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  1. Eureka Tower

  2. Perhaps some of you around here still remember me and this journal. If you do I have something to say to you. If the name "New Chandler" doesn't ring any bells, this probably isn't going to excite you As you may have figured out if you followed this journal at any point in the last year (or four), I have left Simtropolis and the Sim City community to focus on my now-concluded senior year and the events that the great big world has in store for me in the future. You assumed right, this journal has indeed ended, as has my Sim City career. However, I was lurking on this site earlier this week, and remembered that during this time in early July four years ago was the time I began this journal, which I hastily called "New Chandler" for lack of a better name, since I didn't think it would be a long-lasting project. Looking back at this endeavor from the end of its journey, New Chandler went on for 3 years, 63 updates, went through 3 unions and hoards of Simlympic events, amassed roughly a thousand comments on a plethora of Sim City fansites, and a remarkable amount of views beyond my wildest desires as a journalist (over 90,000 views were on Simtropolis alone, the 11th most in the history of the site at the time of me writing this) on its way to the Top 10 of Ben's Top 100. If you would have told me that those numbers would be for one of my creations four years ago, I would have been in in plentiful disbelief and would have asked you, "the hell are you smoking?" I said my good-byes to my bombastic union life long ago, and to my friends at Simmania in November, but I realized as I randomly stopped by Simtropolis recently that I more-or-less vanished from this site without much of a warning to anyone who wasn't a member of Simmania, which wasn't really appropriate, for this was the site that truly made my journal as enjoyable and such a statistical "success" (if you can call it that) as it was for me for the past years. So yes, I'm here almost an entire year after I left to write my final goodbyes to this place, merely because I didn't do so back then. I'm going to miss this place, and reading every heartfelt comment you guys had on this creation of mine I shared with you on the more lonely and rainy Portland nights. Many of you viewed my humble work as something truly special, and it is a wonderful feeling that I am going to miss. Never would I have ever imagined in my wildest dreams that my work, as ambitious or laid-back as it may have been, would be something people would look forward to seeing. Words cannot explain how thankful I am for all you have done to make this journal what it became. As baseball announcer Ernie Harwell said: "It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure." I'm going to college in two months and I can't wait to see where it takes me, because I do not doubt it will throw lots of exciting suprises at my life. Best wishes to all of you and all of your future aspirations as well. -Ky Smith, the journalist better known as K50 6 July 2014
  3. Using MMPs | Creating a River setting

    Great tutorial Huston, thanks for sharing
  4. Part1 - Christchurch City

    Looks nice :)
  5. Touraan | Al Yamsal

    It's like Nouadhibou, Gansbaai all over again :P Awesome work my friend!
  6. Newport: Part 1 - Introduction and Teaser

    I love that central park, nicely done :)
  7. Driving Around

    You said the road dies... and road's aren't capable of dying :P Anyway it's great to see a driving update from you - your driving updates are what got a lot of us hooked on your work several years ago, and you've still got that touch :)
  8. BTT (CJ section): 19 September 2013

    I'm happy with four, congrats to Hiigarar and the rest :)
  9. It's a Driving Update! Highway 1 Southbound

    Huston: Thanks for the comment, I'm glad this warmed your night :P (not trying to sound creepy there) mystic_destiny: Thanks for the comment, I personally would love to see you do a driving update! Benedict: Always nice to see your comments, thanks! raynev1: I'm glad you think it's fantastic, thank you very much :) TekindusT: Thanks for the comment... that's probably unlikely but you never know :P Haljackey: Thanks for the comment, it's great to see a comment from you on my work :) I don't think I'll be able to make a video just because the computer I use is getting old (and I certainly wouldn't make one like what you do) but there's always a possibility :) Jedahdiah: Thanks for the comment, I think I know you like my driving updates :P kj3400: Thanks for stopping in Kenny, it's been a while! I think you're still the roadgeekery king around here though. UndercoverNinja12: Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it! gman28: Thanks for the comment - always nice driving around without maniac drivers, isn't it? pole475: Haha thanks for the comment :P RepublicMaster: Glad you thought so, thanks man! Paulobergonci: Thanks for the praise, I'm sure you could if you put a little time into planning it :)