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Have you been in all stations in your local metro network? Do you use ICAO airport codes instead of cities in your regular conversations? Have you driven to other countries just to drive that specific road? If you enjoy geeking around any kind of transportation mode, welcome home!! Show us your pictures and engage in conversations with like-minded individuals here!

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  2. Several days have passed and, I don't know if you all have that impression, but I feel I like the new livery a little bit more now. Still not liking the concept of Eurowhite itself, everything being a copy of everything, but it is understandable in this razor-thin margins industry. Average customers have already trouble knowing the airline they fly with, especially in an era where codeshares are always written in a teeny tiny size when you're around booking flights. In my experience, very few people actually realize we are doing codeshares at the time of booking. Only frequent flyers and geeks in general tend to put a thought on that. Making all designs even more uniform isn't helping airlines precisely to stand out either. Back to LH, all electronic-based branding has changed already, as expected. Dark blue and a weird, flimsy-looking interpretation of Helvetica dominate the sights, same as 100 other airlines. Heck, it looks even worse than I imagined at first just seeing the leaked images. It looks like they didn't even align the letters properly, it's a typographic trainwreck. Tomorrow I'm flying long-haul with LH's 747-400, very probably still sporting with the old livery. The Apple Wallet boarding pass keeps (rather surprisingly) all yellow, which I do like, but the airline's name is written white. Yellow on white, they couldn't even get that right.
  3. I wouldn't necessarily say the old livery was in line with the Eurowhite design. The grey underbelly breaks the formula in the way where if you were on the ground it's noticeable as not being another all-white jet. The airline once tried a yellow tail, engines, and belly which is unique. I do agree the metallic blue is a great shade.
  4. Lufthansa's New Livery

    I like it. It's eurowhite, yes, but that claim implies the old livery wasn't. It's a small change overall, but I like how the tailfin decor continues down, and the new metallic blue looks awesome. Had they kept the logo golden, it would be perfect.
  5. Haha, nice! I recently found about another suspended monorail one in Germany, this one looks really cool, with the old steel girders and the like.
  6. Dislike. As I understand from a financial perspective it is more cost efficient to cut corners where you're able to do so. People want to pay less and less, and in order to pass the savings they wish an airline will have to do without things. It's partly why we don't see the comfort and class of the 70's airlines anymore. But this livery.. Is less of a service to the airline than it's current one. AA has been introducing former airlines it bought out as heritage aircraft and they do well as a heritage fleet because people recognize them. Their mainline aircraft blend in with every other eurowhite paint scheme, or would if they didn't go with a muted silver. Especially from a distance it's harder to tell from the ground or under a glideslope which airline is which. CNN can't even name certain twinjets correctly most of the time, i'm surprised they don't show photos of the wrong airline more. It's original post-war livery or the 60's livery would look great today. Granted they too were mostly white and grey but it isn't like they're copying a formula that's getting tired. White with tail flash and name (through the windows which bothers me the most) is being done everywhere. Unless you're a plane spotter or frequent traveler they all look the same to an average customer. Southwest aircraft went through a change several years ago and while i'm not a fan but at least they can stand out in an endless sea of white jets at any airfield. They stand out from a distance in flight as well, which helps leagues more in air travel as sometimes ATC will call a plane by airline through their IATA codes. /rant
  7. I've recently been watching YouTube videos by Rambalac of long-take, un-narrated, high-definition walking adventures in Japan, and Rambalac's latest video riding the Chiba Urban Monorail might be of interest here: I've ridden a monorail before, but it was not the suspended type like this, which provides here a peculiar view of the Tokyo region's urban jungle. As the video is in 4K, watch it full screen or on a large television so you can really see the cityscape through the cab windows. While no doubt engineered very carefully, this is "heroic" construction in the sense that the infrastructure feels almost absurdly large and lofty, as if it were infrastructure built solely for the coolness of building infrastructure. William Gibson wrote in Neuromancer that the arcologies of the zaibatsu of the dystopian future would be in Chiba, and now I can see they will be connected by towering monorail. I will admit Chiba's looks like it would be an irresistible magnet for some giant, radioactive monster to tear through while us hapless passengers trapped in the suspended cars scream in movie terror.
  8. Ew, another iteration of "Eurowhite". I think if Lufthansa kept its grey underbelly, it would have been more impactful.
  9. The rumors we were hearing since a couple of weeks ago, seem to have become a reality. One week before the official livery launch, pictures and renders have been leaked, and all point to a modern twist on a classic livery, other than a full redesign. A lot of specialized outlets have already given their take on it [link], [link]. If you ask to me, I'm remarkably sad of losing the touches of yellow. That specific shade of yellow screamed "LUFTHANSA" at you every time you come across with it in Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin. Even the Apple Wallet boarding pass is nowadays yellow, and really stands out among all the generic dark blue shared by Ryanair and United to name a few. A new all blue/silver tailfin extending down to the fuselage is just one more bland, generic airline amidst them all. Same as Qantas. Same as Joon. Same as so many others. It could be Oceanic Airlines for that matter. I dislike the new typeface. I like Helvetica. It is reliable. It is solid. It represents everything we want to associate to an airline. I don't like strange and sad rounded approximations to Helvetica which aren't Helvetica. Not in love with it, probably I'll get used to see it around during the next years. What do you think of it? Like? Dislike?
  10. From the album Up in the Air

    This Christmas I flew home with Lufthansa. I delayed my reservation for too long and the low-cost airlines were alredy full. Still, not a large problem as I would experience LH's intra-European service and "know" Munich airport, where I had never been on. Both flights to and from MUC were almost heavenly. Operated with rather old A321s, there is plenty of space and the flights are rarely fully booked. There is a snack and free alcoholic drinks service, something I'm totally not used to as I normally fly low-cost when in Europe. The flight MUC-TXL was amazing (including a dangerous crosswinds landing), as the aircraft was only half full and the crew was so attentive and having so much fun during the service. They got many compliments by the passengers for that.
  11. Up in the Air

    Some planes and airports in here!
  12. From the album Up in the Air

    Taxiing in MUC I had the chance of capturing the long A340-600. These old and inefficient planes are currently being phased out off Lufthansa's fleet with A350-900 XWBs, and soon will be a nice memory of another time.
  13. From the album Up in the Air

    Some Bavarian sights while approaching to Munich airport. While it looked peaceful, Germany was under a big storm, leaving heavy winds all over the country. The flight had been very turbulent and the pilots had to land among heavy crosswinds. They achieved that at the first try.
  14. From the album Up in the Air

    Midday long-haul operation at BCN. American flies to JFK and MIA from pier E at Barcelona's T1 and both flights depart within a few minutes difference. I watched the pushback of this flight from my own flight's boarding queue.
  15. From the album Up in the Air

    Quite a rare sight here. Pictured one of the A330s operated by LEVEL, which is a long-haul low-cost spinoff of Iberia. LEVEL flies to Oakland, Los Angeles, Punta Cana and Buenos Aires. The deboarding was ongoing meanwhile I took the picture.
  16. This may grow into a random collection of transport-related stuff I took pictures of.
  17. From the album Turjan's Transport Encounters

    Train in Hsinchu Station.
  18. From the album Turjan's Transport Encounters

    Train in Hsinchu Station.
  19. From the album Turjan's Transport Encounters

    Hsinchu Station, teaching.
  20. From the album Turjan's Transport Encounters

    Train in Hsinchu Station.
  21. Namiko's Collection

    My collection of trainspotting and other transportation pictures..
  22. From the album Namiko's Collection

    A Tokyu 8500 Series set 8612f at Universitas Indonesia Station...
  23. From the album Namiko's Collection

    A Lion AIr Boeing 737-800 At Hassanudin Int Airport, South Sulawesi earlier this month... Its night time and my phone not optimized to take a dark picture so its a little bit blurry...
  24. From the album Namiko's Collection

    A Batik Air Airbus At Hassanudin Int Airport, South Sulawesi earlier this month... I'm pretty sure its A320 but if it isnt correct me...
  25. From the album Namiko's Collection

    A CC203 locomotive in Manggarai Station
  26. Virgin Atlantic | B747-400 | MCO

    The -400 is still one of the best variants for the Queen!

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