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Armored Chevrolet Suburban (Prop & MMP) 1.0.0

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About This File

Ultimately this bulletproof luxury SUV has all the creature comforts one grows accustomed to, while still providing excellent ballistic and blast protection.

Scale: 133%

Item names start with "SKP_Chevrolet_Suburban_V1_40"

Can also be used in Mayor mode under tree menu as MMP (Mayor-Mode-Ploppable).

The model was rendered in HD.



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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

thank you  this will be a more appropriate mayors limo for many of my SC4 cities

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Cada vez mejoras más tus metas ! Gran trabajo compañero !!! :D

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    • By cogeo
      *** Updated June 27, 2008 *

      Purpose of these lots: all GLR stations posted on the STEX till now act as tram stops, only converting GLR to and from pedestrian traffic. In contrast, this pack contains stations that offer parking facilities as well. As a result they can serve larger, less dense areas and not just the housing within walking distance from the station, utilising the game's "park and ride" feature: sims park their cars at the station and get the train to their workplaces. So they can be used successfully in suburban areas, enjoying a good usage. You can create a realistic transport system, like in many real-world metropolitan areas, that is subways downtown, expanded to GLR at the suburbs (you will need to use the GLR to subway transition). You can also combine the stations with bus routes; in this case fixed-track networks (like GLR) tend to act as "trunk" lines, while the buses as "local" or "feeder" lines.
      The pack contains four GLR stations with parking, with straight and split track (side or island platforms), with and without a bus stop. The main station building as well as the platform and bussign props are configurable by the player. Some of the props are included in the SC dats while some others are included in BATs posted on the STEX earlier, which you will have to download and install as dependencies. Please check the readme for detailed installation instructions.
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      - Many thanks to vester_DK for his GLR split-track textures.
      - Many thanks to frogface, ill tonkso and ralphaelninja for granting permission to use their models in the package.
      - Morifari can no longer be contacted (his model is not contained in the package anyway).

      * June 27 2008 Update:
      - Added a patch for left-hand driving installations. Unless you have a LH-driving installation, do not forget to remove this!
      - Fixed a bug with the transit switchings, concerning stations' placement. If you have installed the Draggable GLR Patch for these stations, please remove it (it contains the same bugs). Refer to the documentation for details and instructions on how to connect to draggable GLR track.

      The most important dependencies are the NAM and

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      - Ninja Boulevard Station OR Ninja Boulevard Kiosk by RalphaelNinja
      - Morifari Tram Station by morifari - Please get this new version!

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      About the Upload-
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      None required.
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      None required.
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      About the Upload-
      This mod converts the Taxi into a modified Chevrolet Impala. There are 3 different liveries included, based on various taxi companies from the United States. The liveries included are loosely based on  the Yellow Cab Co, but can blend into almost any US-themed setting within the game. The liveries are not dependent on each other and can be used together.
      None required.
    • By airman15
      At the heart of any well-balanced city is an order legislated to guarantee the welfare of all who live inside it's jurisdiction. Law Enforcement is one of the most important branches to a government, ensuring safety to all. Even if it's a traffic ticket now and then or a donut shop being stormed. Your departments need a sturdy car and the Impala is the perfect fit! For when the going gets tough in the streets, these new cruisers are well-equipped to take on anything!
      About the Upload-
      This mod converts the Police Car into a modified Chevrolet Impala. There are 8 different liveries included, based on various police departments from the United States. The liveries included are not specific to any real cities, so they can blend into almost any setting within the game. The shields on each side are custom emblems from GM to promote the Impala as a police unit. Static props included.
      None required, but if you would like to see these units in action (besides their regular patrols), it's recommended to download the Lots of Riots mod, which will spawn more frequent uprisings that allow you to actually use the police dispatch tool!

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