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  1. #2 - Med Inspirations - Farming

    Spectacular work!! Wish I was there!
  2. BTT (CJ section): 11 October 2012

    Great work, Benoit and all the CJs on here!
  3. Wombosa: Gateway to the Swahali Desert

    Really interesting-looking city. The photo with the The Al-Harari Mosque is especially amazing.
  4. 2 - 26 : Crikkers

    Hmm, do not like the eating muskrat business Everything else looks really great, though. Love how organic the layout is.
  5. Updated Region View + Update 10 Teaser!

    Nice image: the mark-making reminds me of a Giacometti drawing
  6. Constangeles - Mamaia Beach District - TEASER

    Cool work! I've thought about blocking the Maxis building a few times, but was too worried about what would happen
  7. Jaguar News Update 7

    Looking forward to the Art Museum!
  8. Replies + Teaser

    Oh wow, really amazing as usual! Love your use of the ploppable water!
  9. Catareina

    Beautiful choice of custom BATs and great layout! Haha@ "Wirdleplex"
  10. From Portland Pass to the City Of Portland.

    Nice work. Interesting rock mod too
  11. With the aid of her rather apathetic ally Chief Mole Vole of Vole Atoll, Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s city the Isle of Mouse has become a center of trade and commerce in southern Rodentia. The unemployment rate is down (including those who have dropped out of the workforce) and both the public and private sectors report productivity is up (although this may be because of the new and wildly popular “Bring-Your-Rodent-To-Work Day” program held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays). At 6,128 residents, Isle of Mouse has become second only to Squirrelton in population. Out of obligation, curiosity, and a vague sense of feeling threatened, Mayor Michael Nutter of Squirrelton traveled to Isle of Mouse to offer a resentment-tinged congrats to his fellow mayor Nancy-Pelosi-Goundsquirrel this week. As pictured in the Isle of Mouse Tribune, mayors Michael Nutter of Squirrelton (who seems to be breaking the forth wall) and Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel of Isle of Mouse discuss the governing of Rodentia. Although the Rodentian leaders may look an awful lot like the current mayor of Philadelphia, PA and House Minority Leader of the 112th US Congress, Isle of Mouse’s Center for Paranormal and Normal Rodent Studies assures us that the two who exist in the United States are actually doppelgangers of their Rodentian counterparts. An aerial view of Isle of Mouse. While the mayors were on a boat tour of the city, there was a graphics glitch on one of the passenger ferries but Mayor Nutter tactfully chose to not mention it. Pictured below are the three most profitable stores in all of Rodentia. The islet of Isle of Mouse is home to an exclusive yacht club. “This is where my yacht The Minnie is docked,” Nancy Pelosi-Goundsquirrel noted to Mayor Nutter. “Say, where’s yours?” Michael Nutter mumbled an unintelligible reply and quickly changed the subject to the status of municipal bonds. Seeking to make up for her previous disregard for sports, Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel was quick to show Michael Nutter the new football field, home to the Isle of Mouse’s High School’s football team The Mighty Fleabags. Pleased, Mayor Nutter predicted many good match ups between The Mighty Fleabags and Squirrelton High’s Fighting Squirrels. As evening drew near, Mayor Nutter stopped into a tattoo parlor along the boardwalk and impulsively got an “I Heart Rodentia” tattoo on his left forearm. Much to Mayor Nutter’s delight, the aviary (pictured below left) hosts an impressively-sized flying squirrel colony. Mayors Pelosi-Groundsquirrel and Nutter were going end the visit by taking a night tour of Isle of Mouse via helicopter. At the last second, Pelosi-Goundsquirrel flaked, citing an unset stomach and slight fever. Disappointed, Mayor Nutter spent the evening eating microwave popcorn in his hotel room and watching The Secret of Nimh. --------------- Credits: SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, OWW, CSK, Pond, Stream, lighthouses, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, Godiva MMPs, HBS Tropical flora, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, AGS Taylor Field, BATs are from MadHatter, Sim Goober, Cobb Harbor Villiage, GDV Yacht Club, Aviary Dome Park by RafaRivera --------------- Replies: @Paulobergonci: thanks! I love finding new MMPs to try out. stunning nature, great work @Schulmanator: Haha, thanks. Yes, Rodentia has yet to come up with any feline-type cat repellant @NMUSpidey: Thanks—Hahaha, yeah—Chief Mole Vole and Nancy Pelosi-Goundsquirrel did not hit it off particularly well, kind of like Obama and Netanyahu @Hazani Pratama: thanks so much, so glad you like it nice! @Jetty Jockey: Thanks! Will try @SimCoug: thanks, it’s fun to try to think of the most ridiculous ideas I can think of and incorporate it into my interest in playing SimCity Yeah, I’ve been really into the tropical plants MMP by nbvc, as I can place them in shallow water too. well done, and improving with each update. @nedal2001: thanks! @urbanconstanta: thanks a lot! @MilitantRadical: thanks so much, having a lot of fun developing a weird City Journal --------------------- Thanks everyone for looking at my City Journal The Region of Rodentia
  12. Chapter 22: Weye II

    Beautiful work on the flora and layout of the town. Look like a really serene place
  13. #10... An attempt at a different style...

    Experimenting is good! I also really like the look of how you applied the effect.
  14. Replies & Hiatus

    Will miss your beautiful CJ (but excited about the upcoming custom content)
  15. Þréo Burhtúnas beinnan Án!

    Great looking city! The city seems to like baseball