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About this City Journal

Building a toungue-in-cheek 119th C British Theme...

Herin I shall document its progress.

BTW, I have never modded anything before in my life.


Entries in this City Journal


So the Victoria!, Urban, Working Class District Theme is now available on Steam!

I have tested it using the Assets from Steam and it is working.


As yet, it only includes the Working Class Level 1 Low Density Residential but I will be constantly adding to it.

My Assets are all compatible with After dark and Snowfall. (Frankly I am insanely excited about building trams)

The Last image is an in-game test of my Level Two houses levelling up from the Level Ones.










Working On Steam 007.jpg

Working On Steam 005.jpg

Working On Steam 004.jpg

Working On Steam 008.jpg

Level Two Tests.jpg


Thanks largely to @Avanya I have sorted out the Share/Subscribe issue that was messing up my PropHouses when used from Steam!

So, here's a pic of my first test House working through steam.

And some screen shots of my spreadsheets just so you get an idea of HOW MANY of these damn assets I need to build and keep track of to make this beast function properly!

WERQ - Compositing the L1 Houses.jpg


Upload Download Rebuild.jpg


First 30

Well, the first thirty are in!

All only Level 1s, sadly. 
Now, though it's time to get on with Level 2!
Though i think I might run up a few more 1x2 combinations. I don't like how many garden-less houses keep appearing.

There's 20 advert walls in this first 30... I wonder if they'll ever all be seen!

I'm actually a bit nervous to upload and share them....




First Thirty IV.jpg

First Thirty III.jpg

First Thirty II .jpg

First Thirty I .jpg


So I am building an ambitious 19th century british theme for Cities...

I have two issues right now:

1: Snow
A: Each individual house you see in the pics is, technically, a prop (long story), they don't get snow-drifts building up round the base of their walls. Is that a problem?
B: DO I need to stop snow from appearing on the steps of the houses, as it's the only snow build-up they get :/

2: Corners and Adverts
I have created 10 buildings, five with ads on the left side and five with ads on the right side.
In-game they really don't appear often. I think the number of cells that the game reads as "Corner" is far lower than we, looking at it, feel are "Corners".
Should I just change the advert-buildings to normal, non-corners so they appear at random throughout?

Snowy-Steps, Chimneys, and Advert Placement II.jpg

Snowy-Steps, Chimneys, and Advert Placement.jpg



I'm glad to say that my Stacking Terraces, even with the ridiculous number of stairs they have at the back in case of hills, are coming in at a lower tri-count than the original double-house meshes :)

Templates are done now. including textures and normals.

Tomorrow, template Specular and Illumination maps, then building the L1 1x1 Variations!





So I am trying to build a complete tongue-in-cheek 19th C British theme. You can see more images in the Victoria! gallery.

Currently working on the Working Class terraced housing. I'm using props to allow each of the two houses per cell to stack on hills in a more realistic manner. 

Anyone want to give an opinion as to which chimney configuration looks better?

We have Cell-Side chimneys in the first pic, and Cell-central chimneys in the second.

IN my opinion, the second looks better somehow, the chimney-tops dont end up fighting with each other.

Chimney Testing 1.jpg

Chimney Testing Central 1.jpg

Chimney Testing Central 2.jpg

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