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About this City Journal

Welcome to the United Kingdom of Cattala! Visit our unique Mediterranean island, home to illustrious colonial sprawl, traditional hamlets and much, much more as we enter its third year here on Simtropolis.

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TekindusT: Thank you!

MilitantRadical: Yep, I've spent three years building, demolishing, rebuilding, fixing, altering and improving Celeste. It's taken a long time to, I think, almost complete that tile.

Mr Saturn64: Thank you!

Lord Branham: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Huston: Thank you, that means so much. I never intended for these cities to have that green style, it just sort of happened. I wish you the best of luck with ME:TMW, and it's good you enjoy making it so much!

Prophet42: Thanks! The diagonal lots that have been produced by JENX and Xannepan, I believe, are excellent.


This week, we're heading north to Calora, Cattala's second-largest city. We'll be visiting three parts of the city - the historic quarter, the commuter town of Iralli and the suburb of Cydonia. I hope you like it.

First up, the Royal Estate in Old Calora. Historically home to House Aroe of Fieranti, who reigned as Princes until 1532 and Lords of Calora until the 19th century, it became the home of the Governor under British rule and later the President of Cattala under Italian rule. It was restored to Crown rule in 1950 and is now the home of the Duke of Fieranti, currently the husband of Queen Alexandra, Duke Luciano.


Cydonia is a prominent suburb of Calora, and forms part of the city's industrial belt with a number of high-tech companies operating out of the town. It benefits from direct rail access to Calora's CBD, the Harbour, Celeste and also has strong road connections with the city's main airport and the capital by the M2 motorway.


Now for a night shot of Cydonia, showing the prominence of the railway divide between the two distinct sections of the suburb.


A rare sight in my actual journal - a view of Iralli, under construction. Whilst I was doing some work on the city at the weekend I decided to show you a work-in-progress shot detailing what happens when you have R$$ demand in a city where your lots are almost all R$. :lol:


This night shot, taken during autumn, shows some of the expansion work I have done to the east of the city (south in this image). Note the classical styled building in the bottom, near what looks like a military checkpoint...


And a mosaic of the Cattala Observatory, home to the country's most prominent astrologists and space researchers, it forms part of a park in the east of the city that is known as Classical Park, based on its neo-classical architecture. The memorial to the south of the observatory is the town's war memorial, whilst the park further down is home to a chapel and a cafe.


Here is a larger view of the suburb, which lies to the east further along the M2 motorway from Cydonia.


And to end today, a mysterious building, buried deep in the forests of Iralli... The ISC Building, home to the Intelligence Service of Cattala, a seemingly small facility at first glance... Reportedly, also home to one of the top-secret Military Communications Service (MCS) operational outposts as well. I hope they don't find this picture...


Comment, rate and let me know what you think!




Update 113

IRE505: Thank you! Here's more now.

elavery: Hi, I believe the buildings your referring to are from Simcity China. They were recommended to me by a friend but I don't have a download link. They're from a collection called the ROMA series, if that helps.

Prophet42: Thanks!

ilikehotdogsalot: Thank you!

ioh969: Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

CGMozart118: Thank you - it's good to hear the cathedral fits better than the last one.

Paulobergonci: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

feeroz123: Thanks! I hope you enjoy this entry.

Benedict: Thank you. I don't think it's particularly Mediterranean for it to be so green but that was a bit of an accident. A good one though, I reckon.

darkaliendude: Thanks!

Huston: I'm so glad you like it, thanks! I hope to see you back at the AIN again soon.

Update 114

Benedict: Thanks! The heart shape is a commemoration from the AINVision Song Contest, which was hosted in that arena and had a heart in its logo.

MuricanMike: Welcome to Cattala! If you mean the ones in the header, they are a fantastic set by Jeronij: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=112

Huston: I'm glad, thank you! Happy new year to you too.

SimRico: Thanks so much!

City_Master: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Schulmanator: Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!

NMUSpidey: Thank you for being such a loyal follower. I'm glad you liked it.

MilitantRadical: Three year's worth of work. I've never done a full tile view before because I've never built a city to the depth and detail of Celeste. This is the 29th update from Celeste, which I think says it all about the changes and alterations I've continuously made.


Phew, a lot of comments! Thank you all. I hope you all had a joyous New Year. For our first update of 2014, it's time to finish the tour of the refreshed Celeste, starting with Vittoria Palace, the home of the Royal Family of Cattala since the 17th century.


On a quiet Saturday morning, Celeste is a beautiful city, even in winter. The Palace overlooks a lake in the middle of the Fiume Celestica, which is as much a river as that famous channel in Panama. The dome of the Palace was supposed to be the highest point in the city, although that has long since changed.


The lake separates three distinct areas within the capital: Alder Hill, the political heartland of the city; Amadeus, the historic home of the monarchy; and Franogei, the contemporary home of the sovereign and the nation's embassies, high commissions and some government offices.


Franogei is also home to one of the country's most controversial buildings. The King's Reach Tower is the tallest outside of Aziens, standing at 129 metres tall. Built in the 1990s to replace the old Telegraph House, home of the Daily Telegraph newspaper, it was strongly opposed by conservationists, urban designers and, ironically, the newspaper group that sold the building to developers. Celeste Metropolitan Council and the Government of Amosseri supported the controversial tower, which was completed in 1995. Leaked military documents after the building was topped out suggested the royal protection force, the Arms Supreme, also opposed the development as it posed a "sniper risk" to Vittoria Palace, which is one block away.


Moving to a less controversial district, Alder Court is the tennis capital of the nation, and home to the NM Group, Cattala's second-largest media corporation behind RMI. They relocated to Blue Square, the blue tower, upon its completion in 1996. News broadcasts from the top floor show a live panoramic view of the city.


Imperial Court is west of Alder Court and home to Celeste's main university, Imperial University. It is the centre for the capital's medical and high-tech industries.


Now, for a view of central and south-western Celeste by night.


And a mosaic of three parts of the city - Franogei, Alder Hill and Aziens.


To end today's update, I've annotated that view of the city from the last update. The white areas show the districts of the city, and the orange show the key places elsewhere in the country and province. Please note that the city is laid out incorrectly to a normal compass - the east is west, and west is east. Don't ask why. :P

Clockwise from the top, Vittoria is a suburb of Celeste that we have visited several times, Calora is the country's second largest city and the capital of Fieranti province. Avias is the location of King Marco Bonnecelli Airport, Celeste's main airport. Brunel is the nearest suburb of Celeste that forms the start of the "Albert Belt" of suburbs along the south west of the city. Celeste Harbour is the port serving the capital, and Sutton is the main railway junction town south-east of the city. Jennai is Cattala's largest city.


Comment, rate and let me know what you think!



Happy New Year!


Welcome back to Cattala, where the celebrations of the New Year are already underway! This year, we're visiting Celeste, the capital, and Jennai Harbour for the countdown and fireworks. Replies to your comments from the previous update will be on our next edition.

Our first stop is the capital, Celeste. This year, the fireworks are focused on Aziens, the vibrant economic heart of the city. Princess Maria and Lord Celestine are representing the Queen and the Government in the capital this New Year.


Moving on swiftly to Jennai. This is the first year that Jennai has featured in this journal's New Years celebrations. It has been a marvellous year for Jennai, which I hadn't even begun to build this time in 2012. Now, it's hosted the AINVision Song Contest from the Jennai Arena that you see below.


Jennai has also developed its waterfront in the past year, and has been the main focus point of this City Journal in 2013.


I know that this year I haven't provided the normal quantity of updates that you have had in the past. Hopefully, the improving quality of updates has gone some way to making up for this. 2014 is likely to be even less active than this year, due to school pressures, so I want to leave you this year with a thank you gift. Here is the most complete view of central Celeste since I began this journal, three years ago. I hope you like it.


Comment, rate and let me know what you think!




MilitantRadical: Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Ace: Thank you!

Forthwall: Thanks. I hope you like the mosaics and panorama in this entry too!

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

Sylvio Jorge: Thank you very much. I always try and build my cities so they function, as well as looking nice. That often means that they aren't as beautiful or realistic as plopped and custom lotted or very photoshopped cities, but all of my cities work in-game as well as in updates. I had a water supply issue that crippled Celeste recently and I had to do a lot of redeveloping and growing to get the population and jobs back.

spursrule14: Thanks again!


So I failed completely in the plan to restart regular updates in the summer. This was because of a number of problems I've had with Simcity which ultimately made it unworkable for a long time. I've had another go over the past few days and I've been making a lot of headway with my cities which I'm very happy with. I hope you enjoy this, the 28th update of the capital.

Welcome to the new and improved Celeste.


Celeste Cathedral was rather more Germanic than I had liked, so now I have changed it to a more fitting structure. The statue is of Lucius, King of Cattala during the Golden Revolution in the 16th century. It was he who established Celestinian supremacy over the other royal houses of Cattala and sowed the first seeds of democracy within the nation. That's after causing a seven-year civil war through absolutist policies, and then ending that war through the violent conquering of Jennai. But that's not really in the tourist guides.


Alder Hill is the political centre of Cattala. The political bubble may appear to be isolated from the rest of society is in many other countries, but in Cattala it literally is - Alder Hill is effectively an island in between the canals of Celeste, that were built in the 18th century, along with much of the rest of the city.


Alesso is a rather more recent addition to Celeste. Spreading out northwards from Alder Hill, it carved what was known historically as the White Forest into two. To the west, the White Peak was pushed back by the construction of the Solium in the early 19th century and in east, the White Widow became an industrial port in what is now known as Aziens.


Alesso was created in the Dutch style, favoured by the Harolden Kings of the 17th and early 18th centuries. It relied upon river trade and the industry in the White Widow area for employment. Once this diminished in the 1900s, Alesso fell into decay and much of it was abandoned. As part of the Aziens development programme in the post-war era, Alesso has been heavily invested in and is now a cultural centre in the city.


Dionysus Court is the centrepiece of the Alesso redevelopment. The Dionysus Arena is the main concert venue in Celeste, and hosts international pop superstars, talent contests and even the National Philharmonic Orchestra. It is owned by the Dion Group, which built and owns the Trisys Towers, three of the tallest buildings in Celeste that are home to major multinational corporations including Cattala Post.


Moving west, I mentioned the Solium earlier. Built by King Marco V, it was created as a regal manor house worthy of a King. Yet it was to be the home of the Lord Chancellor, a political leader who was head of the government and the Council of State in the days before democracy in Cattala. By the time the palace was completed in 1816, Marco had died and the country had been colonised by Britain, through the barrel of a Royal Navy gunship.

This is a panorama - open in a new tab to see it in full size.


The Solium sits on the edge of the Citadel di Celestica, the old quarter of the city. Renamed in 1920 as "Amadeus" after the Crown Prince who fought to resist an Italian invasion in 1860 and kept the Celestine's in a position of some power, the buildings in this part of the capital date back to the 11th century. Some additions during the Lucian era in the Renaissance remain outside of the castle walls alongside later additions from the Harolden era. The architectural mix of buildings covering 900 years of history are major tourist attractions in Celeste.


On the southern edge of Amadeus, here seen as the north, lies the great Chapel of Kings. Commissioned by Philip IV in 1617, it was built to celebrate the previous monarchs of Cattala and was opened to the public on the 630th anniversary of the coronation of Roger Celestine, the first King of Cattala, in 1625. It forms part of the Ecclesiastical Triangle in Celeste, from the Cathedral in Alder Hill, to the Chapel of Kings and the Shrine of St Paul, both in Amadeus. The Shrine of St Paul is one of the oldest churches in Cattala and is where the Seven Princes of Cattala surrendered their titles to King Lucius the Absolute in 1532. Subterranean vaults between the Shrine and the Chapel house the tombs of every King between Lucius and the last Celestine, King William III.


Next time... We head south, to Franogei. But here's a sneak peek of the new Vittoria Palace.


Comment, rate and let me know what you think!




Forthwall: Thank you, that's very kind!

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

Huston: Haha, thank you very much!

Guy: It's taken a long time to build Celeste, especially Aziens, but I'm really happy with it. It's my favourite city.

NMUSpidey: Thanks! But I don't do any custom lotting with Cattala. :P


I've been incredibly busy of late, and I'm not sure whether I will be able to return to regular updates again for quite some time. However, it's time now to leave Celeste, the capital, and head off to the rural east for the first time this year. As I do every summer, this journal will be relocating to the countryside and the vineyards of Lessito.

Before we do I wanted to give you at least a glimpse of Vittoria and the improvements I have made to it since we last visited. I hope you like it.


The last time we were in Alberto, there was a large construction site next to the station. Now, it's home to a complex of offices and IT companies.


And to close this brief return to Vittoria, a wide view of the suburb at night.


Comment, rate and let me know what you think!





KonstantinII: Yes. Thanks?

Forthwall: Yep! I'm glad you like the smaller details.

Huston: Haha! Well, I try!

NMUSpidey: Wow, that's a real shame. It's strange that we look over from here in Britain at America with a lot of envy, especially at your growth rate and return to prosperity. Perhaps it's not all it's being made out to be.

hoodlem13: The hospital is Bywater Springs Medical Centre, and it's available on the LEX.

coolwiththecool2: Thanks! Follow Hellken's link.

vinlabsc3k: Thanks, I'm pleased you like it.

Hellken: Thanks for helping coolwiththecool and for the kind words! It's strange because I think Celeste feels a bit more lively than Jennai, so I get what you mean, perhaps I need to try and sort that out.

Gugu3, DirtyDanx, City Builder 9111: Thanks!


CanuckWild: Thank you! I'm truly glad that you enjoyed the concert. I will ask the next host whether or not they intend to post it on Simtropolis, as I think it's a fantastic experience for people that may not be familiar with what we do at the AIN.

Fox: Thank you very much!

NMUSpidey: Yes, AINVision is a fantastic contest - although I am looking forward to not having to do all the results next time and just enjoying the concert!

TekindusT: Thank you, that's very kind. I'. glad you enjoyed the show.

vinlabsc3k: Thanks!

kagamiya: The seawalls are by Jeronij on the BSC Exchange. They're very easy to find!


This update has taken a lot longer than I expected to finalise, but I have been doing a lot of preparations for some events and other things I have planned for future updates so it should all be worth it. Anyway, today we've left Jennai and returned to the capital.


Since we last visited Celeste, there's been a few changes. After more than 20 years of court battles and petitions, the businesses that had been trading along what was once Aziens high street, now a motorway, have been defeated. Within weeks of the final appeal being rejected, the developers were eagerly demolishing the shops and pub that had been standing for almost a century.


Aziens is now a centre for finance and commerce that some believe will rival Jennai within a few years. Development has rebounded since the recession and investment from multinationals is increasing again.


Just under a week ago, Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Championships, becoming the first British man to do so in 77 years. To commemorate this, we return to Alder Court Park, the home of Cattalian tennis.


This summer, I'll be showcasing Celeste, Jennai and returning once again to Lessito for the now-traditional summer tour. I'm away for two weeks in early August but I hope to restart regular updates after a busy few months. For some context, I've spent the last three weekends building up parts of Celeste and Vittoria that you may have caught a glimpse of today, but will do in the next fortnight or so.

Thanks for visiting Cattala today, and I hope you're enjoy your summer! Unless you're in Australia... In which case, enjoy some British weather for once!



Welcome to the Grand Final of AINVision Cattala 2013. Below, 71 images will be loading as you read this message. Please ensure you wait for all images to load, including the GIF in the second image. Text is below the image that it relates to. Several images will have links on them to videos. Thank you very much, and enjoy.




Teresa: Good evening and welcome to the Grand Final of the AINVision Song Contest 2013, here in Cattala. I’m Teresa Demalla…

Victoria: …And I’m Victoria Cabello. By the end of tonight, a new winner of AINVision will be announced and we will know where we’ll be this winter for the next Song Contest. But before we get down to business, we’ve got a few special guests in tonight.


Victoria: Her Grace, Queen Alexandra is attending tonight’s grand final. Here she is arriving just a few minutes ago.

Announcer: Please stand for the national anthem of the United Kingdom of Cattala.


Teresa: Thank you to Katherine Salessito for that moving performance of our national anthem. This is of course the Seventh AINVision Song Contest, and over the past few years there’s been winners from across the globe. Tonight we’re doing what no song contest has done before, and bringing them together. We’ve got every past winner in the audience tonight, but a few of them are also about to perform. From Petrova, to Illu’a, Corraile, Ascadylea and Cattala, these, are the winners of AINVision.







Teresa: Some great performances there! But now the real action starts. Over to you, Victoria.


Victoria: We’ve seen these 22 countries perform, now 24 will vote to decide who will join that esteemed list as the winner of AINVision 2013.


Let’s begin with Asgard. Good evening Triton City!


Alecia: Hello Jennai, and thank you for the beautiful show tonight. Here is the vote from Asgard.


Victoria: Now over to the Atlantic Federation. Boa tarde, Luke!


Luke: Thank you Victoria and Teresa for a fantastic AINVision. Here’s the results of the Veratlantian votes.


Victoria: Assalamu' alikum, Masel. This is Jennai calling. May we have the Atlantsian vote, please.


Kalin: Hello Cattala! The show has been great! Here is the vote from the Emirate of Atlantsia.


And now, all the way to Celeste for the vote from Cattala and my good friend Anna – hello!


Anna: Good evening Jennai! We’ve really enjoyed the show here in Amadeus on the big screen, live outside Vittoria Palace. The Cattalian people have voted.


Victoria: Good afternoon Dan, may we have the Corrailite vote please.


Dan: Thanks Victoria, and here is the vote from the people of Corraile!


Victoria: Hola Natalia, from Costa Palma! May we please have the vote from your nation.


Natalia: Good day Jennai, what a fabulous show you have. Here is the vote, from the Costa Palma.


Victoria: Hello Hiigara. May we have your votes please.


Ulia: Yes you may. Here it is.


Victoria: Good evening Histalpol! May we have your votes please.


Christian: Yes, of course! Thank you for a wonderful show, we have all really enjoyed it here in Bastilia. Here is the result of the Histalian vote.


Victoria: Over now to Hong Kong, and Allyson Hau. This is Jennai calling.


Allyson: Hello Vittoria! Thank you for such a great spectacle. Here is the vote of Hong Kong.


Victoria: Zdravstvujtye Anita Choi, may we please have the Kamchatkian vote.


Anita Choi: Zdravstvujtye Victoria, and thank you for such a superb night. Kamchatka votes… now!


Victoria: Good evening Karasem, this is Jennai calling. May we have your vote please.


Delima Rizky: Hai Jennai! Thanks for such an awesome show. Here’s our vote!


Teresa: Thank you Karasem. We’re now about halfway through the voting, so it’s time for some advertisements. When you come back, we’ve got some special guests for you!









Teresa: Izzy Azalea, K Kole, Rita Ora and Nina Zilli everyone! Now it’s time to get back to the voting. Victoria?


Victoria: Thank you Teresa. Kingston and Boyce, the current leaders, are up next.


Manjeet: Hello Jennai, Victoria and Teresa, you have been wonderful hosts. Here is the vote from Kingston and Boyce.


Victoria: Just across the Alouette Channel now, to Kendall and Lower Columbia.


Tor: Thank you Cattala for such a great contest. A big thanks to RMI for organising this. Here is the Federal Kingdom’s vote.


Victoria: Thank you Tor. Staying in North America, it’s over to Marquette now.


George: Bonjour, hello, to all in Jennai. Thank you for such a fascinating contest; I hope that next year we will be able to field a candidate. Here’s the vote from Marquette.


Victoria: Melanesia, this is Jennai calling. May we have your vote please.


Celina: Here is the vote from the people of Melanesia. Thank you Cattala!


Victoria: South we go, to Mirani. Hello, Emma Rawa.


Emma: Hi! Here’s our vote from Crestview and all the people of Mirani! Go Pieter T!


Victoria: Right next door, it’s New Holland, and Mark Sewell!


Mark: Good evening, and thank you to Cattala and RMI for hosting such a great event. Here is the vote from New Holland.


Victoria: Guten abend Caprica City! This is Jennai calling. May we have the vote from your nation please.


Lina: Guten abend Victoria, here is the vote from Neu Westfalen.


Victoria: We now move on to Okatabawashi. May we have your vote please.


Dj JamJam: Hallo! Here is the vote from the wonderful country of Okatabawashi! We loved your show so much Victoria and Teresa! This is so good!


Victoria: Some interesting voting there from Okatabawashi, thank you. Now over to Queensland!


Kate: Thank you Jennai for such a brilliant show, it has been a joy to watch. I have the privilege to present the vote from Queensland to you, now.


Victoria: Thank you Kate! Zdravstvujtye Soviyya! May we have your vote now.


Pavlo: Zdravstvujtye Victoria! Here is the Soviyyan vote.


Victoria: The final Asian country to vote is Takyoto. Shojiro Takasu, may we have your vote please.


Shojiro: Hallo, and thank you for a wonderful contest. Here’s the vote from Takyoto.


Victoria: Our penultimate voting country is Calare.


Susanah: Thank you for this opportunity, Victoria. Here is the vote from Calare.


Victoria: And last but not least, Exaletas! May we have your vote please.


Alexos: Thank you. And finally, here is the vote from Exaletas for you all.


Victoria: You, the public, have had your say. All 24 countries have now voted, and our winner has been decided.


Teresa: The winner of the AINVision Song Contest 2013 is Kingston and Boyce, with the highest score in the history of AINVision. Congratulations to Kingston and Boyce!

Teresa: Thank you to all the team here in Jennai and across the world, thank you to our contestants and representatives and most of all thank you to you for celebrating this fantastic evening with us.

Victoria: Congratulations to Kingston and Boyce and we look forward to seeing your festival of music this winter. This is your winning song, BOY, with Little Numbers.




So many comments this week, it's much appreciated. Many of you are asking the same question so I'll be grouping you together instead of replying separately from both updates. I hope you don't mind!

Sirron Kcuhc; TayMay27; StanislavSoltys; Hazani Pratama; Gugu3; Forthwall; Kakado: Thanks for the kindness, I'm glad you like Jennai.

Dubaidude303; daybreak; KonstantinII; Kaalakiota: Unfortunately, the building is in Davidluart's Simlympics pack I believe, which is nigh-on impossible to find since his website went offline a few years ago. I think this link from the Can't Find It thread may be helpful, but I can't get past the Chinese login sadly! http://www.simcity.cn/viewthread.php?tid=74550&extra=page%3D1%26amp%3Bfilter%3Dtype%26amp%3Btypeid%3D13

Leszcyk: Sometimes you just have to spend a long time looking. I've been building up my plugins folder since about 2010, and some of the stuff like the Simlympic Arena that features heavily in this harbour are buildings that are unfortunately no longer available. Simcity 4 Devotion is home to some incredibly high quality lots and there's loads of good stuff in Simtropolis too. Many other websites, like Simcity Polska and Simcity Central and Simcity China also have some rare and talented BATters with unique works.

KonstantinII: You'll be looking for the Bywater Springs Medical Centre! http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1676

InvaderNat: Thank you very much! I did try to carefully manage the height of the CBD. I'm not a fan of cities that just spike upwards or have loads of huge buildings. When you see European cities, even in most of London and Paris, there are very few areas where random skyscrapers emerge in lowrise areas and anywhere with highrise buildings is very compact. That's what I tried to create in Jennai, which isn't anywhere near the size of either of those cities so doesn't have buildings on their level.

RepublicMaster; Inner Nerd: Thank you! The tiered structure was something I did a while ago, and I wasn't really sure how to do it at first. It just kind of... happened. There was no plan to have a tiered structure but it worked so I kept it.

Huston: Thanks! Jennai is in part inspired by Maine, which I remember had very good nightlighting.

NMUSpidey: Thank you - There are light pollution problems in most cities, but I don't think it's treated as a major problem compared to other forms of pollution. I don't know much about Detroit except it's recession reputation so can't comment on its light issues. I'm sure it will recover, though.

Titanicbuff: Wow, San Francisco? I'd love to go there. I live in the commuter belt of London and the landscape here extends as far as a few hills and not much else. Bays are much more exciting.

Ace: Gracias amigo! Wait that's not French...

vinlabsc3k: The main marina is made up of the Metro Sky Towers by Davidluart I think, they are available here on Simtropolis by TowerDude, La Tour Vivante which I believe is on the LEX, the CITIC Tower which is available on the STEX and the NDEX Bridgewater Place which is either on the STEX or the LEX. The towers behind that are Chinese but I think they're on the STEX... their name escapes me unfortunately.

CanuckWild: I'm very glad that you liked the contest and thank you for the in-depth review. I personally love both Asgard and Kingston and Boyce, although I do prefer my own act (Nina Nesbitt) for obvious reasons. Like, she's my act. I hope you enjoy the grand final this weekend, when we'll discover if your favourites did as well as you hope!


Welcome back to Jennai. After the glitz and glamour of AINVision, hopefully we'll have a more serene and calm update this time. I hope you all enjoyed our musical extravaganza, by the way. Today I'm teasing you with some glimpses further in from the coast, and a few different views of the coast.


White Point was the pinnacle of the coastal redevelopment in the 1980s and is a favourite venue of global artists when they visit Cattala. And it's seemingly popular with you too! As you can see in this image, it is acting as the main breakwater for the harbour and a huge rock groyne defending the bay from erosion.


Here's a night shot of the harbour, looking out from the CBD rather than inland. At night, the harbour is one of the most beautiful places in Jennai, with moonlight walks along the boardwalk being very popular amongst locals and tourists alike.


As I continue to expand Jennai outwards from the CBD core, I'll keep trying to relate it in context with what we've already visited. So today, let's see how the Harbour Hospital is connected to where it all began for us, in the railway station. Alongside the modern hospital building is the older, but still in use, original building for Jennai Harbour Hospital.


This will be our last visit to Jennai for a while. I will be continuing to develop the city behind the scenes, but to end our time in the Harbour area here's a closer look at some of the developments ongoing along the waterfront.


To end this tour of Jennai, a long view over the suburb of Porthis, before we return to one of my other suburban areas, Vittoria.


Thank you for watching. Before we head back to Amosseri, this weekend will be the grand final of the AINVision Song Contest, in which we will discover who the winner is and where the contest will head to in November. Who do you think will win?



Welcome to AINVision Cattala 2013. Below, 46 images will be loading as you read this message. Please ensure you wait for all images to load, including the GIF in the second image. Text is below the image that it relates to. Replies to all your comments from the last update will be featured next time. Thank you very much, and enjoy.






Good evening and welcome, to the AINVision Song Contest 2013, live here tonight from Jennai, Cattala. I’m Teresa Demalla and tonight we will be seeing 22 AIN Member States battle it out for the title of AINVision winners and all the glory that comes with this accolade. The fate of these contestants is entirely in your hands – behind me are dignatories from all AIN countries but this year they have no power over the voting. That, lies entirely with you at home.


Teresa: It’s time now, just before the acts begin, to speak to the independent judiciary tonight. Our four executive supervisors from across the AIN and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sport will be working tonight to ensure voting is free and fair. Jon Allenburg, chief supervisor, what are you looking for in tonight’s contest?

Jon: We’re looking to ensure that the most popular contestant wins. Over the past five years its been our duty to account for all the votes from every country alongside our local officers with the broadcasters in each country and make sure that every single vote counts.

Teresa: Darcey Borune, how does this year’s contest compare to previous ones?

Darcey: Well, Teresa, this has been the most challenging and exciting contest so far, and it hasn’t even begun yet! We’ve got officers across the union working hard to accumulate what we believe will be a record number of votes, from a record number of countries. We’re looking forward to the Contest and all the voting once it begins.

Teresa: The executive supervisors will be back at the end of tonight’s process to inform you about the voting process when it opens after all of the competitors have performed. Until then, thank you to all four of you and good luck tonight.


Tonight, these 22 countries will fight for the crown of AINVision and the chance to host the contest this winter. The first act tonight will be Asgard, followed by Kamchatka, and we will end with Hong Kong and Takyoto. At the end of the show, voting will open and each of our voting states will be given time to select their top 10 acts, and in our Grand Final we will declare the winner of this years contest! But first… They actually have to perform!


So, may the best song win, and let the competition begin!


We're now halfway through the acts, so it's time to visit some of our commercial sponsors.





Welcome back to AINVision 2013 here in Cattala! On with the show - next up is Corraile.






Now, all of our 21 finalists have performed and voting is open. In just under a week’s time I’ll be back with Victoria Cabello for the grand final of the AINVision Song Contest 2013. To see us out today, an exclusive performance from last year’s winner, Celeste Buckingham! Good night Jennai!




12petr12; Jimmy Buzaid; Hazani Pratama : Thank you all for the kind words!

0072010: The noise barriers used are found here:

dubaidude303: Thanks! I really like them too. They also count as a park which is useful.

Ying Blanc: Yep, I can't wait either - and that was your prize. Subtle eh?

Forthwall: Thanks!

Ace: You clearly have a keen eye for this! Can you guess the meaning behind today's title? I think that building is the excellent Zero7's work on the LEX: http://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=965

grstudios: Thanks! All of this city is pretty much grown. It took time but I really like Porthis.

Hellken: That's a shame. I hope Cattala will inspire you to pick up Simcity 4 and wait half an hour for it to load, then enjoy!

Rugeley123: I don't have a Mediterranean Buildings mod but I do use Mickebear's buildings, if that's what you mean. They start to grow at Stage 3 so don't use a Maxis Blocker until you have a decent city size.

Fox: Thanks! That was exactly what I was going for with Porthis; little details playing around with some of Paeng's superb lots.

vinlabsc3k: Thank you! The promenade is this lot from the LEX: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=532

It's not obvious in these pictures but the docks are actually protected by the arena, which acts as a huge breakwater. It's just along the shore from the marina. Also, Jennai is actually in a bay so there is very little wave energy and erosion, except in the ports on the south coast which we haven't visited yet.

spursrule14: Thank you - that's very kind! Thanks especially to those who have nominate Cattala for a "Best of the Best" award over the past couple of years.


It's been a while but welcome back to Cattala, and to Jennai, for the sixth update from this city. I've made a few improvements since we last visited whilst I slowly expand the city out from the core of Jennai Harbour. Part of Cattala's tallest building is featured here, the Sky Tower complex.


Jennai's harbourside district was built in the 1970s and 1980s during the boom of the 30-Year Revolution, a period of rapid industrialisation and modernisation of Cattala's post-war economy. The harbour is the pinnacle of this boom - a crowning symbol of the shift from agriculture and light industry to intensive, mechanised manufacturing and financial services.


For a bit of context, here's a wider shot of the whole Harbour business district, clustered around the railway terminus and the Bay of Jennai.


At night, the city comes alive. Jennai drains more than 40% of the country's electricity, which is very large considering it is home to only 25% of the population. Heavy industry in the south of the city is the main cause, but the amount of light pollution from the city's business areas is staggering.


As well as banking and corporate headquarters for the likes of media company RMI, energy giant NEG and telecoms group CT, the Harbour is also home to numerous hotels, including OMNI, Marriott and Tormon-Bonne.


Slightly further along the bay is the most recent addition to the Harbour regeneration project - White Point. Built between 1993 and 1999, it included the extension of a crucial rock groyne, which was turned into the Jennai Arena. Behind it, luxury apartments and a hotel complex were built. A brand new building is currently under construction in White Point, which will become the new flagship hotel in the Asgard International Hotel Group's European expansion, which begins in Cattala this summer.


To end today's update, here's a brief teaser of the next area of Jennai that I'm working on. As we move inland, we'll see the suburban sprawl increase as the highrise offices give way to towering taxpayer-funded edifices to public service. Like Jennai Hospital, for example.


Thanks for visiting Cattala today, and I look forward to seeing you next time when we focus on White Point and the Jennai Arena for AINVision 2013!




Hellken: Thank you! I'd love to see some of your cities.

grstudios: Thank you!

MilitantRadical: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.There are stairs there every three tiles, it's just there is only one set visible on that corner.

Forthwall: Thanks. Now that you mention it, I guess you can!

dubaidude303: Thanks!

Benedict: Thank you. You'd probably get a nasty surprise if the beach gave way to empty nothingness very quickly!

Huston: Thank you. I always like to put some parks in, not only does it make it look nicer but it helps stimulate some growth. And yes, the Beehive! I got quite a few comments about that when I posted a teaser on the AIN, surprised by how many members knew what it was.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks.

ImVhOzzi: My city centre's are plopped but all residential areas that you see are grown. My cities and towns and villages are all functional and have no dilapidation.

bhk5437: Thanks! Check out the CSX WFK series on the Simcity4 Devotion BSC LEX. You need to register first.



Welcome to Porthis, in the north of the city of Jennai. West of the harbour that we've been visiting recently, Porthis is on the edge of the city's gritty urban zone, and is the start of numerous, flowing, sprawling suburbs.


The town centre is small but dense, focused in a narrow strip between the railway station and dual carriageway. Coca-Cola has its Cattalian headquarters in the city, as does Barclays Bank. Outside of this core of business, most of Porthis is residential.


Rapidly developed after the Second World War, it benefits from the railway link to Jennai Harbour and two Metro stations. Sprawling suburbs begin in Porthis, and it has actually grown more urban in recent years with several of the 1950s housing estates ripped up for plush new apartment complexes.


Porthis has a considerable shopping district, stretching between the office towers around the railway station. They've now begun spreading out towards the town's main schools, which have both been under pressure to sell off land since the value has sky-rocketed.


The metropolitan borough council has invested heavily in making Porthis bicycle-friendly. It has the most extensive cycle network in the city, extending out from the station to the hospital, business centres, suburbs and the park and ride facility.


It is continuously being expanded, with a new stretch currently under construction east of the station, heading past the court and down into Histablanc Court.


Most of the town's residents are either commuters to Jennai Harbour, or office workers in the port. Historically, the working class used to dominate in much of Porthis, but in recent decades they have left because of spiralling house prices. Now, the middle classes rule over the suburbs and a modern urban class has succeeded the factory staff in the town centre.


To the east, Histablanc Court is an example of the transformation that has occurred across Jennai since the war. The traditional piazza has been preserved, but instead of casas for la famiglia, luxury apartments and European townhouses have been built and now crowd around the square. Bankers, office drones and managers wind their way around in suits and ties, instead of labourers and dockers wearing his tascu.


To end today's update, a bit of news on AINVision! As many of you will know, Cattala won the 2012 competition and will be hosting this year's contest. A bidding competition was held between Celeste and Jennai and the Harbour Arena was announced as the host venue for the 2013 AINVision Song Contest, which I hope to simulcast here as well as at the AIN.


Thank you for viewing Cattala today.




MamaLuigi945: Thank you for commenting and rating.

Ace of Hearts: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Kakado_to_save: It only took two and a half years but I got you to Jennai in the end.

InvaderNat: Thanks, I've wanted to do that location for a long time and I'm really pleased with how that worked out.

Sirron Kcuhc: Thanks!

Forthwall: Thank you!

titanicbuff: Thanks. I really like those breakwater walls and they suit Jennai quite well, I think.

RepublicMaster: Well, it's coming along slowly. It's taken me two years to start Jennai but hopefully it won't take that long to do some of the centre of it at least.

MilitantRadical: Sorry about the loading times, I will write a note in future. I'm glad you did see it in the end though!

KonstantinII: The arena is by Davidluart I think, and I don't know if it's available any more. Might be worth asking in the Find It Here thread.

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!

Huston: Thanks. Your nightshots are always really bold and I would love it if mine were even half as good. It was very hard selecting the right buildings for the (fully functioning!) harbour.

Sylvio Jorge: Thank you very much for the comment. I haven't done a waterfront CBD for three years now and it was absolutely horrendous then, so I'm glad to hear that this one is marginally better!


Welcome back to Jennai, a harbour city in an eponymous bay in southern Cattala. The heartland of Cattalian resurgence, its rise as a regional economic hub is the defining highlight of the country's post-war revival and economic boom. The parliament is devolved and controls provincial matters, led by the regional government.


Jennai Harbour is the second-busiest station in the city, serving the north, the south coast and the east. Built in the early 20th century, it includes an extensive park area known as Harbour Park that still remains today, despite encroaching development.


But obviously Jennai, as we have seen previously, extends far beyond the business centre. Porthis is a suburb to the north-west of the harbour and I'm currently developing it as a commuter town. In the past I've shown you the imperial suburbs of Celeste and the traditional sprawl of Calora. This preview may give you an idea of the style I'm hoping to create in Porthis.


Please do comment and let me know what you think about Jennai and Cattala as a whole. Your input is very important to me. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and we'll be back soon!




Multi Ice: Yes you are!

dubaidud303: Thanks!

Sylvio Jorge: Thank you. Mickebear's lots are fantastic and without them Cattala wouldn't exist.

Forthwall: Thanks!

K50: Thank you, that's very kind.

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!

Simcoug: Thanks, I really like that part of the city too.

vinlabsc3k: Thank you, especially for the suggestions. As I build Jennai, the densest urban area in Cattala, I will definitely include more underpasses and overpasses. As for hills, there are some slopes in that update, the wooded area is a hill, and many houses do have slopes behind them, mostly covered by trees and walls.

Ace of Hearts: No more thirteen? Thank you for commenting again!

Hellken: Yes, a tutorial would be really useful. I did try changing the loading order around but I didn't manage to get that sorted out.

Simul8ter8: Yes, it's a Mediterranean style. Thank you very much for the kind words, it means a lot.

spursrule14: Thank you! It's an honour to be on that elite list of journals.


Welcome back to Cattala. After quite a while without updates we're back in Jennai, the financial hub of the nation. Now, I keep telling you that it's a super-big city, more than a million people, and the only place you'll see proper towers. But I haven't shown you any...

Until now! Welcome to Jennai Harbour, the city's central business district. Enjoy.


Over the past few weeks I have been doing some work on what is arguably the most audacious building project I've ever done. Jennai Harbour is the heartland of banking, trading, money as a whole, in the country. The biggest companies in Cattala are all based in this part of the city. So, let's have a look at the busy port by night.


Thank you for returning to Cattala. It's unfortunate that I may have two weeks off for Easter break, but actually my exams are just around the corner in May so I won't be able to do too many updates during this period. But rest assured Cattala will be back, sooner or later!




Forthwall: I completely agree. It annoyed me a lot.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

Simul8ter8: Thank you!

Sylvio Jorge: Thanks for commenting!

Hellken: I should've done. Actually, I should have researched if there were any - and there are!

Ace of the Thirteen: Arabia was a nice change from my usual building style. I can see why it gets repetitive though.

Fox: And we're back! Thanks.

dubaidude303: Thank you!

City_Master: Thanks a lot!

elavery: Yes, Marsh is a genius with terrain and coastal mods. I have been playing around with some no grass mods but they haven't worked yet. If I do get it to work, there may be some more pictures soon! :)


Welcome back to Cattala. We've returned to the main journal after last week's little holiday, and we're back in Cydonia for a series of mosaics, panorama and nightshots from what I would say is my favourite from the series of Calora suburbs that I've done over the years.


Cydonia is almost a town that just advertises Mickebear's fantastic Mediterranean buildings. Besides the centre, it's practically entirely composed of the superb lots he created; BATs that first inspired this journal.


Some elements are more modern though. To the west of the town centre, the industrial park and modern fringes near the motorway owe more to Somy's style of architecture than the historic Italian theme elsewhere in the region. Glass, steel, and progress.


Now for a wider look at the town. Last time we visited Cydonia at the start of January I gave you a fleeting glimpse at the village over the tree-covered hills. Well, here's another quick glance at night time. Thank you for visiting Cattala!




Hellken: Thank you!

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Forthwall: Thanks, when I built that bridge I thought it would be a great place to put that.

Fox: I know, I probably won't use them in the future.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

NMUSpidey: Count yourself fortunate! I think? Not sure if empty schools is a good thing actually.

Ace of the Thirteen: Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

Benedict: Thank you very much. Perhaps the warmth of Cattala is because it's never really warm here in England! But if you think Cattala is warm, wait until you see what we've got in store today...


As-salÄmu `alaykum and welcome to Cattala Al Arab. No, I haven't gone crazy. This, is Salleh.


Now obviously Salleh is not in Cattala. It's in Arabia, a desert town with a history extending back to the time of Mohammed.


The town has been extensively redeveloped since oil was discovered in the desert several miles away, and the Sultan of Salleh saw his wealth and power diminish as the foreign interests took control.


The city's ancient walls reflect it's heritage, despite the ravaging inside them. The desert winds swirl around, eager to devour the isolated settlement. Open this panorama in a new tab for full effect.


The wealth of Salleh now sits in banks in Abu Dhabi and Texas, whilst the local people still drive along dusty roads. Unlike other cities in the Gulf, Salleh hasn't seen the oil wealth trickle down much to the local population since the Sultan was deposed.


The expensive high speed rail line now shoots through the desert past Salleh, powered along by the emirate's vast profits generated from the desert's black gold. Or, as the locals call it, poison gold.


Thanks for watching. I did promise you a sunny update when we were in Rene last - is this what you were expecting? :P



Ace of the Thirteen: Thank you! That's very kind!

Forthwall: Thanks, so do I.

ggamgus: Haha, well let's try. 100 was a dream to reach and I don't have a target number or anything... I'll update until I lose inspiration or can't find the time. The latter will probably happen first.

Fox: Thank you my friend, that's nice of you to say.

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

RepublicMaster: Yes, it's quite a milestone and at some points if you'd asked me I would never have thought I'd reach it.

NMUSpidey: I don't know about that, I'm sure your cities are very nice. I didn't go all the way back to the pre-Cattala days of my Simcity work. That would make me very embarrassed!

Huston: Thank you! I'm not sure which building you mean, but the first white building is the Edifcio Banmedica. The stadium is the Orwell Arena and the art gallery is an SFBT one from SC4D. I think you probably meant the white curved building, so here's a link!



Welcome back to Cattala. Today we're visiting Iralli, a suburb of Calora. Iralli is one of the larger towns that forms part of the Calora Metropolitan area, and is also where the InterCity lines from Celeste to both Calora Central and Calora Harbour divide. Therefore, it's another important railway town and is close to the M2 as well. Here's a view of Iralli from last autumn.


Iralli serves predominantly as a commuter town, with little industry and some commerce basing in the town. It's prime location means it is much denser than many other dormitory towns, and resembles the urban Marcillera district of Calora more than it does neighbouring Cydonia.


It is, however, home to the headquarters of the Spar group in Cattala. They weren't mentioned in our commercial update but do have a small presence in the Cattalian market, mostly in Fieranti. When they built their office they also paid for the fancy new fire station the other side of the bridge.


Iralli, because of its inland location, lacks a major tourist industry but sometimes travellers from Celeste or Calora do stop in the town to visit its cafes and see the brightly-coloured apartments that line the roads in the city centre.


Before the railways came, Iralli grew as a farming community clustered around the numerous streams that flow down towards the sea. Today, some have been dammed to allow for house building and most now flow into rivers that lead into Calora or towards the coast. Flooding can be a problem, especially in winter - right now, the water level is quite high. In summer, the streams will almost definitely dry up.


Iralli has several Elementare schools, but only one Secondaria for all the students in the town. It was rebuilt and extended in the 1970s but is overcrowded. Many children have to travel by train or car into Calora to get to school these days, much to the frustrations of their parents.


One of the few older buildings in the town is the church, which has its humble origins in the old farming village. Most of the Church's land in Iralli has been sold off - now, just the pagoda and the chapel itself remain. For many years there have been plans to build a bigger, modern church away from the town centre but none have come to fruition.


To end today, a view of the town at night. I hope you enjoyed this update, and have a nice weekend!




dubaidude303: Thank you!

Ace of the Thirteen: Haha, well, we'll have to see about that.

Forthwall: Thank you, that's very kind.

ggamgus: Mission. Failed. No, not really - thanks!

Fox: It needs a million dollars to make it a bit more affluent, that's certainly true. The update that that picture is from is number 69, so you can find that from the dropdown menu at the bottom of this update or from the links in the forum section.

Huston Number One: Thank you!

Huston Number Two: As I said to Ace, we'll have to see. Although, Llithustania will need to take a keener interest in Cattalian affairs before it gets to infiltrate our economy! ;)

Hazani Pratama: Thank you for two positive comments!

NMUSpidey: Well looking back a lot of the big stuff was taken by the 2 year update, which was only 12 updates ago. However, I do hope you like what I've got in store for you today. A bit of a story, perhaps.

SimCoug: A Cattalian would ask, what's Walmart? And thank you!

ioh969: Thank you, and welcome to Cattala!


Welcome back to Cattala. It's been a long, long time coming - and I've been very excited about making this update for quite a while now. Triple digits. Just... wow.

To start, a mosaic from Celeste, a city that has made up 25% of the Cattala updates so far, if you include Vittoria. Please do open it in a new tab to see the full size version.


99 updates ago, we were introduced to Cattala. A small island in the Mediterranean sea, that probably ruins the boot concept of Italy. Now not so long ago I did show you that first update overview, so I won't show that to you again, but here's Calora. The original.


Celeste was a focal point of early updates. The capital was a melting pot of many of my ideas - a Mediterranean vista, modern architecture and historic imperial citadels all in one. Today, the city is a bit less diverse as I've spread those styles out across the rest of the country. However, many features that originated in early Celeste are being explored and improved today, 100 updates on.


As the first summer came around, the journal moved focus. South-east Lessito is the breadbasket of Cattala and was my first opportunity to explore the rural fringes of the journal. Each summer since then, I have continued to add to Lessito and now more than 14 settlements in the province.


Seina was part of the triumvirate of original areas for Cattala. Alongside Calora and Jennai, it was supposed to stand out as the natural growth element of the journal. From this stage, it grew into quite a reasonable sized town over the course of 13 updates. It played a very important role in the background development of Cattala, especially the way I build my cities and the functionality of them.


As well as the updates from major areas like Calora, Celeste, Seina and Lessito, numerous other places have also added up to the landmark we reach today. Jennai, the largest city, has featured seven times, whilst smaller provinces like Hellas (3) and Roumeli (1) have contributed as well.


Each settlement, each community, has built up to the Cattala you see today. The Cattala of diversity; unity; individuality; similarity; history; modernism; and ultimately, contrast. This city journal has been built not just by me, but by its readers, its supporters and its partner journals. Without the inspiration I have received from dozens of other Simcity creators, there is no way that this journal would have reached where it is today.

So I'd like to thank everyone who has supported, criticised, loved, loathed, commented and lurked on Cattala for the past 100 updates. For the one hundredth time, thanks for viewing Cattala and I hope to see you again very soon.




ggamgus: I'm glad you liked my... slums.

Forthwall: Yep, that was the idea!

LoonyMan: Thanks Seth! I enjoyed making Tamer.

Ace of the Thirteen: Thanks, I do tend to use more plazas in these urban environments than I do in my rural communities.

SC4LOver: Thanks - it was a bit of a mix-and-match update. I'm not experienced at all with urban slum work so it was a bit of a trial.

Hazani Pratama: Thank you, loyal commenter!

Jesus: God wasn't either, so he decided to use less of them in the future.

Hellken: Thank you, that's very kind of you to say.

TayMay27: Yes, I'm looking forward to reaching triple digits! It'll be a momentous occasion.

westy177: Hope they weren't too nice! I'm glad you liked them though.

Huston: That wasn't part of the plan! Haha, thanks!


Welcome to Cattala, and today we're doing a special update which was actually the brainchild of a random comment about Cattala's shops by a commenter in the forum section. See, you guys really do influence what I do.

Welcome back to Rene, in Jennai. This neglected wasteland has benefited of late from upgrades in its railway services - although it isn't connected to the Jennai Metro, it now has more regular InterCity rail services, along the Southport branch line. This has fuelled some new development in the area.


Rene's role as a transport intersection mean it has attracted commercial interest too. One of Cattala's largest supermarket stores, Tesco Rene, can be found in the borough. Tesco once dominated the Cattalian urban market, after it was granted a trading licence in the 1990s to operate in the three metropolitan areas of Celeste, Jennai and Calora. However, it has seen its market share slide sharply after a series of ethical scandals and price disputes with local suppliers.


In efforts to shore up its business in Cattala, against rising local competition, they began building new homes and businesses on adjacent land to their stores, claiming to provide low cost housing for Jennai's poorest. This backfired when it emerged that Tesco's was making tidy profits off every sale.


Local rivals, such as Cooperativa, have taken over the market from Tesco. Multinational rivals such as Carrefour and Auchan have made efforts to muscle in on Tesco's downwards spiral, but failed to gain licenses after public campaigns to stop the multinationals forcing out local suppliers and shops became mainstream. This small convenience store in Rene is an example of their efforts; it is a joint venture between Carrefour and Cattalian chain Rammoza. These ventures are highly restricted and limited only to Jennai and Calora.


The general public have been suspicious of supermarkets since the Tesco scandal began in 2004. Efforts by regional governments to loosen the laws have been met with fierce opposition, even in cities. Rene is an example used by the anti-supermarket campaigners. Since the Tesco opened, six local shops have closed and fifteen other stores have seen profits fall by at least 33%.


The last of our series of my most favourite updates is Elloria, in northern Jennai. This was one of my first opportunities to explore the woodland of rural Amosseri/Monte Calida/Jennai's borderlands, and also where I experimented with truly rural, undeveloped territory. I really like the result of this update and hope you did too. So, all ten pre-100 images are now done. That means one thing only - the next update, is the big one.


I hope you all enjoyed that insight into the reasoning behind the lack of supermarket chains in Cattala. As you've seen in past updates, there's a lot of local shops and Cooperativa alone has around 400 partner shops throughout the country. Tesco's now has just six stores in Cattala, down from a peak of 32, after losing its trading licenses in Amosseri, Lessito, Roumeli and Monte Calida. Monte Calida and Lessito provincial governments were scathing of Tesco after it attempted to create 50 local shops across the provinces, and were the first to revoke its licenses in 2003 after public protests in major towns and cities throughout the country.

Apologies about the lack of updates through January - my exams really did take priority and drained me of time. Unfortunately updates will continue to be in short supply probably for a while now - but I do have a very exciting plan in prospect for after we pass 100. See you then!



SC4L0ver: Thanks! You're welcome.

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NMUSpidey: Well I'll never reach a million in game. I've done the centre of Celeste and at the moment the region is at around 140,000 yet Celeste is supposed to be around 300,000. But Celeste has lots of parks like your cities!

Cyclone Boom: Thanks, I'm very pleased that you like it. It's always a joy to hear from new fans of Cattala, and I do hope to see what you think of today's work!

Ottoh11: Thank you! It's a shame you preferred the other ones, these ones are much more flexible and actually come up on the rails automatically, whilst the other ones had to be plopped alongside. So I'll probably stick with the new ones.

Efkin: Thank you :)


Welcome to Cattala, and our first 2013 update. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Now today I'm going to show you Jennai. Of course, I haven't even begun building Jennai yet, as I explicitly said last update. So, here's some countryside outside Jennai: it's Tamer.


The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted my little lie there. Tamer is in Fieranti, and is north-east of Cydonia. So... if we're in Fieranti, why did I say we were in Jennai...?


Because we are. This is Rene, in Jennai. The actual city.


Rene isn't the nicest part of town, that's why we're in the car with the blacked out windows today. Despite government expenditure on new housing projects to try and improve the housing stock and the lives of residents, this borough remains one of the poorest in the city.


Just yesterday five men were arrested for the murder of a teenager in a gang shooting outside Rene Elementare. With government cuts beginning to bite, it seems unlikely that this part of the city will be turned around any time soon.


Thank you for visiting Cattala today - perhaps next time we'll visit a nicer place? Somewhere sunny, like Santa Cecilia maybe. That would be nice.




ggamgus: Thank you!

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Hazani Pratama: Thank you for the kindness.

dabadon5: Thanks!

Eytan: That's interesting, quite a lot of people have said that. I personally think Vittoria is my best city, but this one was definitely one of the hardest to grow so far.

Forthwall: Thank you! There's elevation change throughout the city and you can see more in today's update. It was nice to use a hilly tile this tile, rather than the flatness of Celeste.

SC4L0ver: The luxury homes are R$$$ from the LBT housing pack, which can be found on the LEX (creator search LBT Team) or on SimCityCapitol, which is a Spanish site.

NMUSpidey: Thank you very much, that's very kind of you. I think it's a combination of the original Calora, some of my rural works and the knowledge I gained from Vittoria. It's a Mediterranean sprawl equivalent of Vittoria, actually. And I needed good roads to make the city work :P

paeng: Wow, thank you for commenting! I've followed your journeys for a while now and they are spectacular. I'm so glad you liked Cydonia.

raynev1: Thank you for rating, your feedback is most valued.

Efkin: Thank you!

Phew that was a lot of replies. I am very grateful for all your ratings, +1s and comments. Each one is valued and it pleases me a lot to see that so many people liked Cydonia. Now on with the show!


Buongiorno and Felice Anno Nuovo! Welcome back to Cattala, and today's special update from two cities. Calora and Celeste have been centrepieces of this City Journal over the past two years and 97 updates, so I thought it fitting that we see off 2012 with fireworks from both. But first, an autumnal mosaic of Cydonia.


The annual fireworks displays in all three of Cattala's main cities is a rivalry that dates back for decades. Once upon a time they went to war over small things - now they fight with fireworks. Jennai always has the largest budget, but Celeste and Calora have a fierce battle over who can produce the best display with a smaller budget than the country's largest city.


Alder Hill has always been a focus for Celeste's displays, but in recent years the glistening steel of Azien's skyscrapers, and its two huge stadiums, mean that many of the displays now end over the modern quarters of the capital.


This year, for the first time, the Calora display will be held over the historic bay after the Church of Cattala agreed to allow fireworks near the city's cathedral. You can catch a glimpse of what has been built since the Advent update. Perhaps some suggestions about the slummy houses were listened to?


The mythical Jennai has been mentioned many times over the past 97 updates - back in September 2010 I was asked when it was going to be built. I did begin building the city, home to 1 million of Cattala's 4.2 million people - in summer 2011, but abandoned it soon after. I have skirted around the city, with border towns like Santa Cecilia, Confini and Elloria, but the metropolis hasn't emerged yet. If it does get built, it will be an enormous project and perhaps it will happen once Celeste and Calora are done. Aziens is the only modern urban CBD I've built. Maybe it will turn out to be a dry run for the jewel in the crown.


Thank you for reading Cattala today and I wish you all a wonderful 2013.



Kakado: I very much hope so!

Forthwall: Thank you very much. Cattala has really progressed again this year and unlike last Christmas, I'm happy with the direction it's going in.

LoonyMan: Haha, you nearly scared me there! Thank you for the rating!

Ace: Absolutely, I'm glad you thought that as well. I'm very excited for next year!

MilitantRadical: Thank you very much!

RepublicMaster: Thanks again. Here's more for you now!

NMUSpidey: Thank you very much. Without the support of followers like yourself I probably wouldn't have been as motivated with Cattala as I am, it's just a shame that my exams will get in the way of future updates, because I'm really enjoying making Cattala at the moment!

spursrule14, Hazani Pratama, t90, Mayor Gaetan, Cefien: Thank you all for the kind words.


Buongiorno and Buon Natale! Welcome back to Cattala, where today we're visiting a brand new town south east of Calora, in Fieranti province. A few updates ago we followed the M2 motorway from Celeste up to Vittoria - well now we're heading one step closer towards Cattala's second city as we enter its suburbs.


Welcome, to Cydonia.


Cydonia isn't just another Mediterranean town with the multicoloured walls and red rooftops we're used to seeing in much of Cattala. Perseni Heights is a modern development on the edge of the town, between the railway line and the motorway. It's an assortment of stylish apartments and also an industrial park which we'll take a look at a bit later.


In the heart of the original town though, there are plenty of red roofed traditional homes, which are synonymous with Calora and its surrounding regions. Modern developments have introduced some whitewash to the area in recent years, especially in desirable areas like this well-to-do part of the town above its winding streams.


There are many traditions that remain, of course. The Church of Cydonia is a Baroque masterpiece and for centuries it has, and continues, to dominate the skyline. The Church's grounds used to extend far into the forests, but now its immediate lands are dissected by the roads coming off the motorway. It's a good job the cemetery was moved out of town, or it wouldn't be suitable for the mourners any more.


In the town centre, modern offices and towers have been built alongside the railway station, which connects the Calora mainline with Celeste and Jennai. This prime location means that many businesses and developers are eager to tear down some of the older buildings and create more boxy offices like these 1960s designed council offices with their dodgy fluorescent tube lighting.


Towards the north of the city, the traditional employers still remain, although diminished. Industry and trade had always been the focus of this town and now the railway links to Calora, Celeste and Jennai ports mean manufacturing does still play a role in the town's economy.


Nowadays commerce is the breadwinner. The Cattala Chamber of Commerce has one its head offices in the town's historic quarter and there are many independent shops spread out across Cydonia, with little competition from multinationals, many of whom are banned from the town.


But one of the key industries they've encouraged recently in Cydonia is high technology, specialist engineering. With its good road and rail connections, the town's Perseni Industrial Park has become a leading employer and is one of the country's most successful industrial centres of recent times.


The future of Cydonia is rooted in Perseni Heights, whilst its past is across town in amongst the compact roofs of the old quarters.


The last couple of updates haven't featured a Memory Lane because of their length, so we've got two today. Both are from Hellas Province, in the far north of Cattala. The town of Amano Bridge clings to the river and hasn't changed for centuries. Nestled in the hills that dominate this sea-faring island, Amano Bridge is one of the few crossing points in the hinterlands of Ionia.


In the south of the island, the city of Ionia is a contrast to the traditional communities elsewhere on the small outpost of the kingdom. Tilia was featured 50 updates ago in April 2011 and highlighted a vast development alongside a boating lake in the suburbs of Ionia, Hellas' port and main town. A hotel and leisure complex was under construction and near completion at the time. Will we ever go back and see the end result? Perhaps.


Thank you for reading Cattala today and I wish you a Happy New Year!


A Year in Review


Hazani Pratama, ggamgus, dubaidude303, dabadon5, gugu3: Thank you for your comments.

Mastof: Thanks, I'm slowly getting used to using RHW. It's a challenge but I enjoy it.

raynev1: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I haven't done much industry before so it's nice to experiment.

Ace of the Thirteen: It's not something I've really seen much of. But it was nice to try, and it's good to know you thought it worked.

NMUSpidey: Taxation is a bum. But it's necessary to pay for the nice roads! That you then can't drive down...

leod22: Thanks! Those trees are MMP's, by girafe on the BSC Exchange I believe, so it's not a tree mod.

hjbk: Thank you. The turning lane arrows are part of the NAM I think. They don't really work with LHD though... At least for me.

Kruness: It really is. Perhaps not in the Netherlands then?

fdjw0808: That's quite a vague question... I edit the photos lightly with a photo editing programme but other than that I'm not sure what you're asking. If you could make it a bit more clear I can help you.

Lessito Update

raynev1: Thanks! I hope they weren't too dark for you.

Hazani Pratama, Jacob Guajardo: Thank you both!

Kruness: Yes I tried a Christmas update but it ended up rather autumnal. Woops.

Hiigarar: Harry Potter will be featuring soon perhaps!

TowerDude: Thank you, and merry christmas to you too!

444: Thank you!

Ace of the Thirteen: Thank you very much, that's very kind of you Ace.

mystic_destiny: Thank you for the kind words. I hope this update doesn't either!


Welcome back to Cattala. Today we're having a special end-of-year review, of all the towns and cities that have made up this year's Cattala Journal, and it's 24 updates.

And of course, we have to do it in style. Introducing, the home for our celebration tonight, the Dionysus Arena in Celeste!


Our trip through 2012's memories begins a long time before this year even began. In January 2011, I made an announcement expressing my fear over the future of the journal, because my region had effectively seized up. No demand = No growth = No journal. Through much of 2011 of muddled through, until in November I decided to restart with a new region and new cities.

Five months later, I had a grown region with a natural growth style in some rural villages and towns, but also a giant port and a giant religious centre, the Holy Church of Calora. You can see the finished product from my update earlier this month below.


Between March and June I had my GCSE exams but also did some minor work in the background on Cattala, most notably moving all of my regions and plugins to my laptop, which is where I now do all my updates. This gave me much greater flexibility to play whenever I wanted, even with the 30 minute loading time! However I still wasn't content with the new region and decided to begin again. Again.

The second incarnation of the capital, Celeste, was the biggest project I've undertaken with this journal. Celeste is one of my favourite cities in Cattala and has made up almost a quarter of all the updates so far. This year it expanded from just an archaic neo-Parisian city into a melting pot of ancient, medieval, colonial, international and modern styles to become my biggest city ever. Here's an overview of Alder Hill, the first part of the new city to be completed.


In the summer we began a journey criss-crossing southern Lessito. Last year, one of the centrepieces of the journal was the summertime tour of Ontano Island, and this year I took us onto the mainland and along the route of the A6, visiting hamlets, villages and towns including Callavre.


In August my work on the biggest area of the new Celeste was finally completed, and the first few updates of Aziens were released in September. It included a view of Alder Court Park, home to Cattala's tennis champions, and also the skyscrapers of the eastern wing of the city. The historic Citadel is now close to completion too.



In October, this journal celebrated its second anniversary with a special edition compiling all the cities so far seen. However much of that months updates were focused on Cressa, an interactive village I was hoping to build with your input. It may return at some point in the future.


With my exams approaching, it's unlikely that next year will achieve more than the 25 updates so far seen this year. I very much enjoy Cattala, making this journal, crafting the cities and seeing what the readers think of it all.

I hope you also found Cattala as enjoyable as I did, and leave you with one of my favourite pictures of Vittoria, the suburb of Celeste. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and thanks for watching.




Buongiorno. All replies are coming next update when we have a special treat for you all. Today we're approaching the end of a bumper year for rural updates. Last autumn I took you on a tour of the southern island of Ontano in late autumn. Well now, we're exploring some of the mainland in winter. Welcome back, to Lessito.

But this isn't your usual Christmas update - Lessito features N.O.SNOW, of course! That's Will.i.am's cousin, if you didn't know.


Winter in Cattala is not pretty. There's no beautiful snowmen or mountains coated in crisp white powder or snow days (which are wonderful by the way). In fact... our beautiful season is in summer. Remember Yewell Village? It looked much warmer in July.


In some parts of this update, we'll also be looking at autumnal scenes in Lessito, such as in Darna. As the dark nights close in, and the siesta is replaced by early evenings, the leaves begin to fall and the skies cloud over.


Autumn is the last hurrah for Cattala's renowned forestry. Lessito's tourism industry actually spikes in October compared to the end of summer, thanks to the milder temperatures (roughly 23 celcius), and the array of colourful woodland.


It's a time for the farmers to end their harvests and begin preparing for the next season. Over winter, they can, or at least could in the past, put their feet up and have a rest from the early mornings and late evenings.


As December comes around, the rains begin. Cattala gets most of its rainfall in the wet winter period, with an average of 94mm in December alone. If there's no rain now, the likelihood of a summer drought is very high - fortunately, it has been raining over the past few weeks, as the lonesome BP Man can inform you.


The wet conditions can cause problems on the roads, especially in rural areas like Callavre. Heavy lorries often slide off of the roads, which also have to be suitable for the dry summer weather as well as winter rains.


Here we can see the town hall, lit up ready for Christmas celebrations. Unlike other Western cultures, Cattala doesn't go too over the top with decorations and tinsel, except in the big cities.


One thing that we do have in common though, is the problems it causes with the railways. Through much of December, especially Christmas, services to rural stations like Callavre are limited to perhaps three or four a day. For many, this means no connection with their family in Jennai or Calora, or their work in other towns. Those living alongside the tracks enjoy the respite though.



Down further south in Ontano Bridge, the heavy rains intensify from the coastline. But for the farmers, it can be the difference between a good harvest and a bad one.


Traffic to the cities swells at Christmas, with tourists replaced by locals as the main travellers. Many rural communities can become deserted as families visit relatives elsewhere in the country, but equally they can be filled with the cheer and jubilation as children, grand children and great grandchildren return to visit grandma and grandpa who live in the fields.


But of course, one place that enjoys the spirit of Christmas the most is the church. Throughout the kingdom, communities gather at Christmas in their parish churches for mass on the 25th day of the month. The shops are all closed, the roads deserted. It's Christmas, a time for family, community, and God.


When the clouds break, the fields glow, but not like in summer. Now they're quite empty of life, the wheat cut down and the fruits picked from the trees and vines. They'll be back soon though, that's for sure.


Now for the final stop on our extra-long journey today. Dallia, one of my personal favourites and a village almost off the grid. Even in winter it's a beautiful place...


Here's an overview of Dallia and the hamlets it encompasses. Still colourful, despite the late autumn setting. The wheat field in the bottom of the picture is almost ready to be plowed back into the soil to add nutrients ready for next year.


Winter. It's a time of waiting, and anticipation across Lessito. The busy harvests are all done, and the dark mornings and nights mean the rural communities hibernate, just like the natural world around them.


But soon, it'll be a hive of activity. Christmas, family celebrations, and the New Year mean a fresh start, and before too long it'll be time to plant and nurture and grow once again.

Until then, have a Merry Christmas, from Lessito.




Hellken: Thank you. The seawalls are part of the Malta set of the CSX WFK series. Here's a link: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=611

Peguin21795: Most of those are Mickebear's buildings from the BSC LEX, at Simcity4Devotion. The cathedral is also from the LEX, I believe it's the Schloss Charlottenburg.

Ggamgus; raynev1; Hazani Pratama; Mastof; Hiigarar; Dubaidude303; AcaCZV: Thank you very much for all of your comments and ratings.


Buongiorno and welcome back to Cattala. A few updates ago, we went on a railway journey and I think it was quite a popular one. Well today, we're back in the ol' global warming machines and taking a trip along the M2 Motorway. But since fuel prices are so high at the moment, we can only do a round trip of Vittoria Junction... Didn't you hear, Europe's poor?


This is only a short update because I can't overload my Dropbox account with mosaics. So, here's an overview of the whole junction area, a hub of industrial activity and an important stop off point between Celeste and Calora.


Only six updates to go until we reaching triple figures, so I thought we should visit one of my favourite regions of Cattala - Ontano Island. When I began doing rural updates back in 2010, it was my first time trying to create functional, aesthetically pleasing communities without the hustle and bustle of city life. In the previous update we saw one of my more recent rural communities, Allea, but it all began in South Ontano. This image stands out to me because it contrasted with the usual sunny image of life in the country. Thanks for viewing today.




Evillions: Yep, that's what they were used for. I loved the autumnal colours that really flowed with the fields.

HotChocolate: Oh really? Well I'm glad I'm pleasing a local! I haven't been to Italy for almost five years, so I'm glad my memory and inspiration is still half decent.

NMUSpidey: It's definitely made it easier to make updates and allow my creativity to flow. Those fields were completely by accident too, they just grew and looked nice. I was expecting some olive trees or something.

MushyMushy: Thanks! Yes it's been a long journey with Cattala. Kudos to you if you went through all of them, especially some of the more drab earlier ones!

dubaidude303: Thank you! I'm pleased you like it.

Hazani Pratama; Mastof; Raynev1; Aaron Graham: Thank you for your kind words, they're appreciated.


Buongiorno and welcome to the first Cattala update of this Advent season. As is customary, Cattala has begun preparations for the biggest festival of the year - unless you're head is buried in the sand, Christmas is on its way!


Now I could've shown you a picture of what you'd expect in the modern age - shopping, panicking and more shopping. However in Cattala we like to think we've stuck to the traditional method... or at least tried to. So, where better to visit in Advent then the religious centre of this Catholic kingdom.


The historic waterfront of Calora, south of the main industrial harbour, was built in the late 16th century by an ambitious Bishop of Calora hoping to use the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church to improve the lives of the residents of his diocese. The master plan was altered when the Cattalian Inquisition caused a schism and the new cathedral and waterfront became the focal point for the newly-founded Church of Cattala.


Today the Holy Church of Calora remains the home of Cattala's spiritual governors and the Divina Anima della Chiesa, the upgraded title for the Bishop of Calora. I hope you enjoyed this different pre-Christmas update, and enjoy your advent chocolate and Christmas shopping!


Continuing the build up to 100 Updates, today's Memory Lane takes us to the north of Fieranti. Although we only visited Allea once, it was one of my most memorable updates primarily because it took so long to make, but also because it was the first time I really incorporated MMP's and the glorious work of some of our rural prop creators. I very much enjoyed that update, and it taught me a lot about truly rural updates.



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