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  1. Back to SC4

    Hello everyone! I'm going to play Sim City 4 again. Since my last laptop died I didn't had back up and all the mods have gone. So I need those mods that you guys recommend me to have it. It know one of it is NAM. I cannot remember every mod I had back 8-10 months. Thank you!
  2. Stone Creek

    What terrian mod you use?
  3. Pacific Northwest Tree Controller

    I've downloaded this and the dependecies as well, it work perfectly fine! No Boxes, the problem if I have, I can't plant trees in GOD MODE on flat land. Why? Or is that normal?
  4. Hi, is there any land mod textures, that God mode or Mayor Mode that can place sand on a area? Like a grass land slowly turn into desert land. If you guys know what I mean. Like God Mode brush or Mayor Mode brush Sand/Desert. Example: (This is just photoshop) If this is at wrong topic move please. Thanks appreciate it.
  5. SimCity 4 Realism Mod 3.0 Part 1

    Yea, you have the same problem with me too, the lot is just empty, all I see is just the house and the fence. Need help with this. I thought I'm the only one.
  6. Driving Down Highway 19

    Where can I get that Bushes beside the Highway?