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  1. Jupiter Mining Corp HQ

    I like the bldg and the idea behind it - but when I query the lot my game crashes.
  2. Biovaara ltd

    Much needed - to preempt the small DI lots that creep into HiTech zones and foul the air - and much appreciated.
  3. White Sand Resort

    This lot looks great in beach communities. I've used it several times already.
  4. Shmails Functional Great St Martin Cathedral

    What everybody else said. 10/10
  5. NDEX Cathedral of Saint Paul by Frogface

    Yes. 10/10 for the model and the lot.
  6. Beach Houses

    I like the idea and the look, but on my beaches half the houses are underwater. I guess this lot works best on very flat beaches.
  7. PEG Tennis Park

    The old lady and the forklift operator thank you. 10.
  8. koreantemple

    I like and use all your lots - beatifully done.
  9. RCC Los Portales

    Beautiful - gives a feeling of Old Town Santa Fe when they appear next to your other latin american lots. Makes for very nice strip malls in other cities.
  10. MK Stadium

    Cool stadium. Some of the text in the Lot and Desc files is in Japanese characters, however, and this effects the display in the game.
  11. City IT College

    cache_sc.dat is also listed in your LD file as a dependency. I am getting the Brown Box and I have the other dependencies so I guess I need that one, too. Can you tell us where we can download it - a search at the STEX came up empty.
  12. Ninja Boulevard Kiosk

    Very useful
  13. Nordstrom

    Adds class when it shows up. Thanks.
  14. The Summit

    All your work (and pda's) is worth downloading.
  15. Tjibaou Cultural Center

    what everybody else said