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UPDATED: Police Detective Vehicle - Collection 1.4

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About This File


 - Support for Interior UVs




Capture criminals at large with the Detective Vehicle Collection!



 - Replaces Detective "Donut Van" parked at the Police Precinct

 - 4 different vehicle types (more vehicles will be added)

 - Bundled textures are 512x512 and 256x256 resolution

 - All-black undercover paint job with hidden flashers in the windshield and rear window


 - Current Vehicles: Dodge Charger, Ford Crown Victoria, H2 Hummer and a Lamborghini Aventador





 - Install by copying the .package file into your ...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder

 - You may install one vehicle to replace the detective van

 - Do not install more than one detective vehicle file, this may crash your game

 - You may rename the .package files, make sure they come before "SimCity_App" alphabetically



 - Modifying files is still experimental and might lead to city rollbacks

 - There is no official statement from Maxis nor EA about using mods, so use at your own risk

 - For more information on EA modding policy: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9729407.page




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This is a small, modified collection of my police vehicles for SimCity 2013. Each vehicle is outfitted to serve as an undercover detective vehicle. If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments and I will look at the issues as soon as possible. Be looking for more mods like this very soon! Thanks for your support. Happy modding :)






Author: Parker W Young - http://www.parkerwyoung.com/

License: CC Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

You may modify and re-distribute these mod files only with appropriate credit given.


Special thanks to Oppie, creator of SimCityPak: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/

Special thanks to Tobse for debugging normal maps and interior uvs

What's New 1.4


  • - Support for Interior UVs
  • - Texture fixes (gloss, mask, normal channels)
  • - Removed dark shadows from vehicle edges

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      An asset i'm working on is having a weird light glitch that i first thought was because of the specular mask or something.
      I know it's most likely the police lights causing it, it only happens when the police lights are on and it seems the rotation of the lights light up certain parts of the car too.

      I'm guessing maybe the police lights are positioned awkwardly or in the center? 
      But i don't know where to begin in asset editor because when you position the police lights, you can't see the police lights while you're doing it like you can with headlights.

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