear and hydro, and fallback such as gas and hydro. Maybe even worse, cheap wind power wrecks havoc on the electricity market, making life difficult for baseline power stations. I guess we can hope and maybe even expect that an expansion pack will flesh out the power system, as the game mechanics could certainly support a more advanced power system. Wind turbines would let you save up fuel when the wind blows. So wind turbines would act to reduce fuel usage, rather than replace fossil fuel plants. Since fuel usage and delivery is actually tracked in this game, this would be meaningful. It would obviously require the addition of a gas turbine, with very low construction costs and high operating costs. You would have to decide whether you want a strong baseline from fossil fuels/nuclear, or go with lots of renewables, with big spikes in operating costs when the gas needs to kick in. But anyway, solutions aside, I get the ever so slightly queasy sensation that there is a strong green propaganda bent to the whole power plants and industries things, windmills and solar is wonderful and we should built lots of it. Oil and ore runs out nearly instantly so don't even bother. Forests are wonderful (IRL: They're okay, but the favored trees, often pines, usually require extensive chemical treatment to preserve the timber so it doesn't just rot immediately). Please, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with green propaganda, I usually vote green. My problem is that in this game the green propaganda is not done well, it feels a bit hamfisted. Also, to be fair, I've done game development myself. There simply isn't time to implement everything you'd like to as you'd like to. It's not a complaint about the job the devs have done, it's a complaint about the game, if that makes sense .
  9. Electric Power Lines

    Version 1.1


    Build Electric Power Lines with this mod! Make your city even more realistic and functional! Features: - Medium voltage Power Line (High voltage Power Line coming soon); - Create lines any patterns: straight, square, arced, curvy and circle as roads (You can choose a necessary type in menu "Roads"); It is not a decoration! These lines transfer energy. Simply connect it from one road to another. You can find Medium voltage Power Line in menu "Power". This is an OFFLINE-ONLY mod. How to install: Unzip the files, copy and paste the .package files into your SimCityData folder. Enjoy! Regional Electric Power Lines should be used only with the main mod "Electric Power Lines". Also, if you'd like to help my modding, you can donate here. Thank you so much.
  10. Version 1.1


    This mod attempts to balance and upgrade all of the SimCity Power Plants, including Cities of Tomorrow Fusion and Wave Power. It also focuses on improving environmentally-friendly power to sustain larger cities without taking up valuable land area. New - Decreased water consumption for all Power Plants by 25% - Balanced air pollution on Coal and Oil Power Plants - Balanced trash generation (decreased 50% on Coal, 25% on Wind, increased by 33% on Oil) - Lowered Coal resource needs on Advanced Generator from 8.64 to 6.48 tons per day - Increased Oil resource capacity on Oil Power Plant (2k barrels to 6k barrels) - Increased power outputs and decreased air pollution on Coal and Oil Clean Generators (more incentive for research) - Increased Nuclear Power Modules from 4 to 8 (version 1.0 only went from 4 to 6) - Lowered power output on Horizontal Wind Turbines (version 1.0 double power was too much) - Adjusted power output on Nuclear Power modules (slight decrease from version 1.0) - Added individual package files for each power plant for more options Features - Balance and Upgrades to all 7 Power Plants and Modules - Works with Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack - Helps boost Wind and Solar power to be more sustainable with larger populations - Includes a chart breakdown of all of the upgrades and changes to each building and module - Includes package files for each power plant (allowing you to pick and choose power upgrades) Technical - Double module limits on each Power Plant (CoT Fusion Power Module limit cannot be increased to more than 3) - Increase for all module's power output by about 25%, some more than others - Triple resource capacity for Oil and double resource capacity for Coal Power Plants - For CoT Expansion, ControlNet costs have all been reduced by about 20-25% - Added capacity for one additional Power Plant Sign, increasing limit to two signs - Cut the minimum workers for the Nuclear Power Plant by 25% - Adjusted total jobs for each Power Plant (small increases on Oil and Coal, decreases on solar and wind, 120 new jobs for Nuclear) Please see included Chart.png for more information and exact value changes for each building and module. Planned Future Versions - Reduce Plot Size of Wind Turbines and Concentrated Solar Arrays (to allow more compact arrangements) - Separate "God Mode" Scripts which remove maintenance costs, reduce construction cost, lower resource consumption and remove pollution (for experimentation) - More Balancing and Upgrade Abilities (with help from the community suggestions) - Thanks for all of your feedback on the mod. I have re-balanced many aspects of the mod and will continue to work on creating a great mod! Instructions (VERY IMPORTANT - PAY ATTENTION) - Install by copying the .package files into your ...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages\ folder (not the \SimCityData\ folder) - Be sure to include the most recent versions of the SimCity EcoGame Scripts. I have provided them for convenience. - If you already have the EcoGame scripts, make sure they are up to date. No need to have duplicates. - You may alternatively use the individual package files in the "IndividualFiles" folder to select which power plants to upgrade. Please see included Folder.png screenshot if you are still unsure on how to install this mod. Warning - This script is intended for OFFLINE MODE. Using it on Online Mode may cause issues - Modifying files is still experimental and might lead to city rollbacks - There is no official statement from Maxis nor EA about using mods, so use at your own risk - For more information on EA modding policy: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9729407.page This is a mod I have been working on for the past few weeks. Lots of testing, lots of searching package files to find all of the right components, lots of thought on how to give a nice twist on Power without affecting the balance negatively. If you have suggestions for the mod, please comment below or message me. Don't give a bad rating if you don't agree with certain aspects of the mod. Instead, contact me and let me know what your concerns are about the balance, let's work together on it. If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments and I will look at the issues as soon as possible. Be looking for more mods like this very soon! Thanks for your support. Happy Modding Parker Skyestorme Review: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/JRTF9hMFYDM?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Author: Parker W Young - http://www.parkerwyoung.com/ License: CC Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ You may modify and re-distribute these mod files only with appropriate credit given. Special thanks to Oppie, creator of SimCityPak: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/ Special thanks to Tobse for testing non-CoT compatibility Special thanks to Skyestorme for an awesome YouTube review!
  11. Hi all, I've been playing Simcity recently and concentrating on region play rather than single city play and wondered if you guys can answer a question for me. Why is the sharing of electricity, water and sewage processing across a region so broken and is there any way to fix it? I'm not talking about the servers being slow to update (they seem fine to me) but I am talking about the crazy way the game allocates resources. A simple example is as follows. City A is producing electricity for the entire region. It produces 40mw and uses 10mw (leaving 30mw for the rest of the region) City B is built and used as a commercial base and needs 10mw which it buys from city A (now leaving 20mw for the rest of the region) City C is built and I decide it will be a mainly industrial city. It needs 15mw - which should leave the region with 5mw spare. 10+10+15=35mw What actually happens is that the game splits the remaining regional electricity between cities B and C equally, giving each 15mw leaving none free: 10+15+15=40mw (it's added an unnecessary 5mw to city Bs allocation) If I then expand city C and it needs 20mw, I'm now in the situation where the total electricity used across the region is actually 40mw. Because the game treats the supply allocated for each city as the same (and equal to the highest usage city) I now need to produce 50mw! 10+20+20=50 (it's added another unnecessary 5mw to city Bs allocation). This seems ludicrous, but is exactly what's happening! If we take this further, assuming A uses 10mw, B uses 10mw, C expands massively and needs 200mw, and I create 3 more cities in the region all needing 10mw (D, E and F), we get this: 10+200+200+200+200+200=1010mw needed across the region! (I actually would only need 10+10+200+10+10+10=250mw) It's the same situation with water and sewage (I think) It really discourages me from using single cities to supply entire regions for resources, and is a bit of a gamebreaker for me. Is this normal? Can anyone confirm that this is the way the game is actually working and is it supposed to work this way? Will offline play still treat resources like this or will they be divided sensibly ie cities only taking what they need? Sorry for the long post, I hope someone takes the time to read it and shed some light on this situation, Thanks!
  12. Version 1.0


    Plop these lots and you will have an infinite supply of water and power covering all of your city without the need for a single pipe or cable. These lots are for people who are fed up of laying pipes/cables/pumps/stations ...which is not really a challenge but takes up a lot of time. But isn't this cheating? In a word no. You are effectively privatizing your loss making Power & Water Industries! The private sector can take the strain of providing water and power to your citizens and in the process leave you free to focus on transport infrastructure, attracting business and increasing living standards! Much in the same way as you do not have to waste time running the Cable Company or Telephone Company in SimCity. The lot is composed of three key files: One will allow you to privatize your water industry (1x1 plaza) One will allow you to privatize your power industry (1x1 plaza) And the last insures universal access to water and power, no need to lay a single pipe or cable The legal costs of privatizing each industry amounts to $20 000, the monthly cost to regulate each industry is $350 which funds the Ofwat and Ofgem quangos. There is no financial dividend to privatization due to unfunded pension liabilities. PLEASE NOTE: To achieve the visual set up shown in the picture you will need to download the VIP girafe EDF Tower building and then place one of each of the plazas in front of the building in additional to one pedestrian mall (NAM) or simply duplicate a power/water plaza. Feedback welcomed! (:
  13. Nuclear Powerplant 4x5



    This is the ingame Nuclear Powerplant with parking lot and an animated statue.
  14. Hydrogen Powerplant 6x6



    This is a 6x6 lot of the original in-game Hydrogen Power-plant with parking and freight zone.

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