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  1. Turning water into land?

    With vanilla mechanics, the sand will disappear after a while if you raise the land high enough. It doesn't need to be much above the water line for that to happen.
  2. That mod hasn't been working properly for three years now, is completely broken nowadays and should not be recommended. Which, by the way, does not mean the game has been left in the dust. You can do amazing things that you could only dream of in those days with C:S nowadays .
  3. Aurora Borealis So Cool

    Yeah, it looks cool. It's a bit buggy unfortunately. I have a hard time getting rid of it on my tropical maps.
  4. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    I'm not sure whether we are technically already at the point where we can have both, a detailed, graphically true representation of a city and a proper city sim at the same time. Pick one. C:S has shown that city builders are a viable niche for mid-size companies, but I don't see anybody else trying to compete at the moment. C:S bogs down noticeably already in the 120-150k population range, and I try not to exceed that too much. I have built a 400k city, but the performance of that one is measured in seconds per frame rather than the other way round. The shocking thing is that this 400k city doesn't really extend much past the "official" 9 tiles. I can sort of understand that CO expressed some surprise over the fact that people actually use all DLC's at once. Not sure whether it's the Unity base or something else, but I don't see the current game have much room for loading even more calculations into it. I was certainly one of the more vocal people who complained about the limits in this game, and I even got a bone thrown with the increased building limit, but I have learned to be careful with what I wish for. Nowadays, I know pretty well what the game can do and what it can't. I also see that the game got a lot smoother over the years, also regarding how it treats mods. I just try and make the best out of the situation, and that can still be very enjoyable. This DLC looks pretty interesting to me. Several draggable fences! The amusement park rides and the zoo stuff look amazing! The unique buildings look a bit meh to me, but, well, there's a few thousands of those in the workshop.
  5. You know, I can personally understand that you want this. However, there's the other side of the coin. C:S already has a few very unfortunate limitations to cater to people who only have 4 GB of RAM (I'm not even sure you can play the game + all DLC at once with such a computer). Lots of people really want CO to stop catering to people with weak computers, because this causes many of the frustrations people experience with this game. CO basically chose a medium ground here, and I guess the sales numbers show them that this was the right business decision, as much as it pains people who are left out on both ends of the spectrum. Anyway, you see that there are often diametrically opposed interests at play. I would very much appreciate if they set the minimum requirements higher than they are now and made the game better.
  6. SC2013 is a tiny game. It can't be bigger because it's a 32-bit application with all the limitations that come with this. This was a deliberate decision in order to reach the market of weak laptops. C:S gives you much more freedom, but that needs a 64-bit engine. It's also a moddable game. All extensively moddable games that I know stress the hardware. And no, SC2013 is not extensively moddable. The GPU complaint is a bit unfair. When C:S was planned, everyone expected GPU prices to fall further, and nobody could foresee the cryptocurrency craze that drove GPU prices to ridiculous heights within the last years. It's a problem all players of moderately modern AAA games face.
  7. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    This looks nice enough. Let's see how it works. I like Cities Skylines, but often enough, it's a mix of good ideas with weird implementations or the other way round. Regarding a new game, I'm not sure why anyone expects them to admit working on it as long as they are still releasing expansions. That wouldn't make any business sense. This has nothing to do with defending CO/Paradox, but it's just one of the realities of how businesses work, which includes knowing when to say what. Anyway, this looks like something to look forward to. I'm taking a break from C:S at the moment, and this looks like something I might enjoy playing around with.
  8. San Felipe, California

    Nice start .
  9. To start, I have no idea about C:S on Linux. This means I can only talk about stuff that would prevent the game from starting on Windows. Just disregard what doesn't concern you. It's hard to pinpoint any particular reason without more information. Does the game start with the launch options --disableMods --noWorkshop? How much custom content do you use with how much RAM? Did you look at the ouput_log.txt? The last entries before the game fails usually give you a hint at what is the culprit. To cut down on loading times, most people use the "Loading Screen Mod". Not sure whether that one works on Linux. It usually shows you what is loading (and what not), and it cuts loading times to a small fraction of the original game. You can also enable that it produces a report file in the options (highly recommended).
  10. Some of the vanilla maps come with placed props (all those little rocks etc.). I have been using the "Sandy Beaches" map recently, and that had more than a third of the prop limit used up "out of the box".
  11. Long time no see! And that looks certainly promising. I hope you get better soon!
  12. Not shortest, fastest. For example, if you use a highway for the overpass, they will use it. Other than the behavior of emergency vehicles, nothing in the traffic simulation has changed since release. One important change to roads: You can decide whether you have traffic lights, nothing or stop signs on any road of a junction. This makes traffic much better. The default traffic isn't that bad as some people claim, anyway. As soon as you know how it works, it's actually quite easy-going. Of course, you can always use TM:PE, like most people do. That way you can make many more traffic solutions work.
  13. For a change of pace, I'm working on a vanilla (base game + DLCs) city at the moment, just to look what you can do with it nowadays. I use mods though, as long as it's possible to load the resulting savegame without Workshop. View from Observatory Hill over much of the city as it exists at the moment:
  14. And yet, normal firefighters ignore burning trees. You need the helicopters even for a tree between two houses or on your city's main square. I agree with the mod suggestion.