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About this City Journal

Ceaser is a city in the Cisco valley that was built following the great Cisco Valley War.

Entries in this City Journal


Ceaser is going to go on for about 3-6 more updates, maybe more, since someone was playing with the config.bmp file on my computer Ceaser is now gone forever, but luckily I took many, many images, and p.s, the region pop was at 759,871 right before Ceaser was lost. After I use all of my CJ images I am taking a break from cj'ing, since computer-related things keep messing up all of my cities, maybe I should switch to a mac and leave windows 7....

Edit: I just realized that alot of the pics I took are also gone, so make that like 3 or 4 updates....

And now for the update, I know this isn't my best


As you can see there is about 7 new buildings. The new tallest building is the Surprise Condominium Tower, which is the orange one.


This is a picture from the new movie "2013", which is a sequel to the 2009 film "2012". In "2013", recolonization starts as the ships shown at the end of the "2012" are finally in Africa, only to find out that Africa didn't rise at all, the whole world actually sunk, which means all settlements in Africa are still standing. Later on, the find out that another solar maximum occurs, so the same exact things happen to Africa, and eventually all humans and most land animals are extinct. The movie was given a 21% due to the bad ending and poor special effects, and to the fact that Ceaser isn't even close to Africa. The movie was named the worst movie ever.


This is the Ceaser Beltway River, a man made river to add beauty to the beltway and let the beltway not feel so congested, even though it failed to do that according to citizens.



None today!


Welcome to Downtown Beaverton. I have just walked out of city hall (the big glass building). Today I will show you around Beaverton, which has a population of 77,601. Beaverton is a prime suburb of Ceaser, as people even from Ceaser commute to Beaverton for work. That and many other things is why a new highway is being built to connect all the suburbs with Ceaser.


This is the Highland Lakes neighborhood of Beaverton, which has an estimated average income of 52,000 dollars! You know what, I can't wait till this new camera named "SimCity" comes out so all my pictures won't have to be in the air. It has been 1 years since they made one, and who takes 10 years to make a camera? Anyway, this neighborhood is growing very rapidly, but only because the citizens forced new jobs to be made as riots were happening all over Beaverton.


This is the Newark Pines neighborhood, which has an estimated income of 49,000. I used to live here, but I moved since it was growing to fast to fit my appeal. I also remember going to that community pool almost every single summer day. I remember one day it was so crowded that people were only able to stay in for like 30 minutes.


This is one of the oldest parts of Beaverton, which this neighborhood is still classified as downtown. The average income here is about 74,000, which ins't surprising at all. I have a friend that lives here and he hates it because everyone is so darn snobby. One of her neighbors said "Oh, we are struggling because we only take 7 vacations a year instead of 11 now". How snobby is that! I can only afford 1 vacation a year!


Last but not least, the Mayo Neighborhood, which has an average income of 41,000. I currently live here, and I love it. Its racially diverse, there's poor and rich people, not just rich, the schools are good, and so many other things. I make 39,024 a year while my neighbor makes 46,332 a year. Maybe you should move here, well, if you can get out of that silly video game named "Earth".

That was my tour of the suburb of Beaverton. I will do many more, such as Lance, and Valencia, and New Lavine. So be sure to watch this CJ and give my tour 5 stars!



Neragua-Thank you! I used Sim Goobers Base Pack Canals

Agoosha- The Stoplight Replacement Mod by Mandelsoft, zeldafan gave you the link

Isaiah110- Thanks!

zeldafan- Thanks for giving the link

westy177- The downtown wasn't really meant to be large and I was thinking about turning those roads into a small park...

dubaidude303- Thanks!

Jimmy Buzaid-Thanks! I been trying to remember how to turn those off!

grstudios- I believe they are on of "justanothersims" houses...

Regional Status


This is the Cisco Metropolitan Area so far, which it currently stands at 197,224 people. When it is done, it can have anywhere between 500,000 to 1.2 million! There are currently 2 cities in development (not complete) and those are Ceaser, and Valencia. At the moment Beaverton is the most populous city ONLY because it is 100% complete compared to Ceaser being only 20% complete.

Regional Planning Status


This is the regions current planning status. Wellington (approx 6 medium city tiles) is just an idea though, and it might be shrunken down to 4 or 5 medium city tiles. Beaverton and Quincy are complete, with Beaverton at 71,438 and Quincy at 13,953. Ceaser is at 53,601 so far and Valencia is at 30,297. and should be around 35,000-45,000 when complete (currently 80% complete). You can read about submitting ideas for planning at the bottom

Current/Proposed Projects (Vote with entry poll for new projects)

Western Valencia, seen on the map as undeveloped land with development here and there

Lance-Coastal City aimed for 20,000-40,000.

=Proposed= Ceaser Beltway Expansion

Submitting ideas for planning

All you have to do is use the attached image and submit as a reply (NOTE: Valencia planning changes will be ignored only because it is almost complete already and is at max. size)


Cisco has been completely destroyed in the Great Cisco Valley War, it is rumored that there is no survivors (you now the real reason in my last update), so Ceaser is now the new city for this CJ.

Ceaser is a growing city on the shore of the Cisco Valley, and keeps many Cisco Valley traditions such as only allowing middle class residents, building with urban form, and many others. But Ceaser has introduced something new, suburban planning. Suburban Ceaser has tons of trees, look-a-like houses, cul-de-sacs, and parks. So Ceaser will be around for a while...


The city has never gotten snow on average, but it has snowed on a few occasions. There has been a few years where the city is as dry as a desert.


This is Downtown Ceaser, which is really busy during rush hour. The Mayor of Ceaser has proposed to build a new freeway near downtown.


This is housing a few blocks from downtown, which is still considered urban. Most of the suburban housing starts pass the Ceaser Beltway.


This is a quiet day on Gargoyle Avenue and Vile Boulevard. You can see the lake of Merriam Memorial Park in the top-right corner.


This is a condo village in Eastern Ceaser, which have been popping all up around East and Southeast Ceaser.


This is traffic on the Ceaser Beltway, which most residents use on the average workday. It is rumored that the Mayor was expanding it, but not yet confirmed.




hjbk-Thanks! And the trees I forgot what mod I used, it was some realism mod.

city89- It was a modular theme park in 3 styles but to do what I did you have to download all three of them.

matezswag12- Thanks! Glad I did a good job on the theme park.


Current Residential Population: 401,229

Last Updates Residential Population: 262,989

Current Commercial Population: 397,468

Last Updates Commercial Population: 281,334


Sorry I haven't posted something in a while, but I have been working on joining the AIN, and this CJ will become the Ceaser Metropolitan Area after this update, since Cisco was a bad city, many mistakes, and just not built like the way I usually build my cities. So thank you all for reading my updates for Cisco, Ceaser is a tad bit smaller though, but still a very big city.


The Cisco Bay Area is known for its huge industrial population and its surprisingly middle class residential wealth. In 2009, The Great 7.2 Cisco earthquake struck 2 miles away from the bay. A 32 feet river tsunami hit the bay area and traveled down the Cisco River, despite the fact that it originated from Lake Peasant. The wave also caused damage in Downtown Cisco, only because it hit Cisco has zero hills or mountains. Anyway, the "Lower Class Revolution" has brought un-employment and a decline in the average income of Cisco.


As you can see, the "Lower Class Revolution" caused a "Middle Class Exile". The middle class people in the Cisco Bay Area demolished their houses so the lower class can't live in them. After that, they moved and never came back, which caused the lower class to move in, Cisco suffered a population loss, but it's population is now higher than ever at 401,229. The average income has fell from its peak of $40,000 down to $29,000


And now for a change in subject, this picture shows the evacuation for Hurricane Viking, named for being a Category 5 hurricane, and is expected to be a Category 3 at impact. Last hurricane to impact Cisco was Hurricane Vienna, which was a Category 2 and brought flood waters as high as 4 feet. Flood waters destroyed 2 buildings and damaged 19 buildings. It is estimated that 250 people died from this, and the city was lucky due to the fact that only 20% of the city evacuated. The storm has already passed over Short Island, home to almost 700,000 people. It was said that 890 people died, and 6,000 were injured, which is only because the hurricane struck during rush hour. After seeing the damage it did to short island, Cisco residents evacuated right away, and roads started to get a little crowded.


This is a picture of Hurricane Viking hitting Short Island, you can easily see how it caused a lot of damage. Channel 13 News interviewed residents when the storm's eye passed over the island, and this is what one resident said.

I was shocked to see it was this strong, my house flooded and our son had to go to the hospital after being electrocuted by the television. You should have been here to see it, all we heard was a loud roar and saw power flashes here and there. Then out of nowhere lightning struck in the middle of the road right of across from the food court. We are still waiting for the government to pick us up and take us to some bunker underground. I am just glad that we can get a break.

Since this is the last Cisco update, there are many ending scenarios, such as Cisco being destroyed, or a huge tsunami taking out the city, or the landscape being spotless after the storm, or basically just everyone dying and the world ends in a Day After Tomorrow like scene. So you readers out there can come up with one and make your own ending.




AnorexicPickle: Thanks!!

TylerWilkins: I have way more cc, just didn't want to use it

city89: Its called the network widening mod, which requires the NAM

Motina: What exactly do you mean by "Mass Zoning"

Pennyguy101: Thanks!! Tried to make it as real as I can!

matezswag12: Thanks very much!

poweredgirlie15: Thanks anyway!

Kevenbro: Thanks!

Cobra_nVidia: Thanks! And its hard to put seawalls on a smooth coastline.

Evandad: What terrain mod do you prefer me to use?

Status of Cisco Metropolitan Area

Current Residential Population: 262,989

Last Update's Residential Population: 147,881

Current Commercial Population: 281,334

Last Update's Commercial Population: 201,505


This is one of the newly developed areas that still have farming nearby. Areas like this have been rumored to have an average housing cost of 789,000 dollars! In Mountain Gate the average income is estimated at 45,000 dollars, one of the richest neighborhoods in Cisco!


This picture shows Southeastern Mountain Gate, which includes the Hilly Landfill, the Adult Swim Theme Park, Hotelville, a small area near the theme park that has just hotels, and the Cisco Valley Fair, which is located at the bottom of the picture.


This is the average lower class neighborhood of Mountain Gate, which makes Mountain Gate one of the first places in the Cisco Valley to allow lower class sims as residents.


This picture shows a peaceful neighborhood being battered by a huge storm that was generated due to El Nino weather patterns. When this storm was over, the Cisco Headliner reported that Cisco was struck with 65 MPH winds and more than 19 inches of rain in just 3 days.


This is Roller World, a sub-park of the Adult Swim Theme Park. Roller World has made international news when it opened Seania's fastest roller coaster, named Viper's Fury, which goes 300 MPH, only the bravest of the brave rides this!


Here you can see that there is still residents and businesses on Mt. Gate, the tallest mountain in Seania that is located in the middle of an urban area. This mountain has been bad luck sometimes. Like when the 7.1 Great Cisco Earthquake struck, sims on the mountain couldn't run as parts of the mountain collapsed on itself.


This right here is a neighborhood that has went from middle class to lower class, as many lower class sims are taking advantage of the opportunity to live in a nice neighborhood, since this is the only place they can live in the Cisco Valley.




Cisco is a city that is growing very fast due to the migration of Mexicans and Americans to Canada and Seania. Earth has seen the full force of global warming, the only reason why humans are still alive is the invention of food able to grow in conditions up to 928 degrees Fahrenheit. It is 2009 and the Earth now has 19 billion humans and the lowest average yearly temperature on Earth is 98 degrees in Antarctica. Seania has quickly grew from 1.2 million sims in 1967 to 291.30 million in 2009, which is almost impossible to believe, and the United States quickly shrunk from 199 million sims in 1967 to 23 million in 2009. Cisco is actually one of the only cities in Seania with steady growth.

Cisco Geology and Climate


Cisco gets an average of 567 earthquakes a year below 5.0, and only 2 a year above 5.0 BUT below 6.5. The largest earthquake to ever strike Cisco was a 7.1 and was unfortunately had an epicenter in Downtown Cisco. When this struck, all of the Seanian Farming Community (SFC) suffered from a severe economic downturn.


Cisco has a generally warm climate and averages only 2 months with lows under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The city also gets an average of 32 inches of rain a year, with the wettest year at 71 inches and the driest at 2 inches.

Population Demographics


Cisco is a city that has a very well controlled but speedy population growth rate. Ever since the city was started sims been rushing to the city as if there was no tomorrow. Cisco is known for having a history of middle class residents, and has just now started to welcome lower class residents in 2007. The Cisco metropolitan area is expected to grow to 634,202 in 2025. The rte of development is falling, but not fast enough and the average income for the metropolitan area is still 39,000.

City Structure



These two pictures show you how the Cisco the downtown area isn't interrupted by any of the water flows (rivers) and acts as if its just pieces of paper in a lowered terrain!


This picture reveals the common building styles in low density areas of Downtown Cisco. This common styling has never been changed that much and they have buildings with these styles since 1921!


This picture shows the Avengers Stadium and the Goobify Towne Mall, in which both are surprisingly easy to get to due to the fact it is near Cisco Avenue (6-lane road in top right corner). Both of these have provided a healthy but steady boost to Cisco's already strong economy.


This here is Cisco Avenue, the busiest street in Cisco and a primary access source for Cisco's commercial population. The segment of Cisco Avenue in this picture gets an average usage of 3,981 cars a day, and the record usage was 5,011. When the usage hit that amount, the only jobs in Cisco was in downtown and there was no public transit besides ferry, and the usage only went down when jobs where spread out around the city.




Now you can see the complex but slowly developing suburban form of the Cisco metro, due to the weird fact that sims are interested in moving into the Cisco Proper instead of the Cisco metro. Development hit a high in 2009 for the Cisco Metro Area, when re-development came in and more houses equaled less workers which resulted in a full population loss of the lower class, but if you look at the population chart above, it didn't take long for development to spring up again. As for the Cisco Proper, development hit a high in 2002, when the population was growing at an un-controllable rate and it wasn't in the budget. This resulted in the city budget going negative, and that caused commercial abandonment. When this happened jobs went away and so did the population, as you could see in the population chart, it took a few years for growth could pick up again... it was like a mini-recession.



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