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  1. That was an amazing thread!


    It took 48 years from the discovery of the locking-out point of the game to get the thread itself locked out.  Now we know what it does.  Welcome to the Senate of Simtropolis! *:lol:

  2. 7/11/22 Attack on Manhattan!

    LOL that'll never happen. Not even as long as I live.
  3. Your favorite building ever built!

    you're talking about madison square garden, thats the toilet bowl one you're talking about...
  4. One57, The beekman tower (8 Spruce Street), 4 Times Square/Conde Nast Building, Time Warner Center (Make it Transit enabled!), 5 World Trade Center (The new one), Bank of America tower, 432 Park Ave, and the Hudson Yards Redevelopment project. All of them are in my city of birth, New york city I hope you do all the buildings i request
  5. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower

    My dad works in this building! well, the building next door, which is the north building :)
  6. Okrug 78 I - Our Lady of Kazan

    Now I'm wanting to know......     Where did you get that St. Peter's Building from?   Awesome work BTW. Looks amazing. :)
  7. NYBT 130 Liberty Street

    Nice mod! also, I heard that the new 5 WTC is taking this building's place. This is what it looks like.
  8. 432 Park Avenue

      Sorry, I'm not modeling for SC 4 :/   Damn! if only you were. It would look AWESOME to see this in Simcity 4!!!!
  9. You know that building in times square, NYC called "4 times square" or the "conde nast building"? the one with the H&M logo on it? i've always wanted a mod that is based on this building but apparently no one made it yet. It is a pretty nice building and I wish someone made it, unless it is made on a different website and not here on Simtropolis. This is the building i am talking about. If you've been to New york, you've probably seen it a couple of times before:
  10. 3D Camera Mod for SimCity 4

    Wow that is just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many bugs man :O I think i've gotta wait until you fix them....
  11. The Twin Towers of the WTC

    RIP To the workers, children, firefighters, police officers, Homeless people, rats, stray pets, and pretty much everyone else who died in the bombing of February 26th, 1993, and the attacks of September 11th, 2001.   RIP THE TWIN TOWERS TOO. Constructed: Aug. 5. 1966- Jul. 19. 1971 - Destroyed: Sept. 11. 2001.   (one thing i have to point out, the buildings are kind of too tall. nice mod though)
  12. Haunted Castle

    Looks pretty neat.
  13. BLaM XComm Tower

    I've seen this building in hajackey's Building a city from scratch series and I had no idea what this building was........Until now :P
  14. NYC World Trade Center Pack

    the twin towers' height is inaccurate... But nice job though