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  1. RRetail Restaurant Relots - Version 2.0

    Let me start like this: your lots look really, really good. It´s incredible how these lots manage to breath new life into these old models. Yet for the life of me, I can´t figure out how to use these. I assume because they are relots that I just need the original autors models, desc files and all needed dependencies of course. However, ingame they show up as non-functional landmarks with high costs or as functional landmarks with identical stats and all are named Blank_CS$$. Am I missing something?
  2. Urban School

    Excellent! This school fits in anywhere, be it as a rural education center or a downtown facility.
  3. Maxis Renewal - Civics

    Really nice re-lots, everything fits well together. Good job! I have one small gripe with it it though: - The fences of the Police kiosk stay even after i bulldoze it. They disappear however when build over (except zoning). Apart from that, beautiful!
  4. Maxis Prop Names and Query Fix

    You get three important prop files AND better immersion so to speak through seeing the actual names of the lots. Essential download.