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  1. Nice Job.It is lot better than the original.

  2. PEG Power Tower Pylons

  3. Federation Square Station

    Great Work!
  4. SCAG Learjet 45 Pack 1

    Looks exactly like the FSX default :D
  5. PEG AREA 52

  6. Deadwoods Theater

    WOW!!! :D another BRILLIANT Simgoober BAT
  7. SCAG Cessna 208 Pack 1

    WOW!! great work, just like the real Cessna Caravan :) 10/10
  8. SFBT Euro Road Textures Mod by frimi2

    BTW the Road Textures Mod also works with Standard SimCity 4.
  9. TG Suncorp Metway Plaza

    Wow Really detailed!! I live in Brisbane i should know!!!
  10. PEG UT Medium Plaza

    WOW Very NICE!!!!
  11. PEG UT Large Mall Canal

    WOW Really Really Nice!!!!!!!!!!! amazing :o
  12. Burj Al Alam the World Tower

    Ooooooooooo! :o
  13. Small Town Hospital

    Very Nice!!!! :)
  14. Smog remover

    Try and change what your looking for, example if you search for smog cleaner, remover etc thats only one type of search if you did something like Airpurification, Depolluter, you might find different results.