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Have you been in all stations in your local metro network? Do you use ICAO airport codes instead of cities in your regular conversations? Have you driven to other countries just to drive that specific road? If you enjoy geeking around any kind of transportation mode, welcome home!! Show us your pictures and engage in conversations with like-minded individuals here!

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    Just joined the club Hi, I am DOU born in 14/12/2002 (Winter is awesome) that grew up with aviation Brother of my mother was in the military and had things to do with F16 Brother of my mother was an F-16 Pilot in TR Airforce I Grew up with playing Falcon 4.0/Airport Tycoon 3/FSX When I was young, I would simply board an train and watch the scenery I Was in an airport That's all My fav planes are DC-3 and MD-83
  3. Sacramento is jumping on the streetcar as well. It will be for a portion downtown between the capitol building and across the river to the baseball stadium in West Sacramento. Eventually they want to extend it into a new district north of the Valley Station where they are developing over the old UP railyards. However, the main issues with Sacramento's transit have more to do with existing transit not servicing the areas they should be. Talks have been in progress regarding the northern Green Line for light rail to connect with the airport. This was discussed during the time they were replacing Terminal B in 2010 and it still hasn't gone there. It only goes up a few blocks from downtown to where the railyards are and only a few years after it was opened they were about to shut it down because the ridership isn't as promised. Had they just built the line out to the airport directly since the land in between is empty, at least you'd have some use from people not wanting to pay for airfield parking. Then as the city spreads, the line could just have stops added along the way. Even Los Angeles is working on such a connection and San Francisco has had one for several years through the BART and Caltrain, which is being upgraded to an electric line too. But even San Francisco is having connective problems. They demolished the old Transbay Terminal (bus only) to build a new one over it (now with an underground train box and psuedo-subway extension). They are expecting Caltrain and CaHSR to reach it but the underground tunnel for them hasn't even been funded yet. As for further out areas, most have other transit options but those aren't frequent. Roseville is building another set of tracks and will be seeing more frequent trains. But then it's only one stop of three going east of Sacramento. There are still a lot of commuters from Auburn and Rocklin that have to drive. Amtrak does have busses going from those other stations but you can't take it unless you ride the train too. By extending the line as Sac>Reno two birds can be killed with one stone as now you have ridership by tourists wanting to get to Reno and the cities between now able to reach either without a bus. There was a serious effort to make it happen but Union Pacific said no as that part of the line is mostly single-tracked with several tunnels and it's their line anyway.
  4. Up in the Air

    Some planes and airports in here!
  5. From the album Up in the Air

    I've seen many pictures of the Z concourse at Frankfurt airport, with all wide-bodies at the gates. I tried to catch the same picture, rather unsuccessfully. Half of it is occupied by the A321-200 that flew me back to Berlin.
  6. From the album Up in the Air

    And that's the aircraft that flew me back to Europe. I was frankly expecting much more from Lufthansa's catering. Except the tiramisu, the food wasn't good and they had only one beer choice (Warsteiner). Ugh. Maybe my expectations were set too high, but as I experienced it, United blew Lufthansa off the water in this aspect.
  7. From the album Up in the Air

    Orlando airport has during the holiday season a nice variety of planes around. Last Thursday evening, time for departures to Europe, one B777 and two B747s were awaiting for departure. One of them, that of Virgin Atlantic, nicknamed "Pretty Woman". I know the picture sucks a bit, but MCO isn't precisely a great airport to take pictures at.
  8. Probably the context isn't helping that much yet. It seems all USA cities (especially those progressive-leaning ones) have joined the streetcar bandwagon all at once. Streetcars look like great ideas, but they can only become great ideas if implemented properly. In several cases, their construction has responded only to corporate and real estate interests, trying to boost the value of properties nearby the tracks and stations. Maybe that was the case in San Antonio? Kansas City has a streetcar network, it joins the central station with... nowhere. Just a sleek-looking cool futuristic train running through the downtown, they even had to make it free to ride so somebody would actually ride the system. Real transport systems, those that really work well, do nothing more that connecting residential areas with jobs areas. We SC4 players know that well. Streetcars running through downtown districts are a laughable idea, as downtowns per definition have a scarce population. Furthermore, that's an affluent population who won't bother using the streetcar.
  9. What says on the title. I don't have the brightest of the cameras nor have visited many places, so I'll post (and credit when possible) nice images found on the net about transit projects and network, most surely with an emphasis on Latin America (porque sí)
  10. JR Kyushu also runs the 787 Series as limited expresses, such as the Ariake Express and the Kirishima Express. These are stern, commanding-looking trainsets in gunmetal grey and resembling military gunships. Even the stark livery looks like something for the Führersonderzug or commuter rail for Imperial Stormtroopers. In contrast to the gleaming white and aerodynamic Shinkansen trainsets, the muscular JR Kyushu 787 Series are scary sexy! I always imagine that if we could ever implement a regional commuter rail system in my hometown, the 787 Series would be the trainset we would employ just for the coolness factor, and they would operate in tandem with the proposed N700s just as they already successfully do on Kyushu. Kumamoto in the middle of Kyushu is San Antonio's sister city, so maybe they can pitch this and get us a discount or a demonstration model for our own train otaku.
  11. An urban planning tragedy for my hometown of San Antonio was the sudden death of its 2014 streetcar starter project, which had been directly modeled after the tram systems of Vienna and Amsterdam. The suburban anti-rail luddites went berserk when they saw the Evil Progressive Liberal Downtown European Monstrosity, and, not content to have cowed the local politicians with fear of the Republican election tidal wave just months before project groundbreaking, they went so far as to change the city charter to effectively bar any new rail mass transit infrastructure in the future. This still isn't enough, and some are trying in the Texas legislature to constitutionally block rail transit statewide. Ironically, Amazon is now seeking bids from cities for the construction of a new corporate headquarters, and San Antonio has thrown its hat into the ring as one of the more serious wild card contenders. However, Amazon has expressly stated in their program that they are prioritizing mass transit options, and today our city has effectively none when we could have had up and running one of the more novel setups for a major U.S. city. For want of a relatively cheap and easily installed streetcar system, we may have lost out on an additional $5 billion in direct corporate downtown investment over and beyond the potential investment already stymied when the project was killed. I could have already been riding one of those... Thankfully, the mayor and city council that squandered the streetcar have all finally been ousted this year for their hopeless lack of vision, and I was happy to help vote them out specifically over their betrayal of this project.
  12. We don't even have trains here and the public transportation is horrible lol
  13. Meanwhile we can't even get a rail line from San Jose>Sacramento>Reno..
  14. From the album Up in the Air

    I happened to choose the right window seat for this flight, and had these amazing views of Manhattan during the takeoff to Orlando.
  15. From the album Up in the Air

    After one month of travel, I've been up in the air again these last two weeks for a conference trip. The first leg of the journey was a peaceful daytime flight between Berlin and Newark-Liberty. Although the crew weren't especially attentive or friendly, United offered three kinds of craft beer on board, and they won my heart with that!
  16. These Shinkasen trains really seem taken from a retro-futuristic science-fiction movie.
  17. Adventures

    A collection of images I took during trips...
  18. From the album Adventures

    Amsterdam is one of the best cities in terms of choices of public transportation. The city is quite compact for walking, there are built cycle paths for bicycles and the tram adds convenience and charm to the city. I want to come back again...

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  19. From the album Adventures

    A look into the ordinary car of a W7 Series Shinkansen plying the new Hokuriku Shinkansen route, possibly at Toyama Station.

    © 2017 Tonraq

  20. From the album Up in the Air

    Beautiful sunset at 40000 ft over Azerbaijan. This aircraft's winglet is a work of art.
  21. From the album Adventures

    At Kagoshima Station.

    © 2017 Tonraq

  22. Hello everybody and welcome to the Transit and Aviation Geeks Club. There are many of us in this world... people who design systems to pile up airplane miles in order to fly in business class just because; some who (like me) obsessively collect rail transit tickets from around the world, those who wake up in the wee hours of the morning to photograph a specific locomotive bound to pass by their town, or who wait for hours in the cold just to snap a good picture of the A380. If you fit in the description, or if you just want to hang out with like-minded individuals, here's your place. And you... what are you into?

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