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  1. Airport Baggage Cart Override

    The origional empty baggage trolley reminded me of the scene with the runaway "Follow Me" car from the movie 'Always'.
  2. O Homem do Leme

    Nifty! I've been looking for a maritime statue to act as a fisherman's memorial in one of my cities. This is perfect. It helps that the moment I saw it Nightwish's "The Islander" popped into my head. Full stars!
  3. DK1 Grusom Casket Co

    Hahaha! I take it someone has been playing with Life-Like's HO models for a while, eh? I personally turned this one into a machine shop. Full stars, and a download for bringing back a piece of my childhood :-)
  4. Jets of the Sky Pack 2

    My mother works for American Airlines and I've been wanting to find automata of American's ubiquitous MD-80. Thank you, sir!
  5. The US's most pathetic highways

    Personally I can't stand I-5 between about Marysville and Tacoma, Washington. During the day the whole thing turns into a gigantic 6-lane parking lot. I'm sure part of the problem is Seattle's abysmal mass transit system. Never fear! The monorail will save us.... oh, wait, we scrapped that idea because it worked to well to meet federal dysfuncionality guidelines. I-5 bottlenecks down to 2 southbound lanes right in the heart of downtown Seattle, for the I-90 junction. Well really it's more like 1.5 lanes. The carpool lane doesn't count. And then there is those awful express lanes, which seem to change directions at a whim. All I can do is cross my fingers, and hope they are pointed in the right direction when I want to go through downtown. Another gripe is the flats between Marysville and Everett. Normally a rather low-traffic area at night, I've had several incidences where I have spent literally HOURS creeping toward the first Everett exit, due to construction through downtown. So I-5? Not in urban areas. 99 is a prettier drive anyway. Then there is I-90. Sure it has a nicely landscaped below-grade section on Mercer Island, but other than that it is boring as hell. Plus there is the BRUTAL 22 mile Vantage Grade, east of Ellensburg. Ever seen 5 overheated semis in the space of one mile? I have. Other than that it is monotonous enough to put most folks to sleep, or make them wish road trips came with a fast-forward button. Usually I take US-2 to Eastern Washington for the same reasons I take Hiway 99 locally. Finally I must agree with the consensus that the Alaska Way Viaduct is a ticking time-bomb. Somebody needs to do something about ti before the next quake makes it collapse and kill potentially thousands of people. Instead Seattle's city council is wasting time and money arguing and consulting. Once again no one steps up to the plate and takes responsibility.
  6. Climate mod 1 Winter fog

    NIIIICE!!!! I live in a town about 10 meters above sea level and have to deal with this thick soup on the way to work every morning. Very well done!!
  7. Marrast Diagonal Rail Stations

    Shiny!!! I've been wanting this one for quite some time now. It was sorely missed I think. Thank you BSC team!
  8. Marrast Stations for GLR

    Umm... I don't speak German (Wish I had taken some classes in school for it really...) So if you could link me to where Marrast's stations can still be found in Simzone or Insims, that would be really cool. Thanks. ~Talen
  9. 2050.

    Provided we make it to 2050 without blowing ourselves up, (A Buddy of mine recently said that the mess Israel is embroiled in right now could spark WWIII, provided that alliances start kicking into play) here is what I think will happen. Within the next year WWIII will happen, and provided nobody is idiotic to plant a dirty bomb anywhere, the world eventaully comes out with another 80 years worth of technology under it's belt in a realtively short period of time. (Think of what WWII did JUST for aircraft.) Cars fade into obscurity due insanely high oil costs, America reaches economic paralysis before 2010 due to failing transport infrastructure, and heinous mis-managment. Suburbia vanishes into abandonment as more people move back to the cities. Food riots start, then become commonplace because of the transport problem. Facing astronomical debt, rampant opposition, the rebuilding of Iraq, decimated infrastructure, and corrupt politician bordering on fantasy, the USA declares bankrupcy in the early teens. Local governments pick up as much slack as they can and ride out on the results of our current construction boom until the 20's. The midwest is mostly vacated by people trying to find homes where there is still working plumbing and electricity. With no one to stop them the south finally rises again and secedes from the union, thinking they can fare better on their own. What little energy is left is spent rebuilding America's rail network, and creating a more stable government. In the late teens-early 20's while the government is concerned with other issues, and the big oil companies are too busy collapsing, the electric car makes a dramatic resurgance, providing a short/moderate range solution for a starving nation. Able to transport goods once again the USA begins to return to normal. In the 30's Rebuilding provides many Americans with quality manufacturing jobs once again, the likes of which have not been seen since the 80's. While it has fallen from the list of super powers (Being superceded by the EU, and China), the USA is stronger interally, and ready to focus more on domestic concerns. New high-tech industries rise up around technology first made feasable in WWIII, such as a repeller fields (aircars), diamond-boron, and biological processors (computers), high-tensile, high strength alloys and ceramic composites (architecture/engineering), "cold" fusion, (propultion, and energy generation) and quantum mechanics (imagine a mars probe with no light-speed communications delay). Poverty will still exist in many parts of the world, and people will not have changed much insofar as attitudes are concerned. And that in short is how I see the next 44 years playing out. Cheers, Talen
  10. Rail U Turn for UDI

    Hey, now the train missions aren't such a pain! Brilliant! A big thank you!
  11. The worst building in the world

    Normally I'm a huge fan of postmodern architecture. I find it really fascinating, and it makes a statement. But for some reason the Expereience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle never really settled with me. Perhaps it's the horrible riot of colors, or the fact that it's initials can also mean Electro-magnetic Pulse. I've heard it's SUPPOSED to resemble a broken guitar, but to me it looks more like somebody got massively ill off the top of the space needle... Seattle Splatter But I have to agree with what so many other have been saying. Wal-Mart and McMansions are far and away the ugliest buildings in the world, and the reason I refuse to live in suburbia. *Yawn* Seriously, there is nothing in the world more heinously ugly than an absolute lack of imagination. Moreover, they build the houses in about a week with poorly trained laborers, so it doesn't take them long for the wiring / plumbing to fail or the siding to rot. Thereby making them even uglier. The things people will actually pay money for... Cheers, Talen
  12. NIMBY Collection 1

    Well cool! As perfection belies reality, these BATS makes a nice addition to any ghetto or slum that is striving to appear truer to the real world. Very high quality Buildings that are every bit as gritty/deteriorated as you would expect their real-world counterparts to be. Full 10!
  13. Rural School

    Cool, but what plugin file do I need to make it work?