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TL-ADC Bingham Plaza 6x6 1.0.0

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About This File

And now I begin to pay a grateful homage to the wonderful batlotters who have given and are still giving me hours of pleasure when I play. It is Relot Time !  

My Bingham Plaza is a riff on ADC splendid Buckingham Fountain  It is the first dependency, for the SC4.Model ans SC4.Desc – but also to have ADC (smaller) park in your park stash ! 

 [ See Ardecila content at  https://community.simtropolis.com/profile/21619-ardecila/content/?type=downloads_file  ]


Plop cost : 250

Park effect : magnitude 30 radius 50

Pollution : none

Landmark effect :  20, radius 5


Other Dependencies : (if you downloaded the previous parks, you should have most of them already...)

BSC MegaPropPack CP vol01


BSC Mega Props Misc.Vol02


BSC MegaProps_RT_Vol01.dat


BSC TexturePack Cycledog V01b


BlaM-FC_Garden and Plaza_props.1


Del_People.dat (in VIP-Delecto Plop People)


FrankU Farm Prop families Maxis And BSC V1


NDEX Base Texture Set 1


VIP-Girafe Honey Locust


Orange TSC MegaProp V01


PEG-MTP SUPER Resource Pack

http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/20966-peg-mtp-super-pack/Tamorr Family Props v210

in Tamorr’s Resource 2.05


RVT_ParkLights2,dat (included)

zLightCones_RVTNite.dat (included)

[if using the LRM, and finding your lights dimmer, take out the zLightCones_RVTNite.dat]


Last but not least, this is for SC4 Rush Hour.

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Very nice -- not too cluttered -- plenty of open space to enjoy the fountain.

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What can I say.... I liked these things so much I helped test them.   5/5   *:)

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Blends nicely with the game colors both day and night (lighted), good plaza.

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    • By Andrew S
      First upload, please let me know what you all think and what needs improvement.  I plan on making some more halloween themed parks.  Just put the .SC4Lot file in your Plugins folder.  1 Dependency Needed, link in comments section.  Only tested on SC4 Deluxe.  No lighting at night due to inexperience.  Will continue to make edits and updates to this file as time goes on.  Lot size is 3x6.  Thank you!
      *file needs a few updates, will try to do it by the end of the week*
    • By tariely
      TL-Simsim Infinity Parks Again (modules)

      Someone [thanks, pghpgx !], alerted me to the fact that some of the modules and parks of my earlier modular upload (Tariel-simsim Infinity Parks) did not have the same grass texture as the rest. Here they are, duly corrected : one 2x2 park (which can also serve as a module attached to other parks), two 1x3 (which can form rectangular 3x2 parks, put together), two versions of a 3x3 and finally a 4x4.  You can still use the ones with the previous grass texture as standalones, of course.
      NB : you may want LLB’s 3 addons, (in the first upload) to link all these parks & modules more funkily.
      Dependencies :
      Someone protested that I don’t disclose my lots’ dependencies up front here. So here they are (as well as in the folder).
      BSC MegaProps_MJB_Vol01.dat
      BSC MegaProps_MJB_Vol02.dat
      BSC Textures vol.01 : http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=90  [well, this one doesn't seem to click-work, but the URL is the right one]
      BSC Textures vol.02
      DEL_People MMP: in VIP Delecto Ploppable People
      Nams Props Pack Vol.1.dat
      Nams Props Pack Vol.2.dat
      Ftexture.dat (included)
      Rivit NightLights (included
      Girafe Trees : Berries, Beeches, Chestnuts, Elms, Honey Locusts, Lindens, Maples, Rowans.
      Many thanks to my technical gurus, Rsc204, Kosc and Dreadnought. And especially Rivit, who lighted my SC4world and is always generously ready to help. And the guys and gals on the forums (Twalsh, Matias93, Fantozzi, Catty-cb, Corinamarie…). We need help when we begin peeking under the hood of SC4. That the community is always there for us noobies is a constant and pleasant reassurance.

      General warnings :
      (1) This is for SC4 Rush Hour.
      (2) I play with NAM36, RRW-EU selection (it shouldn’t interfere here, but you never know !)
      (3) I also play with Twrecks Maxis HD Tree Replacement (if you don’t use it, your trees might look a bit different ; perhaps you should use it…)
       (4) I play Nights. Hence the included RVT zNightLighting. Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. If you dont want it, you can either tweak my lights in the Lot Editor or get rid of them entirely.
      (5) I like trees. I make intensive use of trees. Especially Girafe tree collection on the LEX ; so here’s the link, once for all ; just follow it into the woods.
    • By Diego Del Llano
      432 Park Avenue is a residential skyscraper in New York City that overlooks Central Park. Originally proposed to be 1,300 feet (396.2 meters) in 2011, the structure topped out at 1,396 ft (425.5 m). It was developed by CIM Group and features 125 condominium apartments. Construction began in 2012 and was completed on December 23, 2015.
      As completed, 432 Park Avenue is the third tallest building in the United States, and the tallest residential building in the world.It is the second-tallest building in New York City, behind One World Trade Center, and ahead of the Empire State Building. It is also the first, and so far only, building in New York City outside the World Trade Center Complex to be taller than the original twin towers.
      The skyscraper has received mixed reviews from both professionals and laymen alike since not everyone agreed with the artistic value of the building.
      The building has been maligned by some city residents since they believe it represents New York's increasing cost of living and ostentatious wealth. 432 Park's association to wealth inequality was also remarked upon by the building's architect himself, Rafael Viñoly, who commented that "There are only two markets, ultraluxury and subsidized housing." Fashion consultant Tim Gunn described the building as "just a thin column. It needs a little cap." Architecture critic of the New York Mag, Justin Davidson, said that the building is nothing more than just "stacked cubbyhole units" and questioned the creative value of the building. File content: 
      Functional Landmark with 6,000 CO$$$_Dark Nite Version (RESIDENTIAL GETS BURNED)
      1.- The model presented here is an interpretation of the author. The measurements and size may vary from the original. 
      2.- The models are not exact replicas of the original building. 
      3.- This is a work of exploration and experimentation that Diego Del Llano wanted to share with the community of Simtropolis. If some of this work does not satisfy you, you have the option of not downloading this file.
      4.-Diego Del Llano appreciates your understanding and wishes you to enjoy this project to the fullest.
      5.- Acknowledgments and all the credits to the original authors of this building.

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