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More of wilson and an update on Twin Peaks.

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There was a massive earthquake in Twin Peaks while most people were on the mainland working. Hundreds of homes were lost due to landslides, luckily nobody was killed. Both city councils and with massive public backing, much of the loose soil, rocks and boulders were removed. Most was sent to Hamilton to reclaim some land and build a modern high tech industrial park. A large amount was used to reclaim land on thunder island for an air taxi landing strip and the rest was sold. In place trees were planted, some homes and a fincancial park were built. Sadly, the grade school in Hamilton was lost in the landslide. In all, the quake turned out to have benefited the island.

TwinPeaks-Feb1181287881853.jpgThis is how Mt. Alexandria looked after the earthquake and the soil and rock were removed. Notice the Grade school was destroyed.

TwinPeaks-Sep1181287975340.jpgThis is the main entrance to the Mt. Alexandria Parkway. The parkway winds up the mountain to the very top, where a museum and some homes were built. Trees were seeded and transplanted to ensure the stability of soil.

TwinPeaks-Sep1181287975469.jpgCity engineers designed tunnels due to cliffs.

TwinPeaks-Sep1181287975444.jpgThe museum is a focal point of the park as it overlooks the ocean to the west.

TwinPeaks-Aug25191287978561.jpgThere are homes along the parkway where forest rangers live. A walmart was built at the top to supply the families along the parkway access to everything they need instead of going down the mountain to the city.

TwinPeaks-Apr17181287900849.jpgThis was taken right before the parkway was built. The city was quick to recover from the quake.

TwinPeaks-Feb15181287884385.jpgThe new outdoor swimming center was built around the rebuilt highschool. A local university graduate built the sculpture on the center island as a memorial for the grade school he spent so many years at. A retaining wall was built to strengthen the area.


This is the Hamilton Education Complex at night. I am becoming a fan of the canals.

TwinPeaks-Feb26191287976942.jpgThis is the Hamilton tech center with the Hamilton Civic Center. The soil came from Mt. Alexandria.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979330.jpgAn air taxi strip was built on thunder island, the soil came from Mt. Littlefoot.

TwinPeaks-Apr17181287898631.jpgThis is Mt. Littlefoot Commercial Park. A majority of residents use the subway system.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979162.jpgThis is the new commercial park at night.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979196.jpgThe landslide took out part of the new central business district.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979146.jpgAurora has re-located to Twin peaks and have built 2 skyscrapers so far.

TwinPeaks-Feb25201287979360.jpgNorth Hamilton has a new skyscraper. Another was destroyed in the landslide.

TwinPeaks-Feb1181287881687-1.jpgThe skyscraper that collapsed left an indentation in the land. trees were planted and plans are being considered for a park..

TwinPeaks-Jun29181287901107.jpgNorth Hamilton is a tourist hot spot as well as a haven for the ultra wealthy.

TwinPeaks-Jun25181287901089.jpgThese buildings are in North Hamilton. This is now my fav shot. You can see the reflection of the trees in the building to the left.

TwinPeaks-Jul4181287901124.jpgI happened to come across a University soccer game in play. That's the latest on Twin Peaks. Now onto Wilson.

Wilson-May10491287979785.jpgAurora is making it's mark in Kenai. Coca Cola advertises heavily in this city.

Wilson-Apr5491287979671.jpgA soccer game was going on at the Highschool in Old Wilson Center.

Wilson-Apr11491287979692.jpgThe redwoods are taller than the smoke stacks in the industrial sector now. Wilson is 1 of the cleanest cities in Simnation thanks to the conservation efforts of residents.

Wilson-Apr24491287979725.jpgAn industrial canal was built to help reduce the traffic in port by providing access for barges through locks to the sea.

Wilson-Mar27491287979632.jpgThis is Richmond Estates, 1 of the 2 private communities in Wilson.

Wilson-teaser.jpgThis was used as the teaser from earlier. That is Wilson Estates with 2 more of Auroras buildings. Aurora donates a tens millions of Simolians to the city for re-forestation and conservation every year.

Wilson-Feb22491287979541.jpgThis is a good shot of Wilson at night.

Wilson-May25491287983149.jpgRichmond Estates has it's own highway access.

Wilson-May29491287983165.jpgThis is Alston Industrial Park. Most of it's employees live in Richmond Estates.

Wilson-Jun5491287983251.jpgMost freight in the industrial park travels this route out of Wilson. A majority of the employees use the other interchange.

Wilson-May13491287983038.jpgAnd last, but not least. I give to you Wilson Harbor during the day. On weekends, the industrial canal is used by the public. Residents rent paddle boats and the mill offers space for a small flea market. That is it for Wilson for now. My next entry will be of the new city.

The names I have in consideration for the new city are.

A: Trenton

B: Riverborough

C: Snake River

D: Port Minnatonka

Other names will be considered. Provincial polls show citizens favor Port Minnatonka.

I hope everyone enjoys this entry. Do Svidaniya

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 Very cool, very nice lots of forestry and beautiful detailing ... this looks decent 

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those tall redwoods look alittle out-of-place...try using simfox trees (they're the best ones) also turn off the grid (press 'G') and turn off the UDI...

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thanks for the input kol. I'm still kind of new to SC4, so I'm trying to make it a habit to shut the grid and UDI off. As for the redwoods, they are my fav tree. My next city will be maxis trees. I'm not very fond of spending hours planting trees, so sticking with maxis will help me concentrate on the city as a whole. btw, I have simfox trees and I feel they are awesome, I just haven't built the right city for the use of them.

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