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    Te gustan los simuladores de ciudades pero no se te da el inglés? Acá te ayudamos!

  • Open Club  ·  32 members  ·  Last active

    Have you been in all stations in your local metro network? Do you use ICAO airport codes instead of cities in your regular conversations? Have you driven to other countries just to drive that specific road? If you enjoy geeking around any kind of transportation mode, welcome home!! Show us your pictures and engage in conversations with like-minded individuals here!

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    A club for club-owners to ask questions, make requests and get updates on new Simtropolis Club features.

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    Are you still in high school, or in college and you want a club to get to know others in education still? This is your perfect club than. Either if you just want a social club for others in a similar range group, or, if someone happens to be able to help you with work. Don't be shy!

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    Welcome to the Alliance of Independent Nations! The AIN is an innovative community of people from around the world, all with a common interest: Creating their own unique countries, using city building simulators. With countries spanning every corner of the globe, you can create anything you desire in our union. Join. It's easy to join our union - we're open to all kinds of countries, federations and city states. and a simple application form is all you need to fill out. Then, our members will vote and you could become a member state! Participate. Once you've joined, the opportunities and collaborations are limitless in our union. From the flexibility of your own forums to your own Wiki database and the chance of participating in a variety of sports and events, our union has everything your country could need, and more.