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This plugin provides you with a tree controller, that allows you to plant large forests consisting of trees mostly created by girafe. On lower altitudes, leafy trees are being planted, and the higher you go, eventually mixed forests, conifer forests, shrubby plains and meadows with flowers will appear instead. Aside from the conifer trees, all plants will be seasonal. As already announced, I've been aiming at creating a tree controller that

  • basically does what its name says: it plants trees and only trees,
  • keeps filesize expansion moderate,
  • allows for seamless transitions between god-mode planted flora and MMP's
  • and uses high-quality HD flora.

NEW with version 1.02: This tree controller comes in two versions, one with evergreen trees, one with seasonally changing trees.

Please make sure to carefully read the installation instructions (see Readme) before just trying it, regarding which files that come with this plugin you need actually if you want to install the CETC properly.


Important note: Generally, tree controllers are not intercompatible and an attempt to install multiple tree controllers may cause unexpected behaviour of the game. In the worst case, you may never be able to load any city in a particular region again until you have corrected all mistakes. Unless you know exactly what you do, stick to these two rules when dealing with tree controllers:

Never install more than 1 tree controller at a time!

When switching to another tree controller, always remove any and all trees planted with your previous tree controller before uninstalling your old tree controller!


Available languages: Basically, the CETC adapts to any language, but the Readmes are available in English and German.


Discussion, Feedback, Bug reports: Please post them in this thread:



BSC – VIP Girafe Trees: A long row of trees (and flowers) made by girafe are required for this tree controller:

BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02: Contains a few seasonally changing bushes that are part of this plugin as well.


Seasonal Flora Patch: If you don’t have a terrain mod or if your terrain mod doesn‘t support seasonally changing flora, you need this patch to make sure that the seasonal version of the CETC works properly (the evergreen version will work without the Seasonal Flora Patch).


Note: To my knowledge, the following terrain mods do not require installation of the Seasonal Flora Patch (please feel free to tell me if otherwise):

  • Berner Oberland (Gobias)
  • Sudden Valley (Gobias)
  • Appalachian Terrain Mod (Lowkee)



  • Girafe, CP for creating the trees used by the CETC in the first place – without their work, this tree controller would have never existed

What's New in Version 1.02a


B ugfix: In-game descriptions fixed.

User Feedback

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Fantastical, perfect, top notch, avant-garde, 15/5 stars! Sadly, I won't be able to use it until moving to a new region, but this is a must for every player that wants to make a realistic temperate region.

Oh, and BTW, @Jolteon, now is your move to put this wonder on the shoppe...

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On 12/31/2016 at 10:35 PM, matias93 said:

Fantastical, perfect, top notch, avant-garde, 15/5 stars! Sadly, I won't be able to use it until moving to a new region, but this is a must for every player that wants to make a realistic temperate region.

Oh, and BTW, @Jolteon, now is your move to put this wonder on the shoppe...

on it

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Help! I need assistance. I'm trying to use this new controller in my city and am running into some troubles, ..although it cou,d be something to do with terrain/Slope and Tunnel mods. But when i raise my ground in my city,..if it it raising a bit of terrain that has something build on it i get a CTD. is this caused by my recent installation of this controller?? ..or do i have some other problem? Anyones help would be grealy appreciated. The work that has gone into this game is incredible!..but im at a dead end at the moment =( 

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3 hours ago, HORSEY said:

Help! I need assistance. I'm trying to use this new controller in my city and am running into some troubles, ..although it cou,d be something to do with terrain/Slope and Tunnel mods. But when i raise my ground in my city,..if it it raising a bit of terrain that has something build on it i get a CTD. is this caused by my recent installation of this controller?? ..or do i have some other problem? Anyones help would be grealy appreciated. The work that has gone into this game is incredible!..but im at a dead end at the moment =( 

It could be that you have more than one slope mod installed simultaneously, even if that should only produce overriding, not a conflict.

If not, then a possible cause is that you didn't remove all the trees. Sometimes, invisible trees get planted, and while you cannot see them, you can delete them (that's usually noticeable when the demolish tool offers you to bulldoze a 1x2 or 2x2 "empty" terrain). Why this didn't cause an instantaneous CTD? Because those trees weren't refeering to any model of the previous controller.

Using buggi extra cheats DLL, enter to the conflicting city tile, open the cheat dialog with Ctrl + X and with a right click on it, open the menu; look for FloraOff, select and enter. This will erase all trees AND MMPs on your city tile, visible or not. You shouldn't have more problems after that.

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Ok thanks very much ill give this a try. =)  I havnt changed any exemplars for the height of the tummels so am sure it isnt anything to do with that. Back to trying to fix 

Fantastic work here on this game i must say. Revitalised my love for it tenfold =)

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Ive got this cheat menu working now so thanks for that, but when i click on the menu over flora... it just puts it in a box in the window and doesnt turn the flora off. I dont think its the tress being the problem now. Something to do with Slope/terrain/tunnel 

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Your controller wasnt the problem here. Works incredibly well. Dont even hesistate to download this. You will love it =)  

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I've been trying to resolve a conflict on this, ( A small one be it) Seasonal elms pop on the mountains but it appears as a box, Any ideas on conflicts or missing dependencies? 

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@HORSEY Please double-check if you have really installed all dependencies. If brown boxes appear on mountaineous areas, it's most likely one of girafe's flowers or the BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02. See the description above for the links. However, the fact that the brown boxes are being labeled as elm trees reminds me that I've forgot to change the description keys:(. I'll upload a new version soon with proper descriptions, although that won't affect any function of the CETC.

Note to all users: I've added a link to the Central European Tree Controller - Development Thread to the description above. You may want to post further bug reports there.

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Ok thanks very much for the info. Ill have a little root around in my plugins and see if i have those. This conflict with the tress also pops up on a couple of rural fire stations that i know has worked before, but now upon plopping it, the station is displayed as a one of those trees/brownbox. also pops the occasional seasonal ash aswel which is also a box. Great work as i say anyway, Wouldnt it be lovely to see the PEG Snow mod 2 working in conjunction with the weather mods, and seasonal trees!? Asking alot i know but i bet someone already thought of it... ;) 

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    • By RandyE
      Stone hedges surround lighted gardens and fountains, transit and network enabled. No dependencies.
    • By T Wrecks
      Hey folks, you might not be aware of this, but this file actually marks my 100th STEX upload!! I think this justifies a little interruption of the usual IRM fare.
      I've been tinkering with such a mod for at least 2 years, but up until recently I had always run into a brick wall because there were simply not enough suitable tree models available. This is really harder than you might think because a tree must have the following characteristics to replace its Maxis counterpart:
      similar height (so it covers about as much as a Maxis tree would, but doesn't interfere with anything) similar diameter (so it doesn't cut into adjacent structures and will fit wherever the corresponding Maxis tree fits) LOD centered on the trunk and not the crown (so the trunk isn't off center and ends up next to a planter, bed, or dirt circle instead of right inside) lack of branches near the ground (so it won't cover entrances, benches and other stuff that's supposed to be under the tree crowns and not buried under twigs and leaves) Finding trees that fit the bill is really hard, but I'm positive that I finally did it. While this choice may not be perfect, I'm confident it's one of the best options available while I'm writing this. To my knowledge, while there have been noteworthy and admirable mods in the past, this is the first one that replaces all Maxis trees on lots and along streetsides/roadsides with 100% HD flora made by girafe and Orange_o_, two BAT masters whose flora props raised the bar considerably and set the standard these days IMO. It bugged me that so many Maxis trees - SD at 2003 quality level - were still to be seen everywhere when we already had modern, crisply rendered, high-definition flora for pretty much everything else. Well, not any more!
      This upload consists of three components - the base pack and two optional bonus packs. Here's a breakdown of these three components and what they'll do:
      THE BASE PACK - this is the actual mod. The bonus packs work as extensions of this mod, i.e. they require this base pack as a dependency. It does the following:
      It will replace all Maxis trees on lots with beautiful HD trees. Lots already existing in your city will automatically switch to the new trees. Whatever grows or is plopped subsequently will show the new trees in place of the old Maxis ones. Besides, it will replace roadside trees that occasionally show up at the sides of streets and roads (T21's for the tech-savvy among you). All Mayor Mode and God Mode flora in the city map will remain unaffected. However, the Mayor Mode tools (menu icons) for setting Maxis trees are removed. Why? Well, if you use this mod, the tools will actually plant the new HD replacements for the Maxis trees. This is superfluous because you need the corresponding tree packages as dependencies anyway, and these come with far superior and more flexible Mayor Mode tools, which will show up in your menu instead. For those of you who don't like palm trees, the pack contains an optional palm tree override. If you decide to use it, all Maxis palms will not revert to better HD palms, but to cypress trees instead. They are similar in terms of dimension, and I think they also offer a nice flair that conveys the same feeling as the palms did - a wealthier area, warm climate... If you still don't like that, I'm afraid you'll have to pretend those tall and slender trees are actually poplars. I won't tell anyone, and I don't judge you.^^ The growing lot flora will also be replaced, but with full-grown trees. It would have been possible to recreate the effect of flora growing taller over time (just like the Maxis flora does), but unfortunately, the game will only display the shadow for the first, smallest version. Hence, as the tree grows to full size, the shadow of the sapling will remain. Apparently this is a game limitation. ______________
      BONUS PACK 1, A PLUGIN FOR THE SFBT STREET TREE MOD - this is the first bonus pack intended for those of you who use SFBT's Street Tree Mod. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that mod, it adds streetside parking and streetside trees, and it is highly modular and versatile. Several tree sets come with the mod (e.g. for Maxis and for Cycledogg trees), and depending on which of these tree sets you keep, the corresponding trees will appear. You can mix and match freely, use either set, any combination, or even all of them at the same time.
      This is what the bonus pack included in this upload will do:
      When used in conjunction with the SFBT Street Tree Mod, the contained files should replace the original files that made Maxis trees appear. Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat - replaces the file "SFBT_Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees.dat" and ensures that HD trees will grow instead of Maxis deciduous trees. Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat - replaces the file "SFBT_Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees.dat" and ensures that HD trees will grow instead of Maxis pine trees. Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat - replaces the file "SFBT_Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees.dat" and ensures that HD palms will grow instead of Maxis palm trees. Like the originals they are based on, these files can be mixed and matched freely. For example, if you select pine trees and palm trees, you'll get a mix of pines (well, their replacements) and palms. If you only use the files for deciduous trees and pine trees, you'll get all kinds of trees, but no palms. (This is independent from your selection for the main mod!) ___________
      BONUS PACK 2, AN OVERRIDE FOR SITHLRD98's T21 MOD - this second bonus pack is intended for those of you who may use the WideRadius Curves T21 Mod by Sithlrd98. These add sidewalk pavement, streetlights and trees alonside many smooth road & avenue curves as well as FA (fractional angle) road sections.
      This is what the bonus pack will do:
      All trees will be replaced with HD versions from this mod Instead of the single tree that was used repetitively, randomised trees will now appear for a more varied appearance ___________
      Each of the three packs is in a separate download because most of you probably won't use all of the stuff mentioned here.

      2 - USE
      2.1 - BASE PACK
      2.1.1 - Installation
      Simply drop the files into your plugins folder. By default, they will unzip into a sub-folder called \Maxis Tree HD Replacement\. However, you can change this to pretty much anything you like. (It's a simple override of the default files, and anything anywhere in your plugins folder will override the game files because plugins load after the game itself).
      By default, you will also get the file Maxis Tree HD Replacement_PalmsToCypresses.dat. This file is the one that will override palm trees with cypresses. If you want to see palm trees, simply remove that file. As with the other files, you can also copy it out of and back into your plugins folder as you like, switching back and forth between palms and cypresses.
      2.1.2 - Deinstallation
      Simply remove the file again. All affected trees will revert back to Maxis trees again, and the corresponding menu icons will no longer be blocked from your menu. No need to bulldoze anything.
      2.2 - BONUS PACK 1 (for SFBT Street Tree Mod)
      2.2.1 - Installation
      First of all, you need to have the SFBT Street Tree Mod installed (see "Dependencies" section for link). Then, I suggest you locate the tree props folder of that mod (by default \SFBT\Street Tree Mod\Tree Props). This folder will contain .dat files for all the tree types that you select while installing the SFBT Street Tree Mod. Simply delete the following files from that folder if present:
      SFBT_Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees.dat SFBT_Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees.dat SFBT_Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees.dat Then copy any one, two or all of the following files from Bonus Pack 1 into the aforementioned folder:
      Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat (for HD deciduous tree replacements) Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat (for HD palm tree replacements) Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat (for HD pine tree replacements) You can leave the non-Maxis tree packs in there if you want. In this case, you may get a mixture of SD trees by Pegasus and/or Cycledogg and these HD trees, depending on what combination of packs you left in there.
      2.2.2 - Deinstallation
      Simply remove the file again, and replace it with any tree packs for the SFBT Street Tree Mod that you want to use instead. If you delete the files from this download and fail to replace them with any of the original files again, no trees will show at all. For deinstallation of the entire SFBT Street Tree mod, see the documentation included in that download.
      2.3 - BONUS PACK 2 (for Sithlrd98's T21 mod)
      2.3.1 - Installation
      Place the included file anywhere in your plugins folder where it will load AFTER the original file. By default, the original file zzzSithlrd98 Wide Radius Curves Curves T21 Data .dat should be in a sub-folder named \Sithlrd98 WideRadius Curves T-21 Mod\. If you place the file from this bonus pack, zzzSithlrd98 Wide Radius Curves Curves T21 Data HD.dat, in the same sub-folder or in any folder that loads afterwards, the trees will change to the HD replacements.
      2.3.2 - Deinstallation
      Simply delete the file zzzSithlrd98 Wide Radius Curves Curves T21 Data HD.dat from this download again. It will no longer override the original trees, and these should revert to default Maxis trees again. Once again, there's no need to bulldoze anything.
      3.1 - BASIC DEPENDENCIES (required in any case) Obviously, this mod relies on the tree models made by girafe and Orange_o_. In total, Maxis uses 42 tree props plus 8 flora objects that rely on 15 different individual models. The following packs were required to replace them all:
      BSC - VIP girafe ashes (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe beeches (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe Canary date palms (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe cypresses (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe lindens (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe rowan trees (v. 1.0) by girafe VIP orange fagus seasonal flora (v. 1.0) by Orange_o_ 3.2 - DEPENDENCIES FOR BONUS PACK 1 - required for use with the SFBT Street Tree Mod
      SFBT Street Tree Mod (v. 1.0) by Andreas 3.3 - DEPENDENCIES FOR BONUS PACK 2 - required for use with Sithlrd98's T21 mod
      WideRadius Curves T21 Mod 1 - this makes trees and streetlights appear; it is the actual mod. If you want to see sidewalk along these smooth curves, you have the following options (only one is required):
      White Maxis pavement:
      Sithlrd98 AvenueCurves White Sidewalk Redone (avenue curves)
      Sithlrd98 Road Curves White v2 (road curves / FA road sections) Brown sandstone pavement (matching the SMP Sidewalk Reaplcement MOD 1):
      Sithlrd98 AvenueCurves Sandstone Sidewalk (avenue curves)
      Sithlrd98 Road Curves Sandstone v2 (road curves / FA road sections) SAP Euro Asphalt (matching the Euro asphalt sidewalk mod by SAP23):
      Sithlrd98 Avenue Cuves SAP Euro Asphalt Sidewalk texture (avenue curves)
      Sithlrd98 Road Curves SAP v2 2 (road curves / FA road sections Portuguese textures (matching the Portuguese texture set 1 by gn_leugim):
      Sithlrd98 Avenue Curves Gn leugim Portuguese Texture (avenue curves)
      Sithlrd98 Road Curves Gn leugim v2 (road curves / FA road sections JRJ sidewalk textures (matching the JRJ Sidewalks Mod (v1.0) by jeronij):
      Sithlrd98 WRC Sidewalk Texture Mod Jeronij Texture 1 (avenue as well as road curves / FA road sections) NOTE: For any dependency hosted at SC4Devotion (SC4D in short), you must be registered on that site and logged into the site's download area, the BSC File Exchange, in order to see the download button. Please bear in mind that there are separate logins for the forums and for the file exchange. For those of you who may still be unfamiliar with the site: SC4D is another major SimCity community with lots of unique content, so you will not regret making an account there.
      That's simple this time: If you like those HD trees that you see and you are not familiar with girafe's and Orange's entire portfolio, just go over to www.sc4devotion.com, access the BSC File Exchange, and use the power search feature to display all of their stuff. Voila, tons of great flora mods - from small flowers to towering trees - right at your fingertips!  
      4 - FINAL WORDS
      I'd like to dedicate this upload to the SimCity community as a whole. We all have been learning from one another, inspiring each other, and helping each other out for almost 15 years now. Whatever we do now benefits from stuff other people have done before us. We are really standing on the shoulders of giants these days, and I'm no exception in this respect. Just look at this upload:
      Maxis gave us the game we all love, and tools like the Lot Editor and the BAT, Sites like Simtropolis and their respective admin teams give us the place to come together and share, People like CowKilla and SimFox have been instrumental in making the use of 3dsmax viable for BAT, BAT artists like Girafe and Orange_o_ used this to great effect to model the wonderful trees I have been using, iLive and cogeo provided the additional tools that I have used to get these models to do what I had in mind, People like Andreas Roth and Equinox helped me take the first steps in those tools, getting me on the road to where I am now, rsc204 (a.k.a. MGB) taught me a method of making resizing overrides for existing props that I used to tweak the dimensions of some props, Due to all this, I merely had to put these foundations to good use and contribute my little part. So at a first glance, one might say this is "my mod". But it really is 95% community effort, made possible by a community whose spirit has always been characterised by non-profit sharing. It is a pleasure to be part of such a community, and here's to hoping that it will remain strong for years to come.
      That being said, extra kudos to flora masters girafe and Orange_o_ as well as T21 mod authors Andreas Roth and Sithlrd98 once again. You guys are awesome!
      T Wrecks, August 8, 2017
      NOTE FOR DOWNLOADERS WHO USE THE CASCADIA TREE CONTROLLER: @PaulSawyer kindly reported that he had problems with Maxis palms on roadsides not being replaced as they should by this mod. Apparently this problem could be fixed by changing the loading order. So if you use both the Cascadia Tree Controller and this Maxis HD Tree Replacement Mod and run into the same problem, try changing the order in which both mods load.
      If you don't know in which order the game loads plugins and/or need help changing the load order, you will find information on that with a little forum search. If you don't find anything, don't hesitate to ask on the forums or send a PM my way.
    • By aciaKa
      Punggol Highway, still not good at planting trees and grass vegetation.
    • By Toby Ferrian
      wait what do you mean cori's not doing this one? oh okay fine i'll do it then
      Since @CorinaMarie got lazy politely requested that I write this, I present to you,
      Cori Jolteon Ferrian's Tree Shoppe  by Toby Ferrian@Simtropolis
      A picture catalogue of (almost) every known Tree Controller Mod for SimCity 4
      Note: I did not create any of these mods. This thread is simply to display each tree controller mod using the same city tile for easy comparison. If you find this useful bookmark or follow this thread. All images are hosted right here on Simtropolis, except for the gifs, which are hosted on Gfycat, so they will likely be around for as long as the site stays up. All of the content in this post is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, meaning you can share any part of this post as long as you attribute it to me.
      For people with 16:9 (or other wide screen) monitors, or a dual monitor setup, you can open this thread in two separate windows side by side. This allows you to have independent scroll bars to compare specific mods, but if you spread it across multiple monitors there may be some slight color difference between the two.
      For those that don't know what a tree controller is: A tree controller mod is a mod that replaces the trees that appear when you use the god mode tree brush.
      Other Threads in Cori's Shoppe Series:
      Cori's Water Shoppe (Links to and Pictures of every Water Mod) Cori's Beach Shoppe (Links to and Pictures of every Beach Mod) Cori's Terrain Shoppe ( Links to and Pictures of every Terrain Mod) Cori's Rock Shoppe (Links to and Pictures of every Rock Mod) Note: If you download a mod and have any difficulty with it and when all else fails, read the ReadMe instrructions that come with it.
      All of the pictures below were taken of the same hill with Maxis textures and shadows disabled. Due to the limited terrain variation not all trees are shown, and results may vary depending on your terrain and textures.
      If there are any tree controllers I forgot to add, let me know and I'll add them as soon as possible.
      The spoilers contain important information, so check them.
      Maxis trees:

      Cascadia Tree Controller by blunder:

      My personal favorite tree controller.
      Pacific Northwest Tree Controller by blunder:

      CPT Italia Tree Controller by c.p.:

      CPT Olympic Coast Tree Controller by c.p.:

      CPT Missouri Breaks Tree Controller by c.p.:

      Yes, it's supposed to look this barren. With this tree controller, trees only show up in areas with high moisture. To find areas with high moisture, use this mod.
      CPT Meadowshire River Tree Mod by c.p.:

      Like the Missouri Breaks tree controller above, it's supposed to be this barren.
      CPT Painted Desert Tree Controller by c.p.:

      HBS Yucatan Tropical Tree Mod 1:

      HBS Californian Mediterranean Tree Controller:

      HBS Chihuahuan Desert Flora Mod

      Central European Tree Controller by 11241036

      ARDEN Seasonal Tree Controllers by vortext:

      This is the "Coast Regular" variant of the mod, the rest will be added at a later date.
      FedEx Tree Controller by missing dependencies:

      This is what you get when you don't read the ReadMe-s and descriptions, and don't install the dependencies. So again, read everything in the description and ReadMe file for the mod you choose. Unless, of course, you like the brown boxes enough to fill your city tiles with them.
    • By RandyE
      I re-worked the Traffic Control Center and added 6 more 2x2 Park Menu lots that can be used in the the NAM avenue roundabout.  There are 3 more 'Control Tower' themed lots, and 3 different park lots, one is an amusement type using the Maxis Tilt-a-Whirl ride, one a forested rest-place with a gazebo, and the other a decorative grassy park.  All the lots use Maxis props and lighting, and have unique Park Menu icons.
      All lots have the same stats:
      Park Effect: 10 over 10, Landmark Effect: 20 over 10.
      Power Consumed: 20 MWh, Water: 10 gph.
      Monthly Cost: 50§
      Minimal water and air pollution.
      The landmark effect is a bit higher as they are feature parks, the 'Control Tower' lots having an imaginary civic function in controlling city traffic.  The roundabouts are part of the Network Addon Mod (NAM) which is specialized for transit and traffic networks, but the lots are stand-alone and can be used separately as park lots.  If using the NAM bulldoze the default lot in the center of the avenue roundabout and plop one of the 2x2 lots.  Any 2x2 lot can be used.
      The dependency file is located on SimCity 4 Devotion (SC4D) on the following linked page:
      Maxis Lot Editor (LE) Tool and Addons
      Alternatively, the file below may be used instead of bldgprop_vol1.dat.  It is a better option as it combines access to all the Maxis buildings as props and adds a better hover query showing the lot name. 
      The above dependencies must be installed in your game application Plugin folder.  
      To Install this package:
      Place the 'Roundabout Variety Pack Lots' folder in the zipfile to the 'SimCity 4\Pulgins' folder in user 'Documents'.

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