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Port Minnatonka

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A group of Wilsonites sailed down the coast until they happened upon the mouth of a river. The settlers disembarked from their ships and founded Port Minnatonka. The city took off quickly due to access to the ocean and access to fresh water from the river.

PortMinnatonka-northwest.jpgThis is the north western section of the city that is still largely unexplored and uninhabited. The highway has a rail line between lanes.

PortMinnatonka-beforepeoplemovein.jpgThis was right before the power switch was flipped. Each train station has a parking garage for sims who travel across the river to the industrial sector.

PortMinnatonka-beforemovingin.jpgThere is no industrial zoning on this strip of land. It is all residential, commercial and civic. There are parking garages next to the RTMT stations to encourage sims to use mass transit.

PortMinnatonka-thesecondinterchange.jpgThis is the industrial sector. In this shot, the rail tracks cross the 1 way roads and causes traffic jams. The interchange was later re-configured.

PortMinnatonka-highwayinterchange.jpgManufacturers have multiple modes of transportation for exporting their goods, including a large canal. This interchange isn't as busy as the other one.

PortMinnatonka-Aug16011288255208.jpgEngineers realized after completion of the highway system how bad traffic can be when train crossings are thrown in the mix.

PortMinnatonka-Jul3011288255090.jpgThe highway goes under the canal. Barges travel the canal day and night during the work week. There is a coal warf at the top of the locks for barges that still use coal.

PortMinnatonka-Jul6011288255100.jpgThere's a repair warf between the locks and the industrial sector for barges that have problems.

PortMinnatonka-Jul10011288255109.jpgTunneling under the canal took up less room than bridges and helps to preserve nature.

PortMinnatonka-May25011atnight.jpgThe highway seperates residential neighborhoods from the industrial sector. All rail intersections with the highway were later reconfigured to prevent traffic jams.

PortMinnatonka-Feb4031288378923.jpgThe rail tracks used to cross the avenue and canal. This was phase 1 for the mass transit reconfiguration.

PortMinnatonka-Feb10031288378939.jpgThe main Avenue through the industrial sector goes under the canal to free up traffic on the waterway. The rail tracks have draw bridges.

PortMinnatonka-morebargesatnight.jpgThis is an older shot with the old configuration. Seems the Krispy Kracker Company loves this location. The Minnatonka Municipal Airfield can be seen in the lower right.

PortMinnatonka-suburbs1.jpgThe residential neighborhoods at night.

PortMinnatonka-suburbs2.jpgMost of the residents of Port Minnatonka live on this strip of land.

PortMinnatonka-suburbs3.jpgThe roundabouts have been updated with shrubs and 1 has a fountain now. This section of Port Minnatonka is the most desireable area of the whole city.

PortMinnatonka-Jan25031288378891.jpgI took Kol's advise on simfox trees and I love them. I hate the ground in my game, simfox trees can be planted on steep grades like those made by tunnels. This is phase 2 of the mass transit re-configuration.

PortMinnatonka-Jan21031288378879.jpgThis is phase 3 of the mass transit re-configuration. Traffic was freed up for both rail and automobiles.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379272.jpgThis is McCormick Marina, named after their first mayor. On weekends and holidays, the canals are closed to barges and open to the public. Paddle boat rentals are popular.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379285.jpgI love using tunnels now. They take up less space than bridges and help preserve the natural surroundings.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379495.jpgThis interchange was built for the future expansion of the city. To the left will be new residential neighborhoods and to the right will be a high tech industrial sector.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379957.jpgWith the rich moving in and so many people crossing the river to work in the industrial sector, water taxis and marinas were built. Port Minnatonka General Hospital is 1 of the best hospitals in Simnation.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379979.jpgThis area is quickly becoming very desirable thanks to it's health club, access to the hospital, a library and a beach.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288379991.jpgThere is a church and a cemetary in this area as well as the beach. This area is very quiet and crime is rare.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288380008.jpgThe citizens of Port Minnatonka like the simfox trees so much that the city allocated 5,000,000 simolians to plant trees along the banks of the river and tunnels to beautify the city as well as help prevent erosion.

PortMinnatonka-Apr18031288380025.jpgThe Port Authority donated thir unused land to the city. The city turned the area into a public beach and is 1 of the most popular spots in the city. I hope everyone enjoys this entry. My next entry will focus on the small towns along the highway between Port Minnatonka and Wilson. Tha plan is to have farms with irrigation canals. Have a great Halloween everyone. Do Svidaniya.

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thank you Reikhardt, I love using tunnels now. I'm going to start using simfox trees much more often. I'm also experimenting with diggi's streams and ponds. I just added a stream and 2 ponds in Port Minnatonka as well as a CBD. Soon I will start work on the small towns between Wilson and Port Minnatonka.

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 I have to say your cities are very green. Even the dirty industrial looks very clean and natural. And by the way, good job!

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Thanks a bunch Duke. I love nature and feel that if our cities had more greenery, everyone would be in a happier mood and smog would be cut down. So I incorporate that into my cities. Eventually I will make a metropolis with very little green. But that'll have to wait till I get the region built up to support such a populace. :)

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Wow! Your Cities are very nice indeed! The Forests seem real thick. But very appealing!

Hope to see more of your future udates!

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thanks Huston and maitre, it humbles me to see people enjoy the journal. I'll likely post an update on Port Minnatonka then tackle the small towns.

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