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  1. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    Is this fix compatible with the Extra Cheats DLL? EDIT: I checked it, and it does! It bloody works!
  2. This needs to put into the FAQ, pronto! Okay, but I don't see it specified exactly what I'm supposed to put in z____LoadAfterNAM, and what to put in z_____LoadLast. I'm presuming terrain mods needs to be loaded after LRM and the DarkNite mod.
  3. How much does the loading order matter? This is probably the thing I struggle with the most; do I load NAM after or before CAM? How about LRM? Do I load props and textures after or befor BATs?
  4. Thanks, I guess. I've been on and off again playing this game, and I always struggle with getting the right content in. If it's not missing dependencies, it's the menus getting bloated with testing lots for props I needed for that one lot. Often, I find myself giving up on it time and time again.
  5. Gosh golly, it's a mess for me. I'm trying to make sure that the loading process works as smoothly as possible, but it just doesn't work. I try organizing by function (first, mods, then dependencies, then lots and BATs), but that doesn't meld well with all these automatic installers. They keep insisting to be sorted by creator, if even by that. Help me, please.
  6. It's money that matters

    I'd speculate that so many were already faithful to the brand, that they either forgave, forgot or simply ignored their wrongdoings.
  7. Yeah, that one I actually quoted to further emphasize the problem; I hoped making a thread would shine a light on this issue. Is this an issue that often occurs with CC for SC4?
  8. From what I can see in that folder, all of the SC4DESC files, have a SC4MODEL file accompanying it. All of them, except for the troublemaker in question.
  9. I looked into the HuMETMW_PropPackAlpha1.3 folder, and lo and behold, not a single trace of a file called Hu_MassEffect_AllianceMemorialBuilding_Bushes.dat! The only thing I found that resembled it, was a file called Hu_MassEffect_AllianceMemorialBuilding_Bushes-0x6534284a-0xde69e9a7-0x111a67f8.SC4DESC.
  10. Okay, more to download. So, I did it, yet the brown boxes still appear. Could load order be an issue?
  11. So, I downloade this lot: community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30028-metmw-terra-nova-spaceport-terminal-and-control-tower/ However, despite double checking that I had all the dependencies in place, is still get brown boxes on the front of the lot! http://imgur.com/a/iDdvH
  12. I also get brown boxes, but only in front of the terminal.
  13. Already using SOMY's & N@B's content, as seen in my original post; in fact, I've got a huge folder in my plugins completely dedicated to CC from Japan. And by SimMars, are you referring to the Barsoom Project?
  14. Wow! Now I found loads of them. Thanks!