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  1. Pedestrian paths became a real pain, yes.
  2. I love small trucks and I'm looking forward to this one. The smaller the vehicles, the easier the traffic.
  3. Thank you all for the feedback and the tip with the console, and indeed, it's not Firefox's fault. The console came up with some complaints about the noscript extension. I noticed that the extension's control button was gone, so I just removed the whole extension, and that solved the issue. I assume all those "type error" kind of messages are more for you and your colleagues. I looks like you will have to put up with me for the time being . Thanks again.
  4. Firefox complains about the security of the site (mixed content) and blocks quite a few elements which are supposedly still http. Specifically, the "Quote" button isn't there, the usual reply box doesn't have any elements to actually type anything, and also the edit function (which is still there) comes up with an empty field. I guess it doesn't want me to post here anymore. I would add a special permission, but for whatever reason (no certificate I guess), Firefox doesn't even give me that option for Simtropolis. I'm using Chrome as a workaround, so this issue is more in the "nuisance" category at the moment.
  5. "Project X"

    There seems to exist some trick of "freeing" props from the limit by using Move It! to copy them to a different place, delete all originals and copy the copy back. If I understood it correctly, the game clears the original limit that way. I haven't tried it myself though, and there may be something I explained wrong. I'm not sure whether you will have to actually build your airport on a "dummy" place first and keep the copy as the original.
  6. Very nice. This is exactly what I have wanted for quite some time.
  7. "Project X"

    Looking great again. Regarding props, there is the Prop Unlimiter. Say good-bye to Move It! at that point though. Move It! will still work for your old props, but not with anything above the original limit. Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea to use that mod.
  8. Strange traffic behaviour

    I know you said "I have not messed with traffic or lane change mod", but does that mean that this is vanilla traffic? There's has been a similar issue today shown on Reddit with a road stub:
  9. Nice update, as always :). Just a remark regarding this: If you refer to WWII with this, precision bombardment like that was generally beyond the capabilities of those times. The US forces were the only ones that could do that towards the end of the war. British city bombardments meant carpet bombing the whole city, and they hoped they would hit any factories in the process. Sometimes, the huge fleets of hundreds of bombers didn't even find the cities and dropped their bombs somewhere in the countryside. My hometown saw 105 British air attacks, eight of them major. 70% of all buildings were destroyed, 97% near the city center. Nevertheless, it took only a few months after the war to get the coal mines and steel plants running again. Rebuilding the city took longer. Much of the destruction was actually done after the war. Rebuilding old stuff was expensive and slow. Also, there was the opportunity to broaden the streets through the ruins. My hometown had the oldest town hall north of the Alps, and it was only somewhat damaged, but the city tore it down to replace it with a modern solution. There was simply no respect for the "old-fashioned" stuff. The cities where old buildings survived were mostly undamaged (mostly in the south) and too poor to let eager city planners do their deed. But enough of this rambling. Your story sounds plausible enough and is enjoyable :).
  10. I know that, too. If it's too bad, I use a different LUT, depending on the map theme.
  11. I need screenshots

    Also, there isn't really much to the Cities: Skylines water distribution system. The pipes have an area effect, which means you just cover the area. You need a water source somewhere (a pump or a water tower) and a water outlet (a simple pipe or some treatment plant) somewhere else, but there's no connection to individual buildings or tanks that pressurize the system. In the end, it's just busywork with the only game element being that you avoid sucking up wastewater or have water towers (which are just pumps that don't need to be put on a shoreline) on polluted areas (industry, oil resources). Cities: Skylines water systems are fascinating, especially the flowing rivers with real water volumes and the tsunamis, but they are very "gamey" and not realistic.
  12. @ghosty20 The DLC is built on four different licenses with four different football clubs, respectively. I guess they only paid for a one-year license, and that one's up now.
  13. Is SimCity dead?

    The studio that made this game is no more. It was shut down in March 2015.
  14. PC advice

    You should probably wait for people who play C:S regularly to chime in. Unfortunately, in my experience, this game needs the best of everything, always depending on your gaming style of course.