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  1. Colonial capital

    Hi guys, just looking for some advice (and hopefully links). I've had this idea for sometime now. I'd like to create a city that has a colonial-cum-capital feel to it, whereby the centre of the city would be a mix of old buildings and newer, more cosmopolitan buildings. I've already found the map I'd like to use I just need the right kind of buildings. I've found a good few terraces I'd like to build but does anybody know of any good colonial building links? I'd also like to really develop up my dock areas. How would I go about doing that? What's best to use for creating a colonial look in your eyes? Any help would be great guys. Apologies if this is in the wrong area!
  2. PEG CDKM Marina Docks

    What does Christmas Enabled mean? Does that mean exactly what I think it means or am I overthinking this? ~_^
  3. City halls 1,2,3?

    Very informative post! I'll definitely be looking into your suggestions there. A functional seaport is exactly what I need but when I saw the dependencies I nearly kicked it. This helps though!
  4. Cisco Dies, Ceaser Rises- New Introduction

    [quote name='Waterclaw' timestamp='1341291062'] @Neragua That would be a canal plugin [/quote] Thank you! I appreciate that!
  5. Vancouver, BC - Not a Recreation

    Looks great! I'd love to know how you got those jetties? Which mod are they from?
  6. Snowline

    Wow! I don't like to use the word awesome but MAN this looks AWESOME! Seriously, what trees are you using? They'd be perfect for my CJ-in-progress. How dod you get the hot springs? This kind of look, feel and climate is exactly what I'm after!
  7. Cisco Dies, Ceaser Rises- New Introduction

    Looks good man! The condos look great! I covet your waterfront... *_* How did you get it straight?
  8. Deliterri | The Return

    Wow! Beaut!
  9. Dhiraagu: The bustling capital city.

    Looks great! Especially the dockyards.
  10. Consternation

  11. Somy Offshore Oil Rig

    This looks great!
  12. Mérida; Update 5

    What a beaut! What did you use to add the rain? Photoshop?
  13. Autumn in Hokkodo

    This looks beautiful! How do you get the autumn (or "fall") colours? Do you have to add them yourself or is it some kind of mod? P.S. Loved the mood-setting music!
  14. Sudan, the gray suburb

    This looks great. I can never get those underpasses for streets, etc to work. How do you get the straight edge on the harbour sides?
  15. Show us Your Flags!

    The Flag of New Ireland, also known as In Vratagh ni hÉirin.