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About this City Journal

Kenai Province is a large Province with extinct volcanoes and meteor craters. The region has grown to have over 700,000 sims. There are small towns, counties and cities such as Verona Beach,...

Entries in this City Journal


Kenesaw presented a lot of challenges. I finally figured out the rain tool. I couldn't find any bridges with the tahoe water that were suitable for the rivers, so I had to make land bridges. I will let the pics speak for themselves. First, I give you 2 sneak peeks at the amount of detail update 2 will have.


Now onto the entry. Enjoy 8)


My next update will be detail shots to show off the meticulous work that went into trying to make Kenesaw realistic. I would like to add that I

recently installed the SPAM mod and everything that goes along with it and have to admit, peg and team have renewed my love for this game.

Thank you again for your amazing work, you have given me an outlet for my artistic side. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya


Here're 2 shots of the area in Kenai Province. Kenesaw is a young city, but plans are already in place for settling down river.



Now onto Port Sumner. A new international airport was built along with a small municipal airport for regional flights.






The ocean front was re-built after structural problems were found in the retaining wall.


The land that was recently occupied by the old airport was turned into a plaza.


This is the new highway system. The new highway tunnels under the amusement park and golf course and exits between downtown and the seaport.









Now for a quick look at what has been delaying my updates. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.












That wraps up this entry. Though it has been some time since my last entry, my next entry will showcase some of the artistic possibilities of SC4. I would like to thank PEG and the crew for the amazing work they have done to improve the game. :D


Fort this entry, I give to you the Port Sumner Country Club and Camp Wahooga. Please enjoy this entry 10.gif

PortSUmnercountryclubmmap.jpgThis the map for the country club. It was designed to be a loop. You start at the clubhouse and finish at the clubhouse.

PortSUmnerCountryCluboverview1.jpgIn this shot you can see hole 3, the path leads to hole 4 tee, hole 5 pin and hole 6. Then you proceed to hole 7 at the top.

PortSUmnerCountryCluboverview2.jpgHere are the clubhouse, club pool, holes 8 and 9 and the driving range. To the west of the country club is Miller Park.

PortSUmnerCountryClubrangeholes12458and9A better shot with holes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 and the driving range. Sumner Pond is stocked in the spring and club members can fish if they don't feel like golfing.

PortSUmnerCountryClubcloseupofhole2.jpgThis is a close up of hole 2, the river that surrounds it and Sumner Pond.

PortSUmnerCountryClubHarperPond.jpgThis is Sumner Pond in the summer. Looks like people are fishing today.

PortSUmnerCountryClubholes23and4.jpgThe look out points are popular for club members. This is the transition from hole 2 to hole 3. And access path connects hole 2 to holes 4 and 5.

PortSUmnerCountryClubcloseupofhole3tee.jThis is the tee location for hole 3 and most of the fairway.

PortSUmnerCountryClubhole4and5.jpgPortSUmnerCountryClubcloseupofholes4and5Holes 4 and 5.

PortSUmnerCountryClubhole6.jpgThis is hole 6. The path to the north leads to hole 7.

PortSUmnerCountryClubhole7tee.jpgPortSUmnerCountryClubcloseupofhole7greenHole 7 tee and pin locations.

PortSUmnerCountryClubcloseupofhole8tee.jPortSUmnerCountryClubhole8closeup.jpgPortSUmnerCountryClubhole9.jpgHoles 8 and 9 plus the clubhouse and driving range.

portSUmnercountryclubpool.jpgThe pools is only open to club members and their families.

PortSUmnerCountryClubrange.jpgThis is the driving range. Felger Pond is to the north. Now onto Camp Wahooga and a glimpse of Fort Sumner.

campWahooga1.jpgThis is Camp Wahooga.

campWahooga2.jpgThere are a lot of campsites and the camp itself covers a huge area of the city. The camp was walled in after wild animals made off with food.

campwahooga3.jpgcampWahooga4.jpgCamp Wahooga from another angle.

campWahooga5.jpgLots to do at this summer camp.

campWahooga6.jpgPart of Fort Sumner can be seen. there are reenactments every 2 hours from sunrise till sunset. On special occasions, there are night reenactments.

campWahooga7.jpgThere is a waiting list for campers who wish to stay here.

campWahooga8.jpgShowers, changing rooms and bathrooms are plenty in this camp. There are hot springs scattered about the grounds.

campWahooga9.jpgThis is 1 of 2 trail heads. A majority of campers get dropped off. There is a shuttle for local residents.

campWahooga10.jpgThis is the other trail head.

campWahooga11.jpgThe ranger stations are popular meeting spots.

campWahooga12.jpgCamp staff stay in cabins. There are dining halls scattered around the camp for those who want a home cooked meal.

campWahooga13.jpgCampers who play football can get plenty of practice during the summer.

campWahooga14.jpgSoccer and baseball players get to practice as well.

FortSumner.jpgA re-enactment is right on time.

campWahooga18.jpgcampWahooga17.jpgcampWahooga16.jpgcampWahooga15.jpgAnd last but not least, 4 night shots of the camp. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.


I present to you, the Sumner Summit Resort. It is open year round offering mountain bike and hiking trails in the summer while in the winter skiing and snowboarding dominate the landscape.

SumnerSummitResort1.jpgThere is plenty of room for all levels of experience.

SumnerSummitResort3.jpgThere's even an area for slalom and downhill racing.

SumnerSummitResort2.jpgThis was just at dawn, so only a few people were on the slopes.

sumnerresortsummer1.jpgThe fire tower is at the highest point in the city.

sumnerresortsummer2.jpgThe netting offers some safety for stray mountain bikers.

sumnerresortsummer3.jpgThat tight turn at the bottom of the hill is wipe out lane. The owner of the resort is considering having warning signs posted.

WhackyLandpamuandthelodge.jpgA bicycle school is across from the resort.

WhackyLandandSumnerSUmmitResort.jpgIf hiking and mountain biking isn't your thing, head over to Whacky Land.


WhackyLandoverview2.jpgWhackyLandoverview3.jpgThe most popular ride is the coaster next to the highway.

Whackylandparkcanter.jpgEven in the height of the summer, the park is never too crowded.

Whackylandwaterworld.jpgthe water slides and pool are closed for the time being due to renovations.

Whackylandferriswheelandringoffire.jpgWatching the kart races from the Ferris wheel is a fun thing to do.

Whackylandcoaster2.jpgKarts are lined up ready to be raced around the track.

Whackylandcoaster1.jpgThe wooden coaster Goliath draws the biggest crowds.

Whackylandride1.jpgThe fountains are a popular meeting spot for friends and family.

WhackylandparkinglotsbcdandthekiddiecoasThe entrance to the park feature the Little Giant kiddie coaster.

Whackylandentranceatnight.jpgThis is the entrance at night. And now for a sneak peak.

RichardsonPond.jpgThat is Felger Pond. Golfers try to hit the ball far enough to land in the pond, most fail however.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry and have inspired some ideas. Do Svidaniya.


sumner1.jpgThe Fairmont Isthmus was a natural barrier between the river and the sea. It now is home to the tallest building in the province.

PortSumner-night10.jpgI love how I was able to manipulate the land and have the rail enter the subway system right before it goes into the sea. :D

sumner2.jpgThis section of the city is known as Millennium Heights. It took a long time to get approval to build the 3 residential towers due to the proximity of the airport. Patience prevailed in the end.

PortSumner-night7.jpgI'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I removed simfox's day n' night mod. The nights were just too dark for my taste and didn't allow for the beautiful night lights to be seen so well.

PortSumner-night6.jpgThe blue building is 1 of my fav., so I am highlighting it in this entry. The residential towers are above the building in this shot.

PortSumner-night5.jpgThis is looking south at Millennium High School. The rail exits the subway here, crosses the Kenai River and enters the subway system on the isthmus.

sumner3.jpgThe navy has a battleship and a destroyer in port at the same time, a rare occurrence since usually only 1 or the other is in port. Rumor is they rushed home to be part of this entry ;)

PortSumner-night11.jpgThe port is busy at all hours, even weekends.

PortSumner-night4.jpgThe boardwalk is a popular spot at night.

sumner4.jpgA big chunk of downtown was zoned for industrial to aid in expansion and justified the extension of Industrial Avenue, which leads to the port.

PortSumner-night1.jpgThe Sumner Rockets play soccer at Wilcott Field. As you may have noticed, some stubborn sims refused to sell their homes and have to live amongst towers now.

PortSumner-night9.jpgMore stubborn sims here. Oh well, it helps break up clusters of towers. There's always a silver lining. 10.gif

sumner5.jpgDowntown employees 75% of the residents in the city. Using plazas and canals help spread out the towers.

PortSumner-night2.jpgIt appears a new skyscraper was erected before this shot. There were too many Shilito buildings anyway.

sumner6.jpgIt's hard to get lost in Camp Wahooga with that sky scraper right there lol.

sumner7.jpgThe Pine Bluffs Industrial Park was the deciding factor in weather or not to build a highway. So they started it here and went south as well as connecting the neighboring county.

sumner8.jpgThis is a big part of the original town of Sumner, the port was built later on and the residents voted to change the name to Port Sumner. Older folks still call this area Sumner.

sumner9.jpgThis is the old town center. A subway station/bus stop occupies the center where a statue once stood.

sumner10.jpgSumner High School has been renovated numerous times. The football field on the other hand has yet to be updated.

sumner11.jpgThe Prescott Center towers of Saint Thomas's Cathedral.

Sumner12.jpgThe Sumner Ice Center is popular all year long. The Sumner Land sharks hockey team plays here.

Sumner13.jpgA quick overview of  Lake Zaykum, the ballpark, zoo, aquarium, swim center and Miller Park (across the avenue from the ballpark)

Sumner15.jpgThe lake is named after a local poet whom lived along the shore of the lake. To the left is Boulder Pond, any wonder why?

Sumner14.jpgThis is a close-up of Zaykum Lake to show the amount of detail on the shore and trees.

I have decided to keep the city to a 1 part entry. My next entry will be on the Sumner Summit Resort and Whacky Land Amusement Park.

Well that's it for this entry. I hope you have enjoyed. Do Svidaniya

Note: My plugins folder is now 2.26 gigs uncompressed. Load times are instant, no lag or problems thanks to my rig 17.gif


A new city was founded along the Kenai River south of Port Minnatonka. It is named Port Sumner and features Fort Sumner, Camp Wahooga, the Sumner Summit Resort and Whacky Land Amusement Park. 10.gif

KenaiRiver--PortSumner1.jpgPort Sumner is a strategic port for the SimNavy.

KenaiRiver-PortSumner2.jpgThe provincial government has proposed plans to build a highway north to connect Port Sumner with the rest of the region. Settlers are planning on moving south along the river as well.

PortSumner.jpgThis is Port Sumner in the winter.

sumneroverview1.jpgThe rich live in this section of the city. You can see the Sumner Summit Resort and the Port Sumner Country Club.

sumneroverview2.jpgThe Zaykum Bridge spans the widest section of the Kenai River. Whacky Land is a large amusement park that draws millions of tourists a year.

sumneroverview3.jpgThe stretch of land with the sky scrapers is known as the Fairmont Isthmus. No highway was built inside the city limits. By the time the city could afford to build a highway system, downtown was already crowded and towers had been built. Engineers have considered an underground highway, The city will put it to vote in the next election.

sumneroverview4.jpgHere you can see the financial district, industrial sector, Camp Wahooga and Fort Sumner.

SumnerSummitResortduringsummer.jpgThis is the Sumner Summit Resort during the summer. The resort is open year round. In the winter there is skiing, snow boarding and sledding. During the summer there is hiking and mountain biking. PAMU Mountain Bikes has a training school, retail store and rental center across from the resort.

SUmnerSummitResortinwinter.jpgThis is the Sumner Summit Resort in the winter.

I will have 2 series on the city itself followed by a series highlighting Whacky Land and the Sumner Summit Resort and a series on the port Sumner Country Club and Camp Wahooga. Thank you for checking out this preview, I hope you have enjoyed it. Do Svidaniya.


This second part will be a night series. I had to remove the day/night mod, everything was too dark and it was hard to see the campsites.

dmvpt2-1.jpgWe will start off with the community at night.

dmvpt2-2.jpgThe Lucinda falls at night is a tourist hotspot.  Residents have complained about people parking along their streets and making a lot of noise. The parks dept. has proposed to buy the houses along the street and then constructing a park with a lookout platform so tourists can safely view the falls.

dmvpt2-3.jpgThe Navy pier at night.

dmvpt2-4.jpgThe campgrounds span across the rim of the crater and down the mountainside. The main campsite lies along the banks of Lake Arapi, with ranger island in the middle. The park rangers meet and train as well as camp on this island.

dmvpt2-5.jpgThe hydroelectric complex is illuminated at night and is visible from almost any spot in the town. Access hatches run down the mountain to provide access to the conduit tunnels that house the transmission lines underground.

dmvpt2-7.jpgThis is 1 of the trail heads at night. There are 3 trail heads, with plans to construct parking garages.

dmvpt2-8.jpgEach trail head provides commerce and jobs to the area. Most park rangers live in these small communities along the road. The trails are wide enough for the heavy duty fire trucks housed at the small fire stations around the mountain.

dmvpt2-9.jpgAnother trail head, with a small school nearby.

dmvpt2-10.jpgThe village center at night.

dmvpt2-11.jpgThe village has it's own resort hotel now.

dmvpt2-12.jpgMencia Island is illuminated at night and is a popular place for joggers. There are plans to construct a parking garage and some kind of trail system to keep joggers off the road. Extending the island to provide land for a recreational area is being considered.

dmvpt2-13.jpgCamp Shasta at night.

dmvpt2-14.jpgBoyscout Island at night with campers sitting around the bonfire. Now onto Mt. Arapi Provincial Park and it's campgrounds.

dmvpt2-15.jpg2 of the 3 trails are visible here.

dmvpt2-16.jpgThere's a big campsite at the top of the mountain here.

dmvpt2-17.jpgFinding a campsite here is easy as long as you get 1 before the sun starts going down.

dmvpt2-18.jpgThis is another big campsite with showers and a ranger station that is hidden by a big tree in this shot.

dmvpt2-19.jpgThis is the highest point of the mountain. Lookout platforms were built along the trails. They not only provide views for tourists, they give rangers a clear view of the mountain side to spot forest fires.

dmvpt2-20.jpgAnother big campsite along the trail.

dmvpt2-21.jpgNo seats were available around this bonfire tonight.

dmvpt2-22.jpgThe main campground and Ranger Island.

dmvpt2-23.jpgSeems all campsites are occupied this night.

dmvpt2-24.jpgThis is looking west. The ranger station that was hidden by a tree a few shots ago is visible here. The bonfire pit here is crowded tonight.

dmvpt2-25.jpgThe trails wind up the mountain along cliffs. The parks dept. wants to build the same style lookout platform at Lucinda Falls.

dmvpt2-26.jpgAnother trail head.

dmvpt2-27.jpgSome of the cliffs are too steep for trees to grow on.

dmvpt2-28.jpgA close-up of 1 of the big campsites.

dmvpt2-29.jpgThe pools are closed at night and the thermal ponds never close.

dmvpt2-30.jpgThe trails are popular even at night.

dmvpt2-31.jpgEven the lookout platforms are popular at night.

dmvpt2-32.jpgThere are shower buildings along the trails as well as bathrooms and porta-potties.

dmvpt2-33.jpgI wish sims would not leave their campfires lit while they meander over to the lookout platforms.

dmvpt2-34.jpgA close-up of the bonfire pit in Camp Arapi.

dmvpt2-35.jpgCamp Arapi at night.

dmvpt2-40.jpgA close-up of Ranger Island.

dmvpt2-39.jpgA closer look at a corner of Camp Arapi.

dmvpt2-41.jpgThe trail down the inside of the crater don't have campsites due to the steepness of the terrain.

dmvpt2-42.jpgA close-up of the last shot looking west.

That is it for this entry. The highway corridor is finished and plans for expansion are underway. Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed. Do Svidaniya.


Pre-planning of Del Monte Vista.

46.jpgA lot of terra forming had to be done to get the final result.

47.jpgThere was no direct route from the mainland to the island, so I had to build an island in the channel and then tunnels so that the aquatic wild life could swim as they always have. Conservation is important to me. :)

48.jpgThe tunnel system with the temporary access road on the island.

49.jpgAll that land is from the volcano erupting. Del Monte Vista was built here.

50.jpgMt. Arapi after eruption. The mountain is smoother after lots of terra forming. Onto the finished product.

1.jpgThis is the Island of Del Monte Vista along with Mt. Arapi and Lake Arapi.

2.jpgThis is a shot of the village of Shasta, Mt. Shasta, the Shasta river, Lake Shasta and Lake Viera.

3.jpgA closer look at the island. Countless hours were spent detailing the river and trees going up the mountain.

4.jpgOh lookie, a battle ship is in port.

5.jpgThere are campsites on the rim of the crater. Hikers climb down the inside of the crater to swim and fish in Lake Arapi.

6.jpgThe power company is known as Arapi Hydro-electric. The dams are part of the Mt. Arapi Hydro-electric Complex. Without the dams in place, the island would experience flooding on a weekly basis since the province gets a lot of rain and snow year round.

8.jpgThe rail line tunnels under the lake to preserve the lake and island. Port Minnetonka has a large lake now thanks to Mt. Shasta erupting.

9.jpgA nice shot of Camp Shasta.

10.jpgA closer look at the Shasta River.

12.jpgThere's boyscout island. The camp dock on the mainland is at the northern tip of Shasta Village. The road at the top is a marker for where the edge of the lake in Port Minnetonka is to be formed. ;)

11.jpgThe northern section of Lake Viera and the highway interchange.

13.jpgThe southern part of Shasta Village.

20.jpgBoyscout island looking south.

21.jpgThe main dock for the island camp.

22.jpgThe village center.

23.jpgTraffic enters the tunnel here.

24.jpgThis is the access island for the 2 tunnels that connect the island to the mainland.

25.jpgThe other end of the tunnel. This is where Del Monte Vista begins.

26.jpgThe Kerr River empties into the sea here.

27.jpgThe Kerr River winds through Del Monte Vista.

28.jpgBridges were too costly for the community, so they built culverts under the roads.

29.jpgThe fork where the Kerr River begins. the Rhu River continues south.

30.jpgThis is Del Monte Vista Center. The Rhu flows through it.

31.jpgMore of the Rhu flowing south.

32.jpgThe Rhu River empties into the sea over Rhu Falls. The avenue to the right is Industrial Ave. and heads to the port.

33.jpgThis is Port Monte Vista.

34.jpgTown Center is a mix of industry, commercial and government.

35.jpgThere are 2 Dave & Busters to handle the demand for modern gaming. The Food Tiger is the only grocery store on the island.

36.jpgThe neighborhoods in Del Monte Vista are peaceful.

37.jpgThis is the northern part of Del Monte Vista.

38.jpgThe island has a lot of water towers, 1 is next to the Monte Cristo Chapel.

39.jpgThe Lucinda river and her falls.

40.jpgThe fork where the Kerr River begins is to the bottom right. The power substation distributes all power from the plant.

41.jpgThis is the commercial district of Del Monte Vista.

42.jpgThis is the edge of the town. More people live around the island.

43.jpgThis is the tallest building on the island. The fuel tanks for the navy pier can be seen to the lower left.

45.jpgThe road around the island is very curvy. Office towers are few and far between on this road.

44.jpgA close-up of the navy pier and battle ship.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.

Update. Del Monte Vista will be a 2 part series instead of 3. Part 2 will focus mainly on the new campsites built around Lake Arapi and on the rim of the crater. Thank you for your patience.


The final link in the coastal highway corridor is Del Monte Vista. This is the area where 2 volcanoes erupted, thus delaying the completion of the highway. It is now a beautiful resort community, with a ski lift.

region1.jpgAll those airport symbols are the shuttle ports that transport people to the airport. The wealthy fly in by helicopter and the mountains look bare, but a closer look will show they are  covered by forest.

region2.jpgThis city is a juggernaut in the electricity industry. They will ease the power demand in the region and allow the power they need to expand.

teaser1.jpgThis is the start of the ski lift to the top of Mt. Shasta. The gate and path lead to the top as well, where the ski resort and summer camp are located.

teaser2.jpgThis is the top of the ski lift. Flowers and grass cover the ski hills thickly during the spring, summer and fall. Part of Camp Shasta is visible.

teaser3.jpgCamp Shasta sits on the shore of Lake Shasta. The lookout points have provided some of the most beautiful photos of the region.

teaser4.jpgThis is the ski lift from the opposite direction, looking north.

teaser5.jpgThis is Camp Shasta looking North.

teaser6.jpgThis is the fork between the Lucinda River and the Rhu River that are fed by Lake Arapi sitting inside the crater of Mt. Arapi. The falls are known as Arapi falls.

teaser7.jpgMore of the Lucinda River and Dortmund road.

teaser8.jpgThis is boyscout island, within Lake Viera. The waters from Lake Shasta feed down the falls along the Shasta River into Lake Viera.

teaser9.jpgCarver Ave. cuts across part of Lake Viera.

teaser10.jpgLast but not least, the community of Del Monte Vista from a distance.

This city will feature a 3 part series averaging 40-50 shots each. The community is home to a navy port and a battle ship, as well as mountain trails with campsites, hydro-electric dams and a mountain top campground. I hope you have enjoyed this seek peak. Do Svidaniya.

Update. Del Monte Vista will be a 2 part series instead of 3. Part 2 will focus mainly on the new campsites built around Lake Arapi and on the rim of the crater. Thank you for your patience.


I have spent a lot of time on this county trying to get things just right. I believe I may have pulled it off. 10.gif Please enjoy.

Kenai12-19-10.jpgThe transportation in the region is becoming rather complex. But at the same time it is pleasing to the eye. Half a million Sims live in the region now. 1 more county and the highway project started between Wilson and Port Minnatonka will be complete.

WashingtonCounty-Apr7061292800544.jpgThis is the town of Smithfield. It is an industrial town, I don't have many shots of the it since it is too symmetric to interest me. If there is interest in the town though, I may do a snippet on it in the future.

WashingtonCounty-Apr4061292800536.jpgThis is the small city of Washington. Most residents live on the eastern side of the highway. It features a campground and a logging industry.

WashingtonCounty-Jan1061292800329.jpgThis is Washington at night. It is very peaceful at night. The county has over 12,000 residents.

WashingtonCounty-Jan4061292800338.jpgThis is Smithfield at night. Most of the light pollution at night comes from the County Medical Center and the industrial sector.

WashingtonCounty-May5061292800618.jpgThis is the Miller Logging Company compound as well as the Edmonds Hill Reservoir and the Edmonds Dam. The Edmonds River and Salamander Creek run through the compound and the city, then converge at Lake Washington and the Lake Washington Campground. The Edmonds river continues into the sea from there.

WashingtonCounty-May8061292800627.jpgThe southern part of Washington. The island in the middle of Lake Washington is Leland Island named after James Leland, whom donated the land to the city so the campground could be built.

WashingtonCounty-May15061292800649.jpgThat skyscraper looks a little out of place out in the stix. But it provides essential employment for the surrounding counties as well as this county.

WashingtonCounty-May19061292800696.jpgThe center island is known as Edmonds' Island, after Christie Edmonds. A famous writer who lived on the island while writing her books. The dam provides electricity to the county, some power is purchased from Verona Beach though.

WashingtonCounty-May24061292800714.jpgA closer look at the dam and Edmonds' Pond.

WashingtonCounty-Jun2061292800743.jpgThe river flows beneath the downgraded path.

WashingtonCounty-Jun5061292800755.jpgLogging camps are scattered around the compound.

WashingtonCounty-Jul2061292800831.jpgThe Miller Logging Company re-plants trees that they cut down to sustain their production. There are numerous rapids along the river and creek.

WashingtonCounty-Jun8061292800763.jpgThe end of the road with a logging camp at dusk.

WashingtonCounty-Jun27061292800814.jpgThe entrance to the compound and the Edmonds' River.

WashingtonCounty-Jul12061292800877.jpgMiller has direct access to the rail line. They are the largest employer in the county as they run lumber yards throughout the county and have considered expanding into other counties.

WashingtonCounty-Nov13061292801471.jpgMiller processes all their logs here and use the water from the Edmonds' River as well as purify it. They used to float the logs down the river until the town had to build a bridge that prevented the large logs from being sent down it. The plant is across the street from the entrance, so the trip is quick.

WashingtonCounty-Jun21061292800800.jpgThe Salamander Creek and Salamander Pond. The creek runs through the industrial sector to the south of here. That logging camp is pretty isolated, the lumber yard get most of their logs from this camp due to it's proximity.

WashingtonCounty-Jul9061292800858.jpgThis is the western section of the compound which borders the airport. That is the Edmonds' River.

WashingtonCounty-Nov19061292801491.jpgThis is the main lumber yard shipping product out of the county. Salamander creek flows beneath it.

WashingtonCounty-Jun13061292800778.jpgThe area around Salamander Pond at dusk. A college is next to the jail.

WashingtonCounty-Jul7061292800850.jpgThe compound is huge, this is the last logging camp on the path before the river goes under the road and feeds the processing plant.

WashingtonCounty-Nov16061292801481.jpgThis processing area is for logs not being sawed. Stumps and branches are removed and the logs are loaded onto trains.

WashingtonCounty-Jun29061292800821.jpgThis is the first logging camp on the path after you enter the compound.

WashingtonCounty-Jun10061292800770.jpgThere are plans for a logging camp at the bend next to the bridge.

WashingtonCounty-Jul15061292800886.jpgThe creek was preserved somewhat through the industrial sector. The rail line here is very busy.

WashingtonCounty-Jul5061292800841.jpgThese logging camps used to be the top producers of logs until the logging path was built.

WashingtonCounty-Aug2061292800947.jpgThere is a resort hotel in the middle of the farming area.

WashingtonCounty-Jul18061292800899.jpgHere is another processing plant and a lumber yard.

WashingtonCounty-Jul22061292800914.jpgThis is the entrance to the Lake Washington Campground and Leland Entertainment Grounds to the bottom right.

WashingtonCounty-Jul30061292800936.jpgSims have to reserve a spot.

WashingtonCounty-Dec1061292801537.jpg Sims can also travel the grounds by horse. Live shows are popular all day long with campers.

WashingtonCounty-Jan1071292801622.jpgThe campground at dusk. People fish at all of the lookout points.

WashingtonCounty-Jan7071292801648.jpgThe hot spring is popular amongst campers.

WashingtonCounty-Nov25061292801520.jpgThere's even a pool for those who don't want to swim with the fish.

WashingtonCounty-Jul26061292800924.jpgThere are 10 total lookout points within the campground.

WashingtonCounty-Dec12061292801570.jpgA close-up of Leland island and the Leland Bridge. The 2 camp sites on the island are the most sought after in the whole campground.

WashingtonCounty-Sep5061292801073.jpgThis is looking south at night.

WashingtonCounty-Sep22061292801171.jpgThis is the entrance at night.

WashingtonCounty-Aug24061292801025.jpgThe concert just finished up and campers went to their tents.

WashingtonCounty-Aug8061292800967.jpgThe campground is quiet at night. Gotta love the camp fires at night.

WashingtonCounty-Sep11061292801114.jpgThe camp sites on Leland Island at night.

WashingtonCounty-Aug10061292800974.jpgThis was taken right before the concert ended and the campers went back to their tents. The city recycling center is next to the camp to provide easy removal of any trash.

WashingtonCounty-Aug26061292801036.jpgThis is looking south at Leland Island at night with the campers sitting around the bonfire.

WashingtonCounty-Sep17061292801141.jpgThe lookout points are popular at night as well.

WashingtonCounty-Aug13061292800987.jpgThe main showers are at the most northern part of the campground.

WashingtonCounty-Aug31061292801050.jpgThis is looking south at part of the Leland Bridge.

WashingtonCounty-Sep20061292801163.jpgThis is the same shot looking from the other direction. If this campground were real, I would be here every weekend.

WashingtonCounty-Dec27061292801607.jpgThis is the last shot for the entry. There is a picnic area next to the shower buildings as well as a lookout point. The ranger tower is popular for tourists. I hope you have enjoyed this entry.

My next entry will be on the last county along the highway.  Plans are currently delayed due to a volcanic eruption in the area where the highway was planned to be built. Alternatives are being considered, but the common consensus is the area is vital for the Kenai Provincial Corridors' expansion. A redesign of the corridor would cost millions of simoleons and the public isn't very happy with that alternative. Do Svidaniya


VeronaBeach-Aug15111291586796.jpgThis is a close-up of Hope Station.

VeronaBeach-Aug27111291586837.jpgThat is a long train.

VeronaBeach-Jan27111291587343.jpgA cruise ship is in port. oceanographic institute raises most of it's funds by selling tickets to tourists for shows with dolphins, seals and walruses.

VeronaBeach-Jan30111291587353.jpgThis is the Palace on the Rocks resort.

VeronaBeach-Feb3111291587366.jpgThere is only 1 road connected to the neighborhood known as Serenity.

VeronaBeach-Feb6111291587376.jpgBeach houses are usually booked up during the summer months.

VeronaBeach-Jul10111291587946.jpgVerona Beach at night.

VeronaBeach-Jun29111291587896.jpgNorth Verona Beach at night.

VeronaBeach-Oct25111291587070.jpgVerona Beach is the first county in the region to install the new blue highway signs.

VeronaBeach-Oct28111291587085.jpgThis is a close-up of Verona Ave., there are loading docks and parking for the freight station.

VeronaBeach-Oct31111291587094.jpgThe rail yard is a popular tourist spot. The Krispy Kracker Company built a factory along Verona Ave.

VeronaBeach-Jun20111291587858.jpgSouth Verona Beach at night.

VeronaBeach-Jun17111291587850.jpgMore of South Verona Beach at night.

This concludes Verona Beach. construction of Washington County will resume soon and hopefully, what I have planned will come out right. Thank you for viewing this entry.


VeronaBeach-Sep13111291586903.jpgVerona Beach and Bean Lake are connected here.

VeronaBeach-Sep10111291586893.jpgThe Avenue tunnels under a hill and then tunnels under the highway. Once Washington County is built, the trains should be longer on this stretch of rail.

VeronaBeach-Apr23111291586201.jpgThis interchange was a little tricky designing because of a hill. Engineers felt a tunnel was the best option to preserve the landscape.

VeronaBeach-Apr25111291586208.jpgTraffic is light thanks to an intricate mass transit system. This neighborhood has it's own police precinct.

VeronaBeach-Apr28111291586217.jpgThere used to be a lot of farmland. This is area of town is very quiet thanks to the tree growth that acts as a sound barrier.

VeronaBeach-Apr29111291587604.jpgThe Bean Counters are playing a game in front of a packed stadium.

VeronaBeach-Aug1111291588027.jpgThis is southern Bean Lake at night.

VeronaBeach-Feb5111291585971.jpgThis is the main interchange for Bean Lake.

VeronaBeach-May26111291587710.jpgThe SimAcme Hardened Steel Factory is open day and night supplying Kenai Province with the hardened steel it so badly needs.

VeronaBeach-May29111291586446.jpgGrouping industrial zones has helped alleviate pollution.

VeronaBeach-Feb26111291586037.jpgThis is the main rail junction in Verona Beach, the train station gets pretty busy during the work week.

VeronaBeach-Mar3111291586053.jpgThis commercial zone is technically part of Wilson. Most of the shoppers come from Verona Beach however. The city council of Wilson is thinking of putting to vote weather or not this area should be sold to Verona Beach.

VeronaBeach-Mar9111291586071.jpgThe main beach, for which the county is named after, is 1 of the wealthiest areas of Kenai Province.

VeronaBeach-Mar12111291586081.jpgThere aren't many high rises in the county, most of them are centered here.

VeronaBeach-Mar24111291586111.jpgThis is the only rail yard in the county. Most commuters from the southern part of Verona Beach travel by train to the northern area of Verona Beach where the high rises are.

VeronaBeach-Mar28111291586121.jpgVerona Beach and Bean Lake have a handful of public pools, despite the pristine beaches.

VeronaBeach-Nov16111291587146.jpgVerona Beach has a maritime control tower along with a cruise ship port and several resorts.

VeronaBeach-Apr2111291586134.jpgSome mid rise towers have sprung up along Main Street.

VeronaBeach-Apr8111291586150.jpgSouth Verona Beach is the middle class area of the county, a Tiger Grocery was built so residents didn't need to travel to Bean Lake to buy their groceries.

VeronaBeach-Apr14111291586167.jpgElden beach and Mishcaw beach are sometimes more packed than Verona beach to the north. Taft tower overlooks the beaches. Leighter Park is in summer bloom here.

VeronaBeach-Apr17111291586175.jpgThis is the most southern part of Verona Beach with Sycamore Circle. There is a Red Hen Grille that is packed on weeknights.

VeronaBeach-Apr21111291586186.jpgThis is the last shot for the night. It's a close-up of Leighter Park. It is on the grounds of Leighter Public Library. Residents like to check out a book and read it in the park, then check it back in when they leave. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.


I present to you, Part 2 of the 4 part Verona Beach Series. Please enjoy. 10.gif

VeronaBeach-May17111291586277.jpgHart Memorial Hospital was built to provide better healthcare to the area. Alder Elementary was built on land from the Lundberg Textile Mill, with the requirement for the mill to "Go Green". It was a win-win deal for both sides.

VeronaBeach-May29111291586381.jpgThe Verona Beach Country Club along with the Verona Beach Life Sciences Institute were built on land Bean Lake donated in thanks for the help Verona Beach Provided after a dam break. The area has since been re-built, Along with a new dam at Hope Pond. The help Verona Beach provided was erecting Bean Lake Arena or as locals call it, "The Bean", a new library and Bean Lake Institute of Engineering (the tower, hehe).

VeronaBeach-May29111291586393.jpgHart Airfield was built along Route 3. Route 3 and Allen's ave. Converge between the airfield and arena.

VeronaBeach-May29111291586401.jpgBeaches were built for residents who live around Bean Lake. Plans for water taxis are in the works.

VeronaBeach-May20111291586288.jpgBean Lake is a quaint place. It is rare for a home here to hit the open market.

VeronaBeach-Feb16111291587418.jpgThis is looking East at the college.

VeronaBeach-Feb24111291586029.jpgThis is the Gary Hart Interchange.

VeronaBeach-Feb19111291587436.jpgLooking East at the Gary Hart Interchange.

VeronaBeach-Jul20111291587991.jpgThis is the wildlife refuge and Bean Lake at night.

VeronaBeach-Jun5111291587769.jpgThis is a close-up of the engineering institute and arena at night.

VeronaBeach-Jun1111291587749.jpgThe Hope Hydro Electric Dam at night.

VeronaBeach-May2111291587615.jpgA swim meet as well as a soccer game were going on at the same time.

VeronaBeach-May15111291586266.jpgThis is the Bean Lake Industrial Park.

VeronaBeach-May3111291586233.jpgThe Benson Farm was the first farm to be established near Bean Lake. George Benson chose this location because of the rail line.

VeronaBeach-May12111291586257.jpgSimAgra Cold Storage bought the old high school from the town and built a massive cold storage plant. A statue is in the middle of Bean Circle.

VeronaBeach-May9111291586250.jpgHart Field along with Bean Lake High school and the pool.

VeronaBeach-May22111291587691.jpgBean Circle is busy at all hours of the day and night.

VeronaBeach-Oct22111291587042.jpgYes, that's a Bed, Bath & Beyond LOL.

VeronaBeach-May29111291587739.jpgThis is the Gary Hart Hydro Electric Dam at night.

VeronaBeach-Sep25111291586957.jpgSimgeneral Motor Corp. built their finishing plant here to ship out vehicles by rail and truck as quickly as possible.

VeronaBeach-Sep15111291586913.jpgA close-up of SimAgra and the high school.

VeronaBeach-Sep17111291586923.jpgThis is the Bean Lake Community Hydroponics Farm.

VeronaBeach-Sep19111291586930.jpgThe Harpers have owned their farm for almost as long as the Bensons.

VeronaBeach-Sep22111291586939.jpgThis is the Carter farm, this farm is restricted to farm use to preserve the heritage of the old farms that used to dot the landscape of Bean Lake.VeronaBeach-Sep30111291586984.jpg

This is a shot of the Benson Industrial Park. L.E.D. Pro built a massive assembly plant in Bean Lake thanks to negotiations with the Bensons. L.E.D. Pro donates a portion of their annual revenue to the town to purchase produce from neighboring counties for the people who are struggling to make ends meet.

teaser.jpgThis is an updated transit map of the area. The highway is close to completion, Washington County will have a few small towns. I will be having some fun with this county, logging is in the works hehe.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.


I have downloaded a ton of content the last few days and a lot has changed. Most of the new content is from Pegasus, so much so, that I will have to make an update entry for the other counties as well as the Verona Beach entries. I want to say thanks to Pegasus for making such amazing content, add-ons and mods. They have really sparked my creativity. Onto Verona Beach, I hope you enjoy the entry.9.gif

NOTE: There are over 90 shots in total, so I will break it up into 4 parts. Onto Part 1.

VeronaBeach-Jan18111291585835.jpgYou can see the northern part of the town Bean Lake, named after the lake it surrounds. The village of Cooper is in the north eastern corner of the county.

VeronaBeach-Jan18111291585847.jpgThe Kenai Oceanographic Institute relocated to Verona Beach after a funding impasse with the city council of Wilson. The Gary Hart Interchange is right in the middle of the Verona Beach Povincial Animal Refuge. There is current discussion on erecting fencing to prevent animals from wandering onto the highway.

VeronaBeach-Jan18111291585857.jpgThe southern section of Bean Lake. Only a handful of farms remain.

VeronaBeach-Jan18111291585866.jpgThe community of Verona Beach occupies the coastline, west of the highway.

VeronaBeach-Jan18111291585904.jpgThis is the village of cooper. There's a power substation off the exit that supplies the village with power.

VeronaBeach-Jan24111291585929.jpgThe village was founded around the coal mine, which no longer operates. Large factories were built to replace the jobs lost by the closing of the mine. The village council is strict on building, since they wish to preserve the village atmosphere.

VeronaBeach-Aug7111291586773.jpgCooper is a highly popular tourist spot since it is at a transition for the rail system.

VeronaBeach-Feb12111291585995.jpgA truck stop was built to provide services to the large amount of freight trucks that travel on the Gary Hart Scenic Highway. It was built right in the middle of the Verona Beach National Wildlife Refuge.

VeronaBeach-Feb17111291586008.jpg2 hydro electric dams supply the county with electricity. There are plans to plant trees in front of the Gary Hart Hydro Dam to provide some stability.

VeronaBeach-Jul24111291586610.jpgThis is Susan Hope dam, which holds back the water of Hope pond. It also supplies electricity to the county.

VeronaBeach-Aug2111291586729.jpgThe Hope River and the Hart River converge to form the Keith River.

VeronaBeach-Aug2111291586717.jpgHart Avenue traverses under the Hart River Via the Hart Tunnel. Gary Hart is a local hero to Verona Beach.

VeronaBeach-Aug2111291586703.jpgThere has even been open discussion of re-naming the wildlife refuge after Mr. Hart. Doing so would cost a significant amount however.

VeronaBeach-Aug2111291586693.jpgThe Gary Hart Hydro Electric Dam, which holds back Hero Pond. The county decided to plant the trees and this area is very popular amongst the locals and tourists alike.

VeronaBeach-May29111291586435.jpgHope Industrial Park has gone green. A majority of the freight leaves by rail at Hope Station.

VeronaBeach-Jul27111291586619.jpgA close-up of the truck stop.

VeronaBeach-Jul31111291586632.jpgThe truck stop is well lit at night by the tower lights.

VeronaBeach-Feb9111291585986.jpgThe transmission lines were all buried and there are now access hatches for service. The old Wilson City Hall was moved here to preserve it.

VeronaBeach-Jul17111291586589.jpgThe Keith River flows under Route 3.

VeronaBeach-Jul5111291586558.jpgThe Keith River also flows under Adelaide Street and Bean Lake Road. The Keith Falls is 1 of the most photographed natural scenes in the Kenai Province.

VeronaBeach-Jun28111291586538.jpgThis is a far shot of the Keith River and Bean Lake.

VeronaBeach-May23111291586296.jpgI wanted to include the community college and it's football field. Hope Soccer Field is at the top of the shot.


This is Hart Field, where the Bean Counters highschool football team plays. The highschool swim team uses the pool during the day, but after school lets out, it either hosts swim competitions or is open to the public. The town of Bean Lake covers a large area, but hasn't reached city status. The town council with public support refuses to allow many high rises and sky scrapers.

I would like to add that I have installed the Pegasus Pine Tree God Mode plop mod as well as the Mountain Trails road and street face lift and rail mods. I am very pleased with the results. I also have all maxis content blocked on the grow able lots. This county has consumed dozens of hours of my life, perfecting everything. I tried to reconcile the banding issue with the pond water, but haven't been able to solve it. I'm sure with more game play I will come up with some remedies, or maybe someone has a solution they'd like to share37.gif. Thank you for checking out my latest entry. Do Svidaniya.


After about 30 hours of game time on the newest county, I figured I would give an update on the 3 counties in the entry title as well as current transport maps before embarking on a 2 part series on Verona Beach with over 70 shots in all.

KenaiRiver-1290399318.jpgAfter a few hours of searching and tweaking, I solved the black water problem. The interchanges as well as the rail on the finger like strip of land looks like a smilie face. part of Verona Beach is visible to the north.

KenaiRiver-1290399413.jpgA SAT shot.

KenaiRiver-1290405918.jpgVerona Beach boasts an extensive transportation system with a small landing strip and a cruise port.

KenaiRiver-1290399391.jpgThe Oceanographic Institute moved from Wilson to Verona Beach. The old facility will be torn down and a new water taxi landing will be built in it's place.

PortMinnatonka-Mar11111290402390.jpgHere is a small update on Port Minnatonka. A new road was built to cut down on traffic and new trees were planted.

PortMinnatonka-Mar11111290402408.jpgSimfox trees are so nice that I'm using them in all my cities from now on.

PortMinnatonka-Mar11111290402416.jpgThe trees provide a sound barrier for the highway before the tunnels.

PortMinnatonka-Mar11111290402424.jpgThe maxis trees showed too much soil and I don't like the look of my grass or soil. So I replaced them with the simfox pine trees.

PortMinnatonka-Mar11111290402434.jpgI know I would love to live in Port Minnatonka.

FranklinCounty-Oct31041290402778.jpgFranklin County built a landing strip off the highway along with a truckstop, hospital and hotels.

FranklinCounty-Nov9041290402809.jpgTh county collects taxes by leasing land to industry next to the landing strip. Industry also has access to rail.

FranklinCounty-Nov25041290402847.jpgThere was much debate over the type of airport to be built. By a slim 54% vote, the county residents voted on a landing strip with the option for expansion. They also approved the construction of a new county hospital by the landing strip.

FranklinCounty-Dec8041290407013.jpgThe truckstop at night.

FranklinCounty-Dec18041290407042.jpgThis is the landing strip at night. The interchange is well lit.

Wilson-May22491290402954.jpgThis is a small update on Wilson. Rail was extended from Verona Beach up to the industrial park to the north and South Wilson to the west.

Wilson-Feb4501290403455.jpgAll freight from the industrial park leaves by rail now, freeing up the highway.

Wilson-Jun24511290404992.jpgThis is the new freight/passenger terminal in South Wilson.

Wilson-Aug8511290405111.jpgThis is where the rail from the new terminal exits Wilson and enters Verona Beach. 2 new middle class highrises were built thanks to demand from more people moving into the region. Currently over 500,000 Sims call Kenai home. And lastly, here's a teaser pic on Verona Beach.

VeronaBeach-Jun12111291586502.jpgThe Verona Beach National Forest has it's own interchange and truckstop. The old city hall from Wilson was moved to the park as a gift. The city council has been presented with a proposal to build a trail system along with a recreational area. The park extends to the west behind the Agriculture and Forestry Institute and the Verona Beach Country Club. To the north west, you can see part of the heart shaped interchange in the middle of the national forest. It is a rather large park. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.


Thompson has a few historic farms that are lined by a canal. Here are the farms.

ThompsonCounty-Apr3091289530093.pngThis is the Ashford farm, the use water from the large pond that borders their property to water their crops.

ThompsonCounty-Apr22091289530172.pngThis is the Lynfield Estate.

ThompsonCounty-Mar5091289529985.pngThis is a close-up of the Thompson farm.

ThompsonCounty-Mar8091289529999.pngA shot of Big Apple Farms. To the right are the oranges and to the left are the apples. They are community owned and run.

ThompsonCounty-Mar11091289530009.pngThis farm is owned by the Bakers, whom own 3 farms in Thompson.

ThompsonCounty-Mar14091289530025.pngThis is the teaser from Earlier. This is the first farm that the Bakers opened in Thompson. Mr. Bakers 2 kids own the other 2 Baker farms.

ThompsonCounty-Mar25091289530061.pngIn this shot, you can see the Thompson farm and 3 community farms with a church between.

ThompsonCounty-Mar31091289530084.pngThis is the 3rd Baker farm. Mr. Baker had a son and a daughter, this is his daughters farm.

ThompsonCounty-May4091289530242.pngThese 2 farms are in porter. The church is a very busy spot on sundays and holidays.

Well that's it for the farms. Please enjoy this entry, Do Svidaniya. 10.gif


Thompson county has 2 towns known as Thompson and Porter and a small village known as Fisher. Both towns are surrounded by farmland, forestry is very lucrative in this county thanks to an abundance of trees. This entry will focus on the towns in particular. A later update will focus on the farms.

I will start with an update for the region.

11-7-10.jpgI installed the RHW transportation modd for the trans map and though it shows the RHW great, it turned my water black :(. As can be seen, 2 counties to the west of Franklin and Thompson counties need to be established.

11-7-10-2.jpgThompson County has more residents than Franklin County and has a municipal airport while Franklin County has yet to decide on where to build their new airfield.

ThompsonCounty-Aug13081289529373.pngThis is the town of Thompson.

ThompsonCounty-Aug13081289529392.pngThis is the far eastern part of Thompson and the village of Fisher.

ThompsonCounty-Aug20061289190812.jpgThis is the village at night.

ThompsonCounty-Aug30081289529442.pngThe village is named after Fisher Lake. The village is a very popular tourist stop along the railway and the lake is stocked year round.

ThompsonCounty-Jun20091289530394.pngThe lake kind of looks like a fish. Some lots still haven't been bought due to minor flooding.

ThompsonCounty-Dec11051289190001.jpgThis is a major highway and railway junction that connects both towns to Franklin County.

ThompsonCounty-Dec8051289189992.jpgThis is where the railway re-enters the center of the highway towards Porter. Freight traffic is heavy since Port is only connected by rail and highway.

ThompsonCounty-Jan14061289190117.jpgHappy New Year Thompson County.

ThompsonCounty-Dec14081289529733.pngThis is the heart of Thompson. I love this type of interchange, it's free flowing and has lots of green.

ThompsonCounty-Jan9091289529809.pngThompson Center consists of 2 rotaries. At the bottom is the old Thompson farm, hence the name of the town and county.

ThompsonCounty-Jan5091289529799.pngBaker farm to the left was the second farm to be established in Thompson.

ThompsonCounty-Jan2091289529791.pngProperty next to the farms are the most sought after properties since the farmers share crops with their neighbors.

ThompsonCounty-Jan12091289529816.pngThe mayors mansion is nestled in between historic homes and the town forest.

ThompsonCounty-Jan16091289529827.pngI have no idea why a police chopper is using it's spot light on a section of the Freemont farm.

ThompsonCounty-Feb12091289529905.pngGarbage is brought out of the county by rail to Port Minnatonka through Franklin County.

ThompsonCounty-Feb14091289529913.pngThere is a mini golf course across the street from the Thompson County Agricultural Institute.

ThompsonCounty-Feb16091289529919.pngThe rail tunnels under TCAI, freight traffic is heavy during the week on this stretch.

ThompsonCounty-Feb18091289529926.pngThe lumber mill supplies lumber to the Mine for supports. A Champions store was recently opened.

ThompsonCounty-Jan20091289529840.pngThis area of town is diverse with students, farmers and laborers mixed together in their daily lives.

ThompsonCounty-Feb9091289529893.pngMost freight exits by rail, The rotary was built due to expansion of the city and the traffic signals no longer benefiting the area.

ThompsonCounty-Dec18081289529745.pngThis is North Thompson, employment is easy to come by in this town.

ThompsonCounty-Dec21081289529753.pngOne ways have solved traffic problems.

ThompsonCounty-Dec24081289529761.pngThe oldest church in the county is in the northern part of the county.

ThompsonCounty-Apr11091289530132.pngA majority of residents use the public transportation. This section of town is becoming very expensive.

ThompsonCounty-Dec27081289529775.pngThe county fairgrounds is popular during the warmer months.

ThompsonCounty-Aug25061289190831.jpgThis is Thompson Center at night.

ThompsonCounty-Aug28061289190840.jpgThe rotary is known as Victoria Circle. Victoria H. Leonard grade school was built here after the old school got too small.

ThompsonCounty-Aug13081289529383.pngThis is the town of Porter.

ThompsonCounty-Nov4081289529587.pngLooks like I have a dependency problem. I'll have to dig in and solve it. But this is the only way in or out of Porter.

ThompsonCounty-Nov8081289529601.pngFlowers from Porter are becoming popular.

ThompsonCounty-Nov13081289529644.pngThe lumber industry is the main source of income in Porter.

ThompsonCounty-Nov18081289529669.pngThis is the civic complex in porter. You can see part of the Porter rail yard.

ThompsonCounty-Nov21081289529677.pngThis section of Porter is the oldest.

ThompsonCounty-Nov24081289529685.pngPorter Lumber was started by James Porter who founded the town after Thompson town council turned down his application to build a lumber farm.

ThompsonCounty-Dec8081289529716.pngPorter boasts a large industrial sector next to the rail yard.

ThompsonCounty-May25091289530308.pngThis is the Porter rail yard.

ThompsonCounty-Mar14091289530025.pngThis is a teaser for the farms entry. This is the Baker farm in Thompson. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.


Franklin County

Two counties were founded north of Port Minnatonka along the new highway that's being built. They are Franklin County and Thompson County.

11610.jpgThis entry will be about Franklin County, which has 4 towns within it's borders.

FranklinCounty-Nov19021289091086-1.jpg2 1/2 of the 4 cities are in this shot. They are Carver, Lewiston and Milton. The 4th town is further to the northeast.

Below are all 4 towns of Carver, Lewiston, Milton and Preston.






Carver has an industrial zone, but is mainly a farming town.

FranklinCounty-Jul25021289080479.jpgLewiston is well known for it's tree farms. Growing them is profitable due to high demand for beautification projects around Simnation.

FranklinCounty-Jul22021289080472.jpgLewiston is the largest town in Franklin County.

FranklinCounty-Aug9021289080524.jpgThis is the Lewiston Interchange. Junction of Lewiston Avenue and I-293. Milton is to the east.

FranklinCounty-Aug6021289080511.jpgThis is the I-293/Route 2 interchange. Preston is to the east and Carver is to the west.

FranklinCounty-Jul13021289080441.jpgThis is another shot of Preston.


There are 3 proposed places being considered by the county commision for an airfield. 1 is between Carver and Lewiston.

FranklinCounty-Nov19021289091104.jpgThe second location being considered is between Milton and Preston.


The 3rd location is north of Carver. This is the likely location due to proximity to Route 2 and I-293 as well as an already existing infrastructure.

If either of the other 2 locations are chosen, a new airport accessway will need to be constructed off of I-293.

My next entry will be on Thompson County, in particular the town of Thompson. I hope you have enjoyed this entry of Franklin County. Do Svidaniya.


Port Minnatonka has grown somewhat. There is now a CBD along with a river and a new urban neighborhood.

PortMinnatonka-Dec12081289082466.jpgThe lake to the north feeds to the south. The Minnatonka Country Club rests on the banks as well as a new residential neighborhood.

PortMinnatonka-Dec16081289082475.jpgThe river winds through the forest with expensive houses on it's banks. To the bottom right, you can see part of the interchange in the previous entry where I described the future residential expansion.

PortMinnatonka-Dec19081289082487-1.jpgThe river connects to the canal system here. The residential neighborhood ends and the new CBD is just south of here.

PortMinnatonka-Jun28091289097133.jpgThe new interchange that was built for the expansion for the new CBD and residential neighborhoods.

PortMinnatonka-Jul5091289097153.jpgBell South built a regional Headquarters in the new CBD.

PortMinnatonka-Jul9091289097165.jpgThe new CBD was designed to have a relaxing atmosphere with the massive amount of trees that were planted.


This is the main interchange for the new CBD.

PortMinnatonka-Jun15091289082951.jpgTowering middle class condos were built to house the new residents flocking to Port Minnatonka. You can see Maitre Park ;) during the summer.

PortMinnatonka-Dec11031288926229.jpgThis is Maitre Park during the fall, right before the new condos were built.

PortMinnatonka-Jul30031288925883.jpgSimcruise Lines has built a port just south of the new CBD and are constructing a towering resort hotel.

PortMinnatonka-Sep22091289097376.jpgA seaport and convention center were built and a new zoo was in the planning stages to be built across from the convention center.

PortMinnatonka-May28101289098155.jpgThe zoo is a very popular spot in Port Minnatonka.

PortMinnatonka-Jun17101289098221.jpgThis is a very busy section of the new CBD. The avenues goe beneath the highway in both places, but only 1 avenue has access to the highway.

PortMinnatonka-Oct25041288927435.jpgBonfires are popular on Tremont Beach  at night.

PortMinnatonka-Oct8091289097468.jpgAcross the river, the houses have been renovated and are much more expensive now.

PortMinnatonka-Oct4091289097452.jpgSome upper class condos were built and Turtle beach is a hotspot. That's it for the update on Port Minnatonka. I hope you enjoyed. Do Svidaniya.


Port Minnatonka

A group of Wilsonites sailed down the coast until they happened upon the mouth of a river. The settlers disembarked from their ships and founded Port Minnatonka. The city took off quickly due to access to the ocean and access to fresh water from the river.

PortMinnatonka-northwest.jpgThis is the north western section of the city that is still largely unexplored and uninhabited. The highway has a rail line between lanes.

PortMinnatonka-beforepeoplemovein.jpgThis was right before the power switch was flipped. Each train station has a parking garage for sims who travel across the river to the industrial sector.

PortMinnatonka-beforemovingin.jpgThere is no industrial zoning on this strip of land. It is all residential, commercial and civic. There are parking garages next to the RTMT stations to encourage sims to use mass transit.

PortMinnatonka-thesecondinterchange.jpgThis is the industrial sector. In this shot, the rail tracks cross the 1 way roads and causes traffic jams. The interchange was later re-configured.

PortMinnatonka-highwayinterchange.jpgManufacturers have multiple modes of transportation for exporting their goods, including a large canal. This interchange isn't as busy as the other one.

PortMinnatonka-Aug16011288255208.jpgEngineers realized after completion of the highway system how bad traffic can be when train crossings are thrown in the mix.

PortMinnatonka-Jul3011288255090.jpgThe highway goes under the canal. Barges travel the canal day and night during the work week. There is a coal warf at the top of the locks for barges that still use coal.

PortMinnatonka-Jul6011288255100.jpgThere's a repair warf between the locks and the industrial sector for barges that have problems.

PortMinnatonka-Jul10011288255109.jpgTunneling under the canal took up less room than bridges and helps to preserve nature.

PortMinnatonka-May25011atnight.jpgThe highway seperates residential neighborhoods from the industrial sector. All rail intersections with the highway were later reconfigured to prevent traffic jams.

PortMinnatonka-Feb4031288378923.jpgThe rail tracks used to cross the avenue and canal. This was phase 1 for the mass transit reconfiguration.

PortMinnatonka-Feb10031288378939.jpgThe main Avenue through the industrial sector goes under the canal to free up traffic on the waterway. The rail tracks have draw bridges.

PortMinnatonka-morebargesatnight.jpgThis is an older shot with the old configuration. Seems the Krispy Kracker Company loves this location. The Minnatonka Municipal Airfield can be seen in the lower right.

PortMinnatonka-suburbs1.jpgThe residential neighborhoods at night.

PortMinnatonka-suburbs2.jpgMost of the residents of Port Minnatonka live on this strip of land.

PortMinnatonka-suburbs3.jpgThe roundabouts have been updated with shrubs and 1 has a fountain now. This section of Port Minnatonka is the most desireable area of the whole city.

PortMinnatonka-Jan25031288378891.jpgI took Kol's advise on simfox trees and I love them. I hate the ground in my game, simfox trees can be planted on steep grades like those made by tunnels. This is phase 2 of the mass transit re-configuration.

PortMinnatonka-Jan21031288378879.jpgThis is phase 3 of the mass transit re-configuration. Traffic was freed up for both rail and automobiles.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379272.jpgThis is McCormick Marina, named after their first mayor. On weekends and holidays, the canals are closed to barges and open to the public. Paddle boat rentals are popular.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379285.jpgI love using tunnels now. They take up less space than bridges and help preserve the natural surroundings.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379495.jpgThis interchange was built for the future expansion of the city. To the left will be new residential neighborhoods and to the right will be a high tech industrial sector.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379957.jpgWith the rich moving in and so many people crossing the river to work in the industrial sector, water taxis and marinas were built. Port Minnatonka General Hospital is 1 of the best hospitals in Simnation.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379979.jpgThis area is quickly becoming very desirable thanks to it's health club, access to the hospital, a library and a beach.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379991.jpgThere is a church and a cemetary in this area as well as the beach. This area is very quiet and crime is rare.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288380008.jpgThe citizens of Port Minnatonka like the simfox trees so much that the city allocated 5,000,000 simolians to plant trees along the banks of the river and tunnels to beautify the city as well as help prevent erosion.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288380025.jpgThe Port Authority donated thir unused land to the city. The city turned the area into a public beach and is 1 of the most popular spots in the city. I hope everyone enjoys this entry. My next entry will focus on the small towns along the highway between Port Minnatonka and Wilson. Tha plan is to have farms with irrigation canals. Have a great Halloween everyone. Do Svidaniya.


There was a massive earthquake in Twin Peaks while most people were on the mainland working. Hundreds of homes were lost due to landslides, luckily nobody was killed. Both city councils and with massive public backing, much of the loose soil, rocks and boulders were removed. Most was sent to Hamilton to reclaim some land and build a modern high tech industrial park. A large amount was used to reclaim land on thunder island for an air taxi landing strip and the rest was sold. In place trees were planted, some homes and a fincancial park were built. Sadly, the grade school in Hamilton was lost in the landslide. In all, the quake turned out to have benefited the island.

TwinPeaks-Feb1181287881853.jpgThis is how Mt. Alexandria looked after the earthquake and the soil and rock were removed. Notice the Grade school was destroyed.

TwinPeaks-Sep1181287975340.jpgThis is the main entrance to the Mt. Alexandria Parkway. The parkway winds up the mountain to the very top, where a museum and some homes were built. Trees were seeded and transplanted to ensure the stability of soil.

TwinPeaks-Sep1181287975469.jpgCity engineers designed tunnels due to cliffs.

TwinPeaks-Sep1181287975444.jpgThe museum is a focal point of the park as it overlooks the ocean to the west.

TwinPeaks-Aug25191287978561.jpgThere are homes along the parkway where forest rangers live. A walmart was built at the top to supply the families along the parkway access to everything they need instead of going down the mountain to the city.

TwinPeaks-Apr17181287900849.jpgThis was taken right before the parkway was built. The city was quick to recover from the quake.

TwinPeaks-Feb15181287884385.jpgThe new outdoor swimming center was built around the rebuilt highschool. A local university graduate built the sculpture on the center island as a memorial for the grade school he spent so many years at. A retaining wall was built to strengthen the area.


This is the Hamilton Education Complex at night. I am becoming a fan of the canals.

TwinPeaks-Feb26191287976942.jpgThis is the Hamilton tech center with the Hamilton Civic Center. The soil came from Mt. Alexandria.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979330.jpgAn air taxi strip was built on thunder island, the soil came from Mt. Littlefoot.

TwinPeaks-Apr17181287898631.jpgThis is Mt. Littlefoot Commercial Park. A majority of residents use the subway system.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979162.jpgThis is the new commercial park at night.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979196.jpgThe landslide took out part of the new central business district.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979146.jpgAurora has re-located to Twin peaks and have built 2 skyscrapers so far.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979360.jpgNorth Hamilton has a new skyscraper. Another was destroyed in the landslide.

TwinPeaks-Feb1181287881687-1.jpgThe skyscraper that collapsed left an indentation in the land. trees were planted and plans are being considered for a park..

TwinPeaks-Jun29181287901107.jpgNorth Hamilton is a tourist hot spot as well as a haven for the ultra wealthy.

TwinPeaks-Jun25181287901089.jpgThese buildings are in North Hamilton. This is now my fav shot. You can see the reflection of the trees in the building to the left.

TwinPeaks-Jul4181287901124.jpgI happened to come across a University soccer game in play. That's the latest on Twin Peaks. Now onto Wilson.

Wilson-May10491287979785.jpgAurora is making it's mark in Kenai. Coca Cola advertises heavily in this city.

Wilson-Apr5491287979671.jpgA soccer game was going on at the Highschool in Old Wilson Center.

Wilson-Apr11491287979692.jpgThe redwoods are taller than the smoke stacks in the industrial sector now. Wilson is 1 of the cleanest cities in Simnation thanks to the conservation efforts of residents.

Wilson-Apr24491287979725.jpgAn industrial canal was built to help reduce the traffic in port by providing access for barges through locks to the sea.

Wilson-Mar27491287979632.jpgThis is Richmond Estates, 1 of the 2 private communities in Wilson.

Wilson-teaser.jpgThis was used as the teaser from earlier. That is Wilson Estates with 2 more of Auroras buildings. Aurora donates a tens millions of Simolians to the city for re-forestation and conservation every year.

Wilson-Feb22491287979541.jpgThis is a good shot of Wilson at night.

Wilson-May25491287983149.jpgRichmond Estates has it's own highway access.

Wilson-May29491287983165.jpgThis is Alston Industrial Park. Most of it's employees live in Richmond Estates.

Wilson-Jun5491287983251.jpgMost freight in the industrial park travels this route out of Wilson. A majority of the employees use the other interchange.

Wilson-May13491287983038.jpgAnd last, but not least. I give to you Wilson Harbor during the day. On weekends, the industrial canal is used by the public. Residents rent paddle boats and the mill offers space for a small flea market. That is it for Wilson for now. My next entry will be of the new city.

The names I have in consideration for the new city are.

A: Trenton

B: Riverborough

C: Snake River

D: Port Minnatonka

Other names will be considered. Provincial polls show citizens favor Port Minnatonka.

I hope everyone enjoys this entry. Do Svidaniya


The City of Wilson

Twin Peaks quickly ran out of room for expansion due to it's laws preserving nature, so Wilson was founded in the county next door. It has a lot of forested land and keeps growing even after 49 years. It has a massive public transportation system and parks and recreation system. Onto the pics.

highway5.jpgA massive highway project was the first plan put into action in Wilson and thousands of unemployed folks in Twin Peaks instantly had jobs.

highway4.jpgThis is the south western area of Wilson.

retainingwall.jpgSo many people arrived that the Interstate project was quickly finished along with the industrial sector and a residential/commercial center north of the industrial park. The workers pressured the town council to designate the plateau a protect area and was later named Wilson National Park.

citylayout2.jpgThis is a farther shot of Wilson with Wilson National Airport at a distance from the city for future expansion. Trails are planned for the national park.

oldwilson.jpgThis is known as Old Wilson Center due to it being the first residential and commercial project in the city to provide housing for all the workers.

wilsonstateforest2.jpgIt took 2 years to finish the trails in the national park, sadly most of the trees were cut down to build homes. Volunteers took it upon themselves to make the trails and build a stream to provide water for the trees planned to be transplanted and seeded, this is the park just before the trees were transplanted.

wilsonstatepark.jpgThis is Wilson National Park from a distance. The town council granted the casino permission to build their casino, as long as it was on the bluff overlooking the port and industrial sector.

wilsonstateforest4.jpgThousands of volunteers helped transplants the trees over the course of 1 day thanks to the trails and the major roadways around the park. More trees were en route on the highways and rail. Simnation donated the trees in honor of the workers building the city.

wilsonstateforest3.jpgThe park was a massive undertaking and is a center of pride for SimNation.

beforegroundwasbrokenforthestadium.jpgUnemployment was almost non-existent in Wilson thanks to all of the public works projects approved by the town council.

wilsonheights3.jpgThe previous pic has a section of Wilson Heights, the town council answered demands to zone public housing for the new arrivals who seek employment.This is the north section of Wilson Heights abutting Wilson National Airport.

closerwilsonheights.jpgThis is the central area of Wilson Heights with a corporate boulevard.

farshotwilson.jpgThis is the final shot of Wilson, 2 years after founding. Plans have been drawn up for an extension to the industrial park with a canal system for barges. The last shot of the night will be a night shot of the Mystic Resort at the entrance to Wilson National Park.

Wilson-Feb4031286756670.jpgI hope you have enjoyed the progression of Wilson. Thank you for visiting my journal. Do Svidaniya.


Water taxis were built along with a CBD with a canal running through it. A forest was planted and a tunnel built through the north volcano to connect the Old CBD with the new CBD.

TwinPeaks-101710-1.jpgThis is a shot of the Industrial sector. Boulders and rocks were brought in to prevent errosion. ;) A water taxi was built to connect the Island and Wilson.

TwinPeaks-closerlookoftheindustrialportaa night shot of the industrial sector.

TwinPeaks-HamiltonPublicSchools.jpgHamilton Bluffs Education complex overlooks the farms. The town council is thinking of putting to vote weather or not to allocate public funds to erect a retaining wall in front of the schools.

TwinPeaks-southhamiltonlookingsouth.jpgJust to avoid confusion. Hamilton is comprised of North Hamilton (the new section of town) and South Hamilton (the old section). The farms are protected and can not be turned into any other type of zone due to the citizens of Hamilton voting to preserve Historical South Hamilton. This is looking at South Hamilton from the east.

TwinPeaks-HamiltonismodernwithskyscraperThis is North Hamilton. Kenai University as well as George Washington Field (where the Kenai Warriors play-SimCollege Football) reside in North Hamilton. The Hamilton Nighthawks play in Alexander Hamilton Stadium in the Simnational Baseball League. TwinPeaks-oldandnewhamilton.jpg

North and South Hamilton are not directly connected with roads, streets or avenue. My intention was to cut down on traffic through the historic Hamilton and force anyone who lives in South Hamilton who wishes to work in North Hamilton to utilize the highway. Most residents of South Hamilton choose to work there. Shops line the streets, the farms employ a lot of people and the resrt only hires people from South Hamilton.

TwinPeaks-theresidentialareaofNorthHamilThis is a night shot of Hamilton Estates from the east.

TwinPeaks-greatnightshotofnewyearsinHamiHappy New Year from the Mayors mansion in Hamilton.

TwinPeaks-TheTwinPeaksMayorlivesinHamiltA closer look at the mayors mansion next to Mountain View Cemetary.

TwinPeaks-dawninTwinPeaks.jpgBack to Twin Peaks. The forest has been planted. This is Twin Peaks at dawn with the new tram system in place.

TwinPeaks-closelookatmodernTwinPeaks.jpgThis is Twin Peaks during the day.

TwinPeaks-thisshotwastakenrightbeforeIbuThe forest was officialy named Twin Peaks Forest. The trees were transplanted from Wilson in a show of good faith. The new CBD is visible. It is part of Twin Peaks.

TwinPeaks-CBDatnight.jpgCentral Financial District from the north. The canals are by simgoober. Residential towers were erected to provide enough housing for expansion of the CBD.

TwinPeaks-tunnelgoingthroughthemountain.This is a night shot of the tunnel that was built through the north mountain. Locals in Hamilton were concerned with the contruction of the tunnel. They were afraid it would awaken the volcano and destroy their way of life. Nothing happened and now it is 1 of the busiest roadways in the city as it connects the old CBD with the new CBD.




these 3 are of 1ST Avenue from the OCBD through Twin Peaks and connects to the NCBD through the mountain as well as around it.

TwinPeaks-oldCBD-1.jpgOCBD at night looking south. The other side of the tunnel through the mountain at night.

TwinPeaks-HamiltonEstatesatnight.jpgHamilton Estates from the west at night.

TwinPeaks-earlyshotoftheNCBD.jpgThis is an early shot of the NCBD before the towers moved in. I know, lots of pics. :)

KenaiRiver-updatedtransportmap.jpgThis is the current transport map with total population. And now, a shot of current Kenai Province and a teaser of Wilson Estates and the Wilson Provincial Forest. ;DKenaiRiver-teaser2.jpg


I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Thank you for your visit. Do Svidaniya :D


The city of Twin Peaks was built on an island with a pair of extinct volcanos. A 3rd Volcano serves as Thunder Island and is between the mainland and Twin Peaks.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286333875.jpgOk, the left volcano is a lil unrealistic, but it serves the idea I had of having a part of the city "under the shadow of the mountain". :D

That is a shot of the city laid out before the power switch was flipped.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286333549.jpgThis is a shot of the section of Twin Peaks I dubbed Hamilton. The Seafirst center is a plop lot boosting my residential demand. Yes, I use mods. The tram park to the north was re-designed later on.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286333320.jpgMy fav shot. This is Twin Peaks fully laid out right before the power switch is thrown.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286333383.jpgThis is the small community of Hamilton. It's more of a town, Twin peaks is seperated from Hamilton by the massive interchange, the north volcano over to the west where the diagonal avenue is. South of that is Hamilton. There are farms :D

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286333431.jpgA close-up of Twin Peaks before ground breaking.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286333621.jpgThe highway between the mountains.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286333668.jpgBefore I forget, this is the industrial sector.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286334024.jpgThis is an old shot of the tram park. I uograded to a grass texture and made some changes at all 3 loops.

TwinPeaks-Jun5001286334176.jpgLooking south at the heart of Twin Peaks.

TwinPeaks-Apr21011286336388.jpgA night shot with new highway lights installed soon after establishment.

TwinPeaks-Apr24011286336418.jpgThis is the seaport and part of the industrial sector at night.

TwinPeaks-May2011286336471.jpgThis is the last shot for the night. The city changes a lot. I like having the city map and date from the game displayed, helps sequence the pics and everyone can see how long development took. I'm looking forward to uploading pics of Wilson. It has over 213,000 residents, I didn't follow a grid system either. I went with more freeform design so I could integrate my love for green space and trees. Helps with land value and pollution too, so it's win win.That city will Come after the next entry. The next entry will have pics of Twin Peaks further along development, with a redwood forest and CBD with canals. Oh, and the farming community of Hamilton. Lastly, I have a lot of shots, If most people are like me, I like to see the city rather than read about it. Wilson will be well worth the wait ;D Please enjoy. Do Svidaniya


Hello all.

   This is Kenai Province, based off the Kenai Alaska map available on the stex. I use the super demand mod as well as the lottery ordinance amongst over a thousand STEX files downloaded over the last few months. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will get to the nitty gritty now. I present to you the Kenai Province with volcanos and an area that was struck by meteors.KenaiRiver-1286163512.jpg

This is Kenai before Settlement.

KenaiRiver-1286651173.jpgThis is Wilson before settlement. Twin peaks is off to the west.

KenaiRiver-1286770137.jpgThis is a transportation map of both cities. An updated 1 will be uploaded shortly.

KenaiRiver-1287180849.jpgThis is a recent shot of the region. Need to update since a new industrial park was built.

KenaiRiver-1286163651.jpgI plan on building a new city at the mouth of the river. I haven't decided on a name yet. My next entry will be with lots of photos of Twin peaks. Off to get the car fixed. When I get back, I'll update. Do Svidaniya.

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