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A Democratic Republic of English speaking Scandinavians

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Hello again.

Miketon had a growth spurt. It was messy, teeny bit gross and icky but just like everyone's horrible adolescent years the city is starting to steadily grow into itself. Quick note, my highways and elevated railways were successful!



Obviously, tons of Maxis. Most times its not a bad thing. Buuuut...






South. I love this part more so, just cause of the highway winding up the hillside.




The city center where the highway T's west, east and south.


I love the clustered look to this. The overpasses, the railway. Not showing the trains yet, I forgot I didn't have a skin plugin for it, Maxis ones are fugly.


And the city Hospital, currently charging 5,500 patients up the bum for healthcare cause this is a capitalist city. The city tile houses over 83,000 sims as of current. The region is around 97,000 due to the other town Feyre.


Building a new large city on a large tile takes a ton of effort, patience, and thinking. I'm busting my bum on sections of road here and there alone! This is probably why I always do small towns, they can be done within 2-5 hours. Big cities? I'm spending days, weeks on these suckers. I've already spent well over half a day on this new tile I've decided to start. Making my next big city! What it is, though, is just a random. I've called it Miketon as a placeholder, and it's on a region that isn't suitable for my CJ Union canon. So what do I do with it? Maybe it's just a for-fun project, or maybe I'll forget about the region it's on and just say it's in Folland. But for now, I'm building it, and it's nowhere near done, but I'll show off the progress.



As you can see I've gone all out with mass transit compared to my usual design. I've made extensive use of the MHW, creating a beltway around downtown and then branching it off west, east, and south into adjacent tiles. Also, included are four lines of Elevated Rail that run through, as well as the typical Bus system. I am not going to touch Subway with a nine inch pole.


Here I had to make due with a raise in terrain. I decided to be fancy with the avenue, and then I thought about putting something here for drivers to see as they go up and down the hill. Then boom, office space in a nook on the hillside. At the bottom is a small reservoir.


No big city is complete without a sports field. Baseball and Football/Soccer are covered, with ample parking.


Using a Japanese BAT for the city's main Primary/High school for the inner city.



The city's convention center, always a must to have. Easy access to the freeway and rail.


And the hospital, it was the first thing I built on the tile. Again easy access to the freeway and rail system there's also a park for people to relax at. Might have gone overkill with the garage. But I'm just absolutely loving the dense urban look this is taking on. The presence of the Elevated Rail is only making the city look that much better and I can't wait to see it in use when everything is developed.


Hinali's on it's last legs simcity-wise. There's not much else I can do with the tile now that it has prop pox and has been saved over so many times. So here's a few pretties I took of the tile when I was on.


I wanted to make the waterfront similar to Manhattan. Gleaming towers right along the shore.


Then it gets dreary over at the Capitol building. Dunno why people are enjoying the plazas, being soaked and all. Silly simcity.


And then a night time overview of the tile. I turned up the contrast to make it truly look like night. Comparing this city to Follomer's capital, I think I prefer Follomer's more. Oh well, maybe there'll be another city in the future.


First Looks at the town of Gene, Folland.

Okay then, I opened Simcity4 and did a little development and watching of the Automata as they zoom across town. Quite enjoyable. This is more of a filler, I don't have anything awe inspiring to show right now. I always end up making little towns. Well here's another.


As you can tell, there's been some effort lately. Don't kid yourself, there's a poo-ton of island left to even render, not to mention develop on once rendered.


I like to show off my trains. You just can't get these moments in-game, so editing the train onto the platform had to have been done. This is at the moment a terminus, though that may change later if I decide to have it cross the water to the mainland, but that would mean cutting through the town center.

Also, the train time-table is complete bull. :P


I just love my grocery store. It's one of my utmost favorite BATs.

And this wasn't originally an image I was going to showcase, but I thought, why the hell not and so it's here.


This is near the edge of the town's city tile, where my transit networks get a bit funkay. At first I had the Heavy Rail line go elevated and cross over the highway, but that just made me too cranky with the result, so I blew it up! This is the much more realistic version, where the highway passes over the now grounded train tracks. These tracks are actually a part of a gigantic three-way interchange that spans two city tiles. The spur that crosses under the highway will eventually go south, while the straight line will move north. Happy to say the rail and highway are being used. Just not in this image at the moment..


Introducing the 15th Province

Gilbertson Island



Recently added to the roleplay but saying it's always been there just cause, Gilbertson Island is off the west coast of Folland, sitting in between the Folland mainland and the Okanamapi Islands. The entire island is it's own Province and has a thriving rural populace with large towns along the coastline. (soon to be built) The entire island is connected to the mainland by a single crossing made up of two bridges. When the populated grew too high, Ferries alone couldn't do the job, so a project to bridge the gap with Highway was done to increase transportation.


Serenity Memorial Crossing, or Serenity Memorial Bridge(s) were constructed in the late 1900s sometime after the Great Adonian War's end, and were named for the Wife of the Island's Governor, Serenity Tesh. It was originally her idea to build bridges and put it forward to the Chancellor, but died before it's completion due to an outbreak of Avian Flu. A plaque with her name and face hangs from the concrete towers of the Gilbertson Island-side bridge.

The family is currently fighting a measure being debated, whether to build tolls to help pay for the bridges or not.


Chances of Snow Showers

Yes it's finally cold enough. Meteorologists have forecasted Snow along the foothills of the Lovise Mountains and even chances of showers at sea level. Commuters are advised to prepare appropriately for winter weather driving. The snow is predicted to fall sporadically throughout the next couple of days as arctic air from the south push up and remain over northwest and west central Folland.


Showers have already stared at Hinali where the trees have begun to whiten.


Pedestrians have flocked to the park to witness the Snowfall coincide with the Holiday lighting of the Goddess Statue. Definitely now a perfect scene for photos.


Farther west in the foothills, the snow is heavier as clouds are forced to dump their moisture and the air is colder. Holiday boaters have made landfall near a rail bridge for the evening as a Folland Rail Freight passes over the river on it's way East.

New Recruits at the Army Tank School practice with locally stationed Infantrymen in Winter weather training regimens.



07: Small Town 'Livin

Okay! Well it's been about three whole months without an new entry, but I've been spending some time on a town so I might as well show my work. This is going to be one of my canon towns within Folland.

Small Town 'Livin

- - -


Gerard is a small town to the north of Leahpolis, a major city in Northwest Folland on the west side of the Lovise Mountains. (Yes, I've named them now so we can actually call them something.) The town is home to 5,300 residents, a good chunk of them farmers.


Home to a Folland favorite, Tina's Food & Drug offers 80% of the town's Groceries, anything else can be bought on main street. Next to the anchor store of this strip mall we have Shelliez and Inner Self, two clothing outlets, Master Subs, and a Frozen Custard shop for your summer treats.


On main street, Town Hall and the Police Department share the same structure, overseeing the whole town. Up top you can see the Folland colors flying high.


Being north of a major city, Gerard is on a rail line that runs north and south along the western side of the Lovise Mountains. Head south enough and you'll find yourself heading to Hinali city and beyond. Head north and you'll enter into Kuyrutian borders. If Kuyrut is your destination, Passports and your National I.D. are asked at the Station.


This was when I realized I didn't turn my shadows on, and thus is the only image with them ON. This is one of Folland's long range Radio towers, propped up in the foothills of the mountains. Because of the country divided by the Lovise Mountains, these tall, long range towers are required to relay information back and forth across the mountains. As we close, an Autumn rain starts to downpour on the installation.


06: Airbase Capture

Showcase| Airbase Capture

- -

- -

Not exactly a story update, but we're heading back to the deserts of Malo as the "Invasion" of Malo progresses into Phase 2 of Operation Desert Mace.

Early the next day after Follvirkeland forces arrived in Malo, Operation Desert Mace sprang into Phase 2. The Militants had been using an old Airstrip that had been left over from the Great Adonian War for their own purposes. This Airstrip will prove vital for Follvirkeland to be able to transport more resources into the area efficiently.

Elements of the 63rd Infantry were already en route to the base as the sun began to climb high. Satellite imagery of the base showed supportive structures already existing. Command wondered what the militants were doing with the base, but that info will be found out in due time. Scans showed minimal resistance. Odd but lucky. the 63rd will have an easy time clearing it out.


Before the Infantry would land at the base, UT-37s would diliver strike packages on key targets within the base. An Ammunition dump and the main barracks. This preemptive strike would decimate the enemy force before troops on the ground were engaged.

The Air Force took pride in being Surgical with their ordinance.


Quickly following the Air Strikes, Ghosts arrived on scene to offload the Infantry. The 63rd created a perimeter around the base as Ghosts carrying Rangers of the 35th flew to the heart. The base's Control Tower. Take that and the Strip is captured.


As the barracks burned, the 35th begins their insertion by repelling down onto the tarmac just outside the Tower. Militants would be no match for Trained Rangers.

With Ghosts circling overhead and slight casualties, the Airstrip was secured. The F.N.S. Cathleen off the coast were given the all clear to send in additional backup to reinforce the base.

To make preparations to welcome the first of Follvirkeland's UT-130s.


Follvirkeland now has a strong presence in Malo.

- -

- -

This is just the beginning of Follvirkeland's operation to eradicate the Militants, so there will more more of these updates. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the special effects graciously donated by Michael Bay himself.

Next up you get another money shot of the city of Hinali, Follvirkeland.


Welcome back!

- -

Detouring from the war, Outreach Island is a small inhabited, mountainous island in the South Rites sea (west of southern Follvirkeland). Quite chilly most of the year (and downright freezing in the winter), Outreach was long ignored until later in the years of the Home Defense Act. Follvirkeland was in the process of building a Fleet for the Cilician Ocean (north of the Rites Sea), but needed Eyes and Ears off the mainland to catch anyone wanting to come "visit" them. Outreach was then dragged into the Government's attention. Small, with high elevations, the location was perfect. An effort to establish a presence there was immediate.


It'd be a little hard to find without good ol' GPS tracking.


The Town of Outreach was built to house the Government/Military personnel stationed on the island, as well as any others who might want to make a modest living there. Because of the island's out-of-the-way location and insignificant civilian importance, few came. Today, the small town is home to over Two hundred residents.


Energy for the town and it's Military assets are supplied by the generous Follvirkeland government. Several large Wind Turbines make use of the Island's strong wind currents blowing in from the sea. Resulting wind chill however is not generally liked.


Over the mountain and through the woods, to the Listening Post we go. This is one of the two most valuable things on Outreach Island.


The Communications post monitors all nearby Comm traffic. If there's a foreign power's ship in the area and her Captain ordered a sandwich over the radio, they'd hear about it. Due to the post's hard to get to location, roads were not built. Instead materials and supplies were ferried in by Helicopter, and the station maintains a Helipad at all times for regular supply shipments. The path going off the left, however? It leads to something.


The only 'road' up here connects the Comm station with the rest of the Listening Post. The Post's truck runs between the two whenever a Supply run comes in, or personnel need to get from one to the other. No guardrail. Long way down though.


The other end of the Post sits the Radar station. This is the Eyes of the Outreach. It's Long Range Radar points out anything from a baseball to high altitude bombers. Without this, the Cilician Fleet harbored at Kristinsund Naval Base would have very few minutes of warning of an impending attack.

The continued safety of Follvirkeland from this vigilance more than makes up for the dreaded weather.

- -

Next up, we'll return to a good ol' story update. Lots of dialogue and good juicy details for you readers.


Welcome back!

- -

We now see Follvirkeland's reaction to the Bombing earlier. The Criminal Investigation Department confirms who was behind the detonation and what their ties were, which led them to a Militant group operating in the deserts of Malo, a country a part of the United Sovereign Nations of the World. With the invitation from leadership of Malo, Follvirkeland mobilizes.

Follvirkeland's Expeditionary Force finally arrives in the Tresta Sea, just off the coast of Malo. The Expeditionary Fleet, a group of 5 ships; 4 Destroyers and a Carrier weigh anchor and begin the initial stages of Operation Desert Mace.


Squads of the 35th Rangers along with Elements of the 63rd Infantry Regiment, 5th Army will begin their insertion into Malo, occupying and securing designated landing zones inland to turn them into Forward Operating Bases. These installations will then act as staging areas for an attack on an Airstrip currently held by Militant forces. The 35th Rangers will go in as Vanguard units, destroying strategic assets ahead of the 63rd Infantry.


Phoenix Interceptors begin scrambling from the F.N.S. Cathleen. The Phoenix's will strike known Militant locations inland, giving the 35th and 63rd enough coverage to land safely without risk of Counterattack.


As the jets enter Malo airspace, the Infantry load onto their Helicopters, gearing up and prepping for Insertion into the country. This will be the first Ground Combat action the Follvirkeland military has seen since the Great Adonian War.

Whoa! RPG!


Reports had mentioned Militant leaders knew Follvirkeland was coming, and set up listening posts all along the coast in their territory. The Militant at this post attempted to take a pot shot at one of the Choppers with an RPG. Fortunately it missed. However woefully inaccurate they may be, god will they ruin your day if they get it right.

- -

Follvirkeland is intent on ending the Militant threat, which would definitely make Malo safer without them. But could this war have dire consequences? An unseen outcome? Will it cause just more strife for the land and Follvirkeland now that they are fully involved?

Next time we go back across the world to a very small part of Follvirkeland, with an important mission.


Welcome back!

- -

Dipping into the Fiction now, I want to introduce you to Follvirkeland's first Capital city, with it's name stolen from my previous journal. New Uniden. Short history lesson, New Uniden was the first colony established in the continent of Euphemia by the overseas nation of Mervey. (Think Norway) New Uniden grew prosperous due to an overwhelming demand in the logging industry, creating surplus in the business of export. Hundreds of years later, we see this:


It's not as big as one might think it would, but being an old city, it had it's limits on development. But it was a lovely city, with a rich history and the seat of government, until one fateful day when things changed for thousands.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, with thousands of people just wrapping up a work day in downtown, a 7.9 Quake struck the city. All of downtown suffered damage along with the rest of the metro area. Scientists even feared the nearby mountain might erupt, but thankfully stayed still. Society inside the city was turned to chaos, the government unsure of leadership. The Chancellor although, made it safely aboard a flight out of the nearby airport, escaping east to Follvirkeland's Financial capital, Hinali.

What was left was crumbling buildings that search and rescue crews combed through for survivors. People then returned to gather their belongings or salvage what was left of their homes. The slow but steady cleanup began, but was interrupted shortly after when Follvirkeland reported one of their military bases had been breached. The following events depicts what happened to New Uniden as Government agents tracked down what was stolen from the Military:

- -

Overwatch: Focus grid 240057. Thermal's picked up a massive spike, headed in the direction of the docks.

Hunter 2-1: Docks, roger.

Overwatch: All units, be advised. Package is heading for the docks in an attempt to leave the country.

Hunter 2-1: We're right on em, wont get far.

Overwatch: Air units are closing in on the docks. However use extreme caution. The package is highly unstable.

Hunter 2-1: Acknowledged, we're gaining on the target!


Hunter 2-1: 2-1 and 3-1 are almost at the docks, standby!


Hunter 2-1: Overwatch, Hunter, target sighted! We're gaining!


Hunter 2-2: He's getting close to the docks!

Hunter 2-1: Don't worry, he's got nowhere else to run.

Hunter 2-2: Damn! He's losing it! Target's down, he's crashed!


Overwatch: Hunter 2-1 SitRep. Have you secured the package?

Hunter 2-1: Securing now, standby. 3-1! Secure that crash, get the package out before the wreck blows!

Hunter 2-2: Movement! Contact! Is that the driver?

Hunter 2-1: Freeze! Hands above your head!

Hunter 2-2: Hey he's going for some-*static*


Above was the last frame from the Drone overhead before the feed was lost.

- -

Now that you know what has become of the old capital city, we can move on.

However this isn't the end of the action. Knowing me, more is to be had.

Next we will see what has become of this situation, and witness the reaction as the

might of Follvirkeland bears down on who was behind the destruction of a city.


02: $Money Shots$

Welcome back!

After spending days upon days of building up this one city, I finally reached a point in it's development where I can post some good looking pictures to show. So I present a couple nighttime,

$Money Shots$

Hinali is the (new) capital city of the Republic of Follvirkeland. The last one having suffered catastrophe upon catastrophe. First being a magnitude 7 quake, and the second a nuclear detonation. (background for this to come soon)

Basically they were clever excuses to get rid of a city I hated and to make way for one much more satisfying.

Hinali City


Hinali has meager origins as a logging and farming colony back in the 17th and 18th centuries, but boomed from a thriving Industry and Export opportunities. Now it's the Financial capital of the country, as well as the Political. From looking at the map posted on the previous entry, Hinali sits on a small stretch of coastline of a small sea in the middle of the continent.

An international airport sits directly West of the city. Inbound flights coming in on approach from the East are given 'front row' seats to views of Downtown. Now on the north bank of that canal. See the stadium?


Welcome to Poeln (pole-n) Stadium. The largest sporting arena in the region. Built to accompany the Nation's International league's teams, it hosts Soccer games, Football games, Rugby games and other smaller events. With it's nextdoor neighbor being a Metro shopping mall, Visitors have the ease of access to Food, Shopping and Relaxation before, during and after games. The Stadiums close proximity to a Rail terminus also gives Visitors a quick and easy way to get to games without having to drive.

Hope you enjoyed the money shots of Hinali city and it's main attractions!

Next update will elaborate more on what exactly happened to Follvirkeland's old capital city.


Hello! And welcome back.

It's been quite a very long time since I have done any kind of City Journaling. However I've gotten back into the 'groove thang' of SimCity 4 lately and now I believe it's a great time as any to finally return to SimTropolis. This time though, we're leaving my last CJ, Follomer. Hell we're gonna leave Earth entirely! Cause this is;

'The Republic of Folland'


Folland is a Socialist and Democratic Scandinavian inspired nation of my own imaginings. Think of it as a Norwegian America with a partly Socialist government. It's currently the Nation I am using for my role-play country over in the USNW CJ Union. It has a population of over 40 Million people and is located on a continent in the southern hemisphere.


Below you will see the government district of Folland's capital city, where the Chancellor, Prime Minister and High Council preside.


As well as the Folland Department of the Armed Forces building, which I have recycled from my Follomer CJ.


Hope you have enjoyed Folland's Introduction!

Next Update will be a couple of $Money Shots$ of the capital city itself.


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