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  1. Can one really simulate?

    True, I can't say it better. It certainly is an amazing experience. As a game
  2. Can one really simulate?

    Funny it is, when I came back from hiatus few moths ago, I was dealing with similar thoughts. What SC4 realy is? A simulator? A painting canvas? A sandbox? I was dealing mainly with the problem of idealistic approach the game has and with the impact of omniscent way of playing on my life. And the impact exists - who hasn't thought at least once in his/hers life to swing with hand/click with mouse and erase all problems? Because of that, I want to thank Matias for interesting article.
  3. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks, I am not looking for a replacement nor for a new tree controller. I think I would have to create my own tree controller to satisfy my wishes. I just want to make those trees go away. Regarding this, I have just remembered that every single custom made tree controller includes some exemplars that disable Maxis' god mode trees from growing. Probably I have to open Reader now ... Thanks anyway
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a kind of Maxis tree blocker. You know, those trees happen to grow automatically over time, I would like to stop that. I have searched a little, but found nothing. Any ideas? If not, I can create such blocker myself.
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks for pointing this to me. Actually it doesn't contain any props, just automata. But with help of a tutorial by rsc204 (I know it is here somewhere on Omnibus) I will be able to get what I want. Thank you very much
  6. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I had very limited interaction with him. But I remember that he had once written a quote, on first sight totally off topic, but that citation made me happier that day ... I will miss his insightful posts.
  7. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Very nice models! I am currently playing a little bit with some old railyard lots and those will certainly come in handy Of course, don't rush, take your time, for me: quality > quantity
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hello, I am looking for Jestarr's 'Pulpwoodcar,' either the CN or BN - the orthogonal one. In BSC Mega Props - Jes Vol 6 I can only find the rotated version; I also checked the Prop & Texture Photo Catalog on SC4D and tried to find it in other Jestarr's mega packs, but with no luck ...
  9. Good props for containers?

    1. There is a dedicated thread for this type of questions 2. BSC Mega Props JES Vol 7 is probably the most comprehensive set of containers. (You need to be logged in to download.) Hope that helps!
  10. About lotting (philosophically)

    Wow, some very nice thoughts. I too have never thought about lotting that way. You've just remembered me that after finishing reading novels by G. R. R. Martin I have to read some philosophical books.
  11. I think that should help a bit: http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Tutorial:Stage_Limits_and_Threshholds So: if a 1×1 R$ lot belongs to growth stage 2, you should have min. 300 R$ residents in your region.
  12. Matias93 Unexpected Mod Workshop

    Yay! Congratulations! &: first comment Missed your map when it was released but it definitely looks worth downloading it - I will try it ASAP
  13. RRW wide curves

    So, you have RRW installed, and I think something is changing your textures. Nothing to worry about. Few options: 1. You have to be sure NOT to install any other components regarding railway. Under "Additional Features and Customizations," all of the "Rail Texture Style" options should be unticked. 2. Check your Plugin folder for old railway mods, like PEG 205 mod or anything you were using. I am almost certain it is not compatible with RRW. Hope that helps somehow
  14. That Unused Moisture Data View

    I have always wondered if this is the reason there are max. three available seasons for seasonal flora.