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  1. PAMU Bikes Inc.

    Fewer fat people. Nice.
  2. Brisbane Transportation Pack (CitiesXL2011) V2.0

    I looked at the picutres and the bus and train look amazing.
  3. Subway sandwich shop

    Just a small speeling mistake in the discripton. It's 'Salad,' not 'Salid.'
  4. Civil Campus-Version 1

    I don't really like the idea of having a police station, fire station and city hall on the same lot
  5. Set of 8 Billboards

    These will colour up any type of city. 5/5
  6. trailer park

    Looks okay but I think a modular version would be good with an assortment of caravans, trailers and dirt roads.
  7. Australian Road Sign

    Wow, it looks so detailed and accurate 5/5.
  8. MASH Military Hospital

    You could really make a nice army base with your lots. Thanks a lot
  9. GMAX Flag

    It doesn't look like you have spent a lot of time on it. I'm sure anyone could make something like this if they knew how to use these programs.
  10. Skywalk pack

    That's really cool i love the one's with graffiti
  11. MP Toys R Us Times Square

    Nice thanks a lot
  12. 888 7th Avenue in New York

    Wow looks wonderful
  13. NDEX York Tower by kd5rax

    Awesome i needed 4x4 NYC Buildings :)
  14. HBS HD Stop Sign

    Looks very nice, much better than that red blob.