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  1. Sydney Panorama

    HOW??? Make some tutorial please! Wonderful job, I am speechless!
  2. Hello, and sorry for not answering before. I followed your instructions and installed it correctly, so I could see trees. Apart from problem that I have some boxes instead of maples in areas where lowland were changing to hills ( although I had installed them long time before, and I'll do it again ) my biggest objection is that it doesn't work for some altitudes of let's say higher than 650m. To be precise I tried it on a self made region of Bansko, Bulgaria, with highest peak Vihren (2914m). In my region, due to inaccuracy which I made on purpose it is 2716m (2966 in Sc4 Terraformer ). I started testing tree controller from that high descending and the trees finally started showing on some 650m heigh. Do I have to change something on my terrain itself ( using Ilieve's reader)?
  3. Alright, let's start Happy New Year everyone! I hope it will be much better than the previous one in every possible way. Right now, I am working on a huuuuge project of making about 40 pieces of 11x7 huge tiles regions of Balkan Peninsula, so, as one can imagine, I am more than interested in this kind of a tree controller. I even tried to take part in testing it, several weeks ago, but I couldn't install it properly. I am using Sudden valley terrain mod, which, in my opinion proved to be the most East-Central European soil look-a-like. Now, when this controller became available on the Stex, I tried to install it again, but it was a failure again. I already had all of Giraffe's fantastic tree models, and rest of dependencies. I also took a patch for terrain mods ( since Sudden valley wasn't written as a listed mod, I installed patch for maxis standard terrain - and any other not in the list.) All the regions are brand new. Right now, I am rendering them from Terraformer to sc4 playable form. I am also painting water surfaces that are above sea level. When I tried to some trees, all the trees were from Maxis tree controller. Any idea? P.s. Is there any possibility to ask someone to make PEG water lots for more than 1x1 square since it is veeerrrryy annoying to make huge lakes by painting them with 1x1 tiles?
  4. Actually, in my corner of the Globe Christmas comes on 7th of January That's why my region's residents were unready for this snowfall.
  5. Hi guys ( and girls ). I am using Sudden Valley terrain mod, without any height modifications. Suddenly, out of nowhere it started to show snow ( white terrain ) on very low heights. When I save and get back to region, there is no snow. I tried getting out of game and restarting computer but same thing happens again. Any idea? I just saw it is an Easter egg from the developers
  6. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    As all of you already said, he was an institution, he truly was a personification of this site. Every time I had some problem and tried to find a solution, he was the first one I expected that would answer with solution, or get me to the right direction whom should I ask advice for. Thank you Nonny, may you rest in peace. You will never be forgotten.
  7. SC4 terraformer problem

    Well guys, thank you very much! I've just came home and saw that my folder name was Leće, which is Serbian for Lecce. When I changed it to Lecce everything works fine THANK YOU so much!!
  8. Hello to you all, sorry for bothering all of you, but it seems that I am stuck on a very large project that I've been working on for some time, and all because of some unexpected trouble with sc4 terraformer. I'm using global mapper for the DEM data. I had cut a piece of the map, exported elevation grid and made a geotiff file. I used the file into Photoshop, cut it and made .png version. Then, I made a new region 11x8 huge tiles, config file and opened that png file in terraformer. I worked on it, made it ready to save, but when I clicked on save button I was constantly getting this message: UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't encode character 'u\u0106' in position 57: character map to <undefined> I've made tons of regions with this configuration, this win system, this terraformer. I installed nothing new that could jeopardize this program. Any idea, please?
  9. Region view problem

    O.K. Thank you all for your precious help. I was wondering if that would become a continuous problem, since I have to make several more regions of the same size. I will put my in-game vertical resolution to 1080. Since I already have Region Census installed for viewing the whole region, that issue will also not be the problem. Cheers!
  10. Region view problem

    Game resolution is 1600x1200 with hardware rendering, while screen resolution is 1920x1080. In the meantime, I managed to enter "hidden cities" by double clicking on visible parts of tiles. They both started regularly, the terrain skin showed, and I managed to save the changes. I'll try to change game resolution several times to see if there would be some progress. It is strange that this is only happening with this one region.
  11. Hi, I tried to make several regions on my own recently. They are all pretty large ( 15x10 huge tiles ). It all went pretty well, except for one detail. One region doesn't show upper right tile in region view. I mean, I cannot scroll the screen completely to the right to make upper right corner visible. Therefore, it is impossible to start two cities in upper right corner. It seems pretty strange to me. It is a demanding region, a lot of cities with complicated relief and difference from sea level to 1700m but still... I even tried to save the same region again via sc4 terraformer, but without success. Between some 15 newly made regions with same size and more or less memory and graphic card demanding levels, I have a problem only with this one. Any idea?
  12. Saratov - Russia