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  1. SPAM and work spaces

    I belive it is.I think i did read somewhere that CAM and SPAM work toghether but they make agriculture a bit complicated(not like hard to understad but in the sense that the agriculture doest rly understand what to do).
  2. SPAM and work spaces

    I did it because i needed a small boost in population when i started playing. I made a medium residential and comercial area and then mede some agriculture to not get any polution then after the city was pretty alright i made an industrial zone in a neighbouring region and filled it with dirty industry.After that i built a rural region to satify the demand for low residential.
  3. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I want to add the RHW Slope Mod to my plugins but i cant find the Real Highway Mod,which is a dependenci.Pls help.
  4. SPAM and work spaces

    I have a city where i use farms and only medium density res and it seems to work pretty well but it creates a very big demand for low density.After a while the demand for medium density wet to 0 and the demand for low density was as high as possible.I fixed that by building a low density town next to it.
  5. I have a simple question: Does the number of work spaces from normal agriculture from a certain area is the same as the number of work spaces from SPAM agriculture on an area exacly the same? If not the can you tell me If the difrerence is pretty big and game changing.I am new to SimCity 4 and i dont want to make the game harder but i want IT to have variety and realism.Oh and while You are still reading ,some mod/lots sugestions wouldnt be bad.Thank you for reading this and pls answer as soon as possible.
  6. SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM)

    Crop fields can cover a very big area and my question is: Does building a farm on a large area limits your worker count? Trough the quesion i mean :when building usual agriculture you get multiple buildings on an area ,each with their worker count but with a sigle crop field from your mod on the same area do i get about the same worker count?