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  1. San Felipe, California

    Nice start .
  2. To start, I have no idea about C:S on Linux. This means I can only talk about stuff that would prevent the game from starting on Windows. Just disregard what doesn't concern you. It's hard to pinpoint any particular reason without more information. Does the game start with the launch options --disableMods --noWorkshop? How much custom content do you use with how much RAM? Did you look at the ouput_log.txt? The last entries before the game fails usually give you a hint at what is the culprit. To cut down on loading times, most people use the "Loading Screen Mod". Not sure whether that one works on Linux. It usually shows you what is loading (and what not), and it cuts loading times to a small fraction of the original game. You can also enable that it produces a report file in the options (highly recommended).
  3. Some of the vanilla maps come with placed props (all those little rocks etc.). I have been using the "Sandy Beaches" map recently, and that had more than a third of the prop limit used up "out of the box".
  4. Long time no see! And that looks certainly promising. I hope you get better soon!
  5. Not shortest, fastest. For example, if you use a highway for the overpass, they will use it. Other than the behavior of emergency vehicles, nothing in the traffic simulation has changed since release. One important change to roads: You can decide whether you have traffic lights, nothing or stop signs on any road of a junction. This makes traffic much better. The default traffic isn't that bad as some people claim, anyway. As soon as you know how it works, it's actually quite easy-going. Of course, you can always use TM:PE, like most people do. That way you can make many more traffic solutions work.
  6. For a change of pace, I'm working on a vanilla (base game + DLCs) city at the moment, just to look what you can do with it nowadays. I use mods though, as long as it's possible to load the resulting savegame without Workshop. View from Observatory Hill over much of the city as it exists at the moment:
  7. And yet, normal firefighters ignore burning trees. You need the helicopters even for a tree between two houses or on your city's main square. I agree with the mod suggestion.
  8. Well, I just give in and play something else for a while , as you suggested. Then I come back to the game with new ideas.
  9. @Quboid That won't help. The empty 9x9 grid we have at the moment doesn't really bring down performance in any way. It's the size of your built-up city that is most important. Depending on your processor, the issues will hit at 50k, 100k or some other population size. The simulation is what kills performance most. There is something in the graphics engine that is a bit fishy, as even Nvidia wants me to set texture quality to medium, despite my okayish graphics card, but that is independent of city size.
  10. @UrbanLegend Okay, you want larger growables. Yes, that's something that has been asked for since game release. Boformer even started a mod that showed that it's possible. This has no chance of being finished though as you need to produce a huge amount of assets for this to work within the game's upgrading system. Visual cues regarding value loss exist as direct signs above the building ("low land value"), that's why I was puzzled. Of course, the building then only has one way out of this situation if you don't manage to fix the underlying issue, which is abandonment. The two levels of degradation before abandonment in SC4 were certainly a nicer solution. Those two downgrade levels are not only visual, but also a mechanical difference. There are also other issues in the C:S simulation, like how C:S connects education/wealth/density via levels in a way that does not make much sense (all in the same direction). In SC4, the number of occupants increases with each downgrade. While C:S doesn't have Rush Hours, traffic flow is strongest in the mornings and drops off considerably during night (vehicle counts go from 12-14k down to about 8k or similar values in a 150k city). If you have any spots in your city where traffic often backs up, you can visually observe the relief in the second half of the night. Of course, the game was modeled for 9 tiles, maybe even less. The effects become a bit "smeared" over the day if you have a larger city where trips take much longer compared to the day/night cycle. Rush hours are only feasible in small cities. As the total vehicle limit is 16k, which you can reach in a 150k city if you have problem areas, any Rush Hour will make you reach the limit even earlier.
  11. I'm not even sure I need anything modular. A simple crossing station, especially above ground, would be nice. I had always hoped that Ragutaro would update his old Orio Station. That one is a small crossing station in real life, and the right part of the building in the main picture looks like that because the stairs to the crossing platform are inside.
  12. The current map size is a bit larger than the city of Munich, which has 1.43 million inhabitants. Of course, you won't be able to build Munich. I guess what it takes to have larger maps is a different game.
  13. I'm a bit puzzled. All your wishes describe how the game is at the moment.
  14. Cities Skylines Traffic Help

    Thanks. I'm using Extended InfoPanel.
  15. This game costs between $6 and $7 during relatively frequent sales. That shouldn't be an insurmountable sum, especially if you have a computer that can run it and an internet plan that allows downloading whole games and lots of mods. And that's all you need for the stuff you ask about.