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  1. meizhou_Second

    Awesome road system! That elevated highway reminds me of Shanghai -- even before I saw the Baidu in the corner. Great building selection too, I see some interesting ones that I've never seen before.
  2. Freeway Interchanges

    Yes @T Wrecks! Thank you! Just wished I could have squeezed a few walls along the freeway at a few places. *If any NAM developers are reading this -- maybe optional freeway walls in #37?* I hope you keep at it. Before these interchanges, I had only done one. It's only been a matter of months that I've been NAM-literate. It does take practice and some ragequits but you get it sooner than you'd think.
  3. First steps

    Great start. Liking the tree selection! I'd like to see more of those shopping centers and single family houses, it gives it that nice post-WWII suburban sprawl feel.
  4. Airport and Neighborhood

    Great looking infrastructure -- like the airport, like the road and highway variety, and like the integration of the rail throughout the city with the difficult topography, well done!
  5. Nakahara 24.5: "Summer Fever" (Miyashiro-cho, Akashima)

    The nighttime pictures look amazing! Love the density and where the buildings of different heights are located -- very realistic. The Miyashiro JCT is perfect, I didn't think that was possible. Sweet entry
  6. Freeway Interchanges

    @APSMS Nice. Glad I could hit a nostalgia chord for you. That is definitely not a tree you usually see in someone's front yard. @Namiko Thank you! Yes! That was exactly my goal
  7. Cephalonia (Waterside)

    for this entry I'll go with the word Stupendous. When you type it into Google it says "extremely impressive." When you type in extremely, it says "to a very great degree." When you type impressive, it says "evoking admiration through size, quality, or skill; grand, imposing, or awesome." So this entry is evoking admiration through size, quality, and skill... to a very great degree.
  8. Freeway Interchanges

    @APSMS You don't, I was thinking of making city names Lychee and Kumquat
  9. Freeway Interchanges

    @korver Thanks korver, two things that require much patience. @RandyE I submitted it for feature but it hasn't been put up yet. Yep, the latest NAM, it lets you come up with some interesting interchanges @TowerDude Yezzir, city of Angels...and traffic @Eggman121 Thank you, and thank you so much for the NAM -- those flex fly pieces are so versatile, I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I can connect a ramp I wasn't expecting to be able to connect.
  10. Cephalonia: Introduction

    Unbelievable. The lighting/moods of the different pictures and the perfectly randomly natural nature that stand out to me in this entry.
  11. Freeway Interchanges

    1. The 101 - 135 interchange in the city of Avalon Beach 2. The 101 - 246 Interchange at Balboa International Airport 3. The 246 - 135 Interchange in Costa Pacifica 4. The end of the 18 freeway at Balboa Rd. 5. The 101 - 166 Interchange in Balboa 6. The 101 - 18 Interchange in Balboa (this was in a previous entry)
  12. Niederbauen - High-rise to Mid-rise

    Nice! I like the curved part of the riverbanks and the look of the sidewalk textures along with the building selection. Very cohesive. Great entry!
  13. Wilton Height

    Nice...looks like south LA - Lakewood - Long Beach area to me. Somewhere in the 562 area code
  14. Tour of Africa: Johannesburg

    Dude...those night shots are amaaaaazing! And that gif is smoother than Barry White!! Another 11/10 entry
  15. Scenes From South America

    I spend so much time on each shot of a Korver entry. Just admiring the detail, the custom content, always the excellent balance and composition, and thinking about the amount of time and effort in lot editor. Truly amazed