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  1. How big is your plugins folder?

    My Plugin folder is 1.96GB compressed. fern244 so sorry to hear about your plugin folder I did the same thing when I upgraded to Vista in Dec 07.
  2. Hospital Ship Hikawamaru

    Awesome Thank you
  3. Cargo Wharf

  4. Cargo Ships

    These are great thanks
  5. Cargo Passenger Ship Hikawamaru

    I think it's great. the red is alot better than the drab gray. thank you
  6. AS Archaeological Dig Site

    Nice idea
  7. Arids extraction

    Looks pretty cool
  8. BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1

  9. Nexis Grain Silo Elevators

    Good to see you back. Great work
  10. PEG Garbage Chute

    i just love the story. great idea
  11. PEG CDK SV Plus Pack 1

    THis is great
  12. PEG RR Rural Freight Station

    i've been away for a few months, it's great to see you're here. i love all your lots. they are so great.
  13. hi tech small fire station

    I think it's great. Thanx