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  1. Boxes instead of trees

    Thanks for the suggestions. I walked through many of the BATS and finally installed a dependency that was missing-and it worked. Thanks again!
  2. Boxes instead of trees

    Yes, thank you. I am at a loss for what is causing this. I am sorry for being vague with the subject line. I have attempted to follow your course of deduction and have not been successful yet. However, I will continue to along that line because it really is the only option. Thanks again!
  3. I have had to reinstall SC4 Deluxe due to a computer issue. After installing and beginning to play all of my lots have the dreaded box instead of trees. No matter what the lot I have all boxes and no trees. I cannot figure out which dependency or texture I am missing. I have played for years and never seen this before now.
  4. I have 1.1.613.0 installed on 4-4-17, but I still have no NAM 35 installation. I purchased the disks at Amazon, and installed them. My computer had crashed and I updated everything on it. I lost the SC4 disks I had, so I had to purchase the new ones. I did no other modifications prior to attempting the patch install.
  5. I am attempting to install the 1.1.638.0 patch that I need to update to NAM 35. I downloaded, but upon installation am being told it cannot find the "old file". Can someone suggest a next step? Thanks
  6. SG Auto Factory

    Downloaded this lot but I am getting the colored flag instead of the building. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  7. Large Freight Train Station