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  1. You can combine trailers and vehicles in the vehicle editor, I think. That's how I plan to eventually make horses and carts for my theme
  2. Network Extensions Project

    Regarding this request: I would love cobble roads too, also UK style pavements (see pic) I am willing to spend the time making the textures, if The Network Extenders tell me what size they want. I briefly tried to insert my own cobble and pavement textures into a Theme, but soon realised that the vanilla tools for this just use a non-directional, blanket texture. And I'd really like the cobbles/pavements to follow the line of the road. Likewise the horse-poo and filth I intend to add
  3. Network Extensions Project

    THEY'VE FIXED THE CORNER BUILDINGS ON ONE TILE ROAD ISSUE! I LOVE THEM! And I will give them any children I have. If and when I have any.
  4. I wish i could code. I was trying make a conceptually simply game in unity. Abstract, not people or things wandering around an environment. Got some of the basic mechanics working well thanks to Forums. Then unity updated in January and I haven't been able to get my scripts to work properly since then. Rotation is ALLLL out of whack. The entire game was based on rotation
  5. They don't look like a big job, but I have to rustle up a wordpress site today (so the JobCentre Lady tomorrow can see I am trying...) And then I need to finisht eh Maps for my Victoria! Level 2s. But I'd happily throw these together for you next week... They'd probably work as true, single-cell houses, unlike my Viccy ones, as they look pretty broad. Any idea the actual width of those puppies? They'd be a simple build, but I wouldn't want to unless we can give them nice swinging wires.
  6. Network Extensions Project

    I thought vertex animation on the FBX was importable? A loop at least, even if one can't set up a nice Anim Controller.
  7. I would LOVE to make a Cable Car. Modelling would be pretty easy, but we'd need a scripting system that could combine the placement of the Power Lines for the posts, with motion/animation for the cars and somehow integrate that with the public transport system :/ And I am NOT a coder.
  8. Network Extensions Project

    Is there any chance the small Alley-sized Roads in NwEs could have Tram lines? I'd love to be able to have those meagre, cramped roads with a Tram line in them too. Not just one way roads, though.... Would they fit?
  9. Snow-drifts on Buildings

    So , could I use a scrpit to change the shader of my house-props so that they would receive the same snow-treatment as the regular Building assets? Basically, could I just edit your Shader script and have properly snowy Prop-Houses for my Theme? They only get the Prop-style snowiness atm. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=686742727
  10. I really want to build some of these for my Theme, but it's gonna have to wait a while until I get a whole load of buildings done first.
  11. Steam District Theme & its Assets!

    Fear not! Once I have a decent number of buildings online, I plan to make horses and carriages. I've done a basic test of them and it should work prrdy sweet I WISH we could make our own people. I'd love to be able to make tiny victorian scum and gentry walk cycles.
  12. Some Problems Solved

    Hey which eye-level cam mod are you using? neither of the ones I was subscribed to seem to be working. Some beaut buildings in there btw.
  13. Steam District Theme & its Assets!

    So the Victoria!, Urban, Working Class District Theme is now available on Steam! I have tested it using the Assets from Steam and it is working. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=686742727 As yet, it only includes the Working Class Level 1 Low Density Residential but I will be constantly adding to it. My Assets are all compatible with After dark and Snowfall. (Frankly I am insanely excited about building trams) The Last image is an in-game test of my Level Two houses levelling up from the Level Ones.
  14. First Fifteen

    Well, I've uploaded the first group of buildings now. tested them via steam on my computer and they're working. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=686742727 I've now got to texture the Level 2 Working class houses and upload them!
  15. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of objects that can appear in any single menu-tab within the Asset Editor in Cities Skylines? My project involves a LOT of props, and I always seem to get overspill. Some of my Props just WONT appear in the correct menu-tab. I am using Mod Tools to change assignment in the Tool Controller. But I STILL have three of my props appearing in Park Equipment rather than Home Yard where I want them! (I also have a persistent Asset_Thumb that refuses to change on another item) I also checked out this guide but it really isn't showing me anything I don't know already. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=424748932 Any ideas people?