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  1. Burlington Library

    Fits in fantastically with a small-town environment. I always hate how maxis default buildings have a huge car-park and premises...Thanks!
  2. New World Rototuna Supermarket

    Great to see NZ custom content on here. Being of the Tron; Thanks!
  3. Castle Reach Tower

    Wow! That is one heck of an impressive tower! I like the layering at the bottom - the no dependencies aspect is greatly appreciated.
  4. PEG Garbage Chute

  5. NYBT Brownstones Pack 1

    Thanks - really packs out the inner city grid!
  6. W2W Corner Bank Branches - Team Downunder

    Wheres Kiwibank! Thanks, great to have more Aussie merchants invading the streets of SimNZ...
  7. The Little White Chapel

    You have just given 1250 lucky little sim a center to their quaint village.
  8. Rewards/Train Station Construction Mod

    Adds more to the realism of SC4. Thanks!
  9. Eds Diner

    nice-you have filled a gap for sure!
  10. Supermarket Vivanda

    best supermarket i've ever seen - 5/5
  11. UDP un1s Landfill Mod

    Thanks-i really needed something like this!
  12. Auckland Skytower

    YEAH! we need more NZ landmarks! This is an obvious one, that i should of found a long time ago! thanks
  13. Quay Tower

    Lovely, like the glass-another NZ building! woohoo! (hamilton rocks!)
  14. ASB Building

    A great building! BUT... the asb sign could have been a little better. Thanks for all the NZ buildings! (once again, a building for hamilton would be fantastic!)
  15. Westpac Bulding

    Always love the NZ buildings! Westpac is the best bank (well, maybe kiwibank is better..) Very stylish-glad there is never any dependencies! PLEASE (begging here) can you make buildings from hamilton? maybe the fonterra centre (its quite pretty) in the town centre? westfield mall in chartwell? or.... considering the waipa delta is moving to auckland in a few months maybe you could make one of those? ANYTHING! But seriously, do keep up the awesome batting!