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  1. @LivingInThePast It has actually been discussed to import graphics from SC4, since it should technically be possible to do so.
  2. What could be done is to have a special type of zone that basically says "both residential and commercial facilities may be built here."
  3. I would suggest dividing industry into four main categories: Agriculture, Processing, Manufacturing and R&D. If we want a more complex categorization, why not introduce sub-categories? E.g., Manufacturing could be divided up into Foodstuffs, Infrastructure, Electronics, Machinery, Weaponry and Amenities. I also think something similar should be done with commerce; divide it up into Cargo, Retail, Service, Third Place and Administration. Oh, another thing! We should definitely include multi-purpose buildings, e.g. buildings that both provide both commercial activities AND residential space
  4. Well, too bad I barely know how to code. Though I could in further detail try to explain how I think it should work. You mentioned implementing a happiness mechanic, which I assume is going to be a simple percentage that simply is going to represent what percentage of your population approves of you as a mayor. In that case, you'd have two quantities: ThumbsUp and ThumbsDown, where 0 =< ThumbsUp => 1, and ThumbsDown + ThumbsUp = 1. Why am I talking about this? Because I have an idea how to replace that with a system that I think appropriately represent fundamental needs. First, instead of having there only be two options in this poll your virtual citizens take, how about six different? Rating0, Rating1, Rating2, Rating3, Rating4 and Rating5, where Rating0 being the most disapproving possible and Rating5 being the most approving possible. Again all of those each of those Rating quantities may vary between 0 and 1, and the sum of all those ratings will always be equal to 1. Now, instead of having these quantities representing mayor approval, how about health and well-being? Let's call this set of quantities Subsistence, so you have Subsistence0, Subsistence1, Subsistence2, Subsistence3, Subsistence4, and Subsistence5. If we say these values are updated every month, let's say all citizens who fall in the category of Subsistence0, will be dead the following month, and thus completely removed from the city's population count. Since you've stated this will not be an agent based simulation, I suppose we can update the population count every month so that e.g. PopulationFebruary = PopulationJanuary - (PopulationJanuary * Subsistence0) + Birth + Immigration - Emigration. I thought something similar could be done with the eight other fundamental human needs Max-Neef laid out, with the exception that people don't automatically die if they hit = on those other needs. I've attached an excel file to this post that goes a little bit more into detail over how I think it could work. Needs.xlsx
  5. Oh my goodness, I came to think of few other things now that you mentioned this! Firstly, automation. Facilities should be able to become sufficiently advanced to no longer require as much human labor to produce the same amount of goods and services. The question then becomes, what do with people whose abilities are no longer needed... That leads to my second point, needs. Why do people need to work? In our modern market based economy, the answer is simple, to earn a wage. Why do they need wages? In order to be able to purchase goods and services. What are these goods and services for? To sustain themselves, and live happ lives. So I thought, why not make that the point of the game? Making sure that every single resident of the city leads a happy and satisfying life. But what makes a satisfying life? Well, I actually asked myself that question a few months ago, and I knew of Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. However, I found out there have been criticism towards this model, as it assumes there is a rigid hierarchy in the first place. Enter Max-Neef's Model of Fundamental Human Needs, which proposes that humans have eight different fundamental needs, that are all of equal need of satisfaction. But why? Well, you know how basically all city building games simply assume that bigger is better? The games themselves never tell you the player exactly why that is, they just assume you think the same way. This is where fundamental human needs come into place; in order to have all of yours satisfied as an individual, you're pretty much directly or indirectly in need of other individuals, groups, communities, institutions, what have you. But you have to think those other people are also individuals with needs to be satisfied, which basically means that it is always better to scale society up, rather than down,. Or at least until all everyone's needs can be satisfied by fully automated mechanisms, that's when the need to expand infrastructure should no longer apply. Thirdly, I want you take a look at this comment, posted in response to a video essay about Koyaanisqatsi: This, BTW, is an example of what I mean, when I say city-builders lack in the social department.
  6. For the science bit, I was actually thinking of something more like a tech tree, like in the Civilization series. I feel that's the most tangible way to feel the progress of your city, as it becomes more advanced technologically. One thing you could do, is to make sure nothing gets insta-built, but takes time to construct, and maybe have the constuction time reduced by unlocking certain techs, for example. As for culture, I was thinking of making different styles of music, arts, architecture and so on, be a tangible game mechanic, i.e., you can change the way your cities and city districts look and feel depending on what kind of art galleries, nightclubs, arcades, etc you place down. Sort of like SimCity Societies, but more elaborate and well thought-out. As for religion, it's really just an afterthought. Again, I think it should be possible to affect the look and feel of your city/neighborhood by what religious buildings you build. Well, downtown parking lots and garages tend to encourage car usage, more than it satisfies the car usage already in place. Same goes for highways, or pretty much any other infrastructure built with cars in mind. This is why I have quite the resentment towards single-home suburbs, and want city planners to instead focus on making sure all services are within walking distance. Another thing I came to think of, is to have universities, hospitals and parks be zones rather than ploppable lots, so players don't have to hassle with modular lots like they do in SC4.
  7. 1. You know what I want? A city builder with more focus on science and culture, possibly even religion. 2. I don't like how basically all city games approach cities the same way 20th century American city planners have. There is no room for walkablity, only cars. That's just me. You probably have other plans...
  8. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Because I've been experiencing industrial lots having squares that don't have any texture at all, but instead just leaves a gaping hole down to the abyss
  9. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Is it possible there's a Texture Pox, as well?
  10. Can see "through" plop's floors

    So if I'm using an HD terrain mod, AND I get those hole lot bugs, I'm screwed, right?
  11. Can see "through" plop's floors

    Software rendering and OpenGL don't support HD textures, right?
  12. List of Futuristic Plugins

    Kaboom https://www.yuhisa.com/simboard-archives/
  13. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    Is this fix compatible with the Extra Cheats DLL? EDIT: I checked it, and it does! It bloody works!
  14. This needs to put into the FAQ, pronto! Okay, but I don't see it specified exactly what I'm supposed to put in z____LoadAfterNAM, and what to put in z_____LoadLast. I'm presuming terrain mods needs to be loaded after LRM and the DarkNite mod.
  15. How much does the loading order matter? This is probably the thing I struggle with the most; do I load NAM after or before CAM? How about LRM? Do I load props and textures after or befor BATs?