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Washington County- A logging community.

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I have spent a lot of time on this county trying to get things just right. I believe I may have pulled it off. 10.gif Please enjoy.

Kenai12-19-10.jpgThe transportation in the region is becoming rather complex. But at the same time it is pleasing to the eye. Half a million Sims live in the region now. 1 more county and the highway project started between Wilson and Port Minnatonka will be complete.

WashingtonCounty-Apr7061292800544.jpgThis is the town of Smithfield. It is an industrial town, I don't have many shots of the it since it is too symmetric to interest me. If there is interest in the town though, I may do a snippet on it in the future.

WashingtonCounty-Apr4061292800536.jpgThis is the small city of Washington. Most residents live on the eastern side of the highway. It features a campground and a logging industry.

WashingtonCounty-Jan1061292800329.jpgThis is Washington at night. It is very peaceful at night. The county has over 12,000 residents.

WashingtonCounty-Jan4061292800338.jpgThis is Smithfield at night. Most of the light pollution at night comes from the County Medical Center and the industrial sector.

WashingtonCounty-May5061292800618.jpgThis is the Miller Logging Company compound as well as the Edmonds Hill Reservoir and the Edmonds Dam. The Edmonds River and Salamander Creek run through the compound and the city, then converge at Lake Washington and the Lake Washington Campground. The Edmonds river continues into the sea from there.

WashingtonCounty-May8061292800627.jpgThe southern part of Washington. The island in the middle of Lake Washington is Leland Island named after James Leland, whom donated the land to the city so the campground could be built.

WashingtonCounty-May15061292800649.jpgThat skyscraper looks a little out of place out in the stix. But it provides essential employment for the surrounding counties as well as this county.

WashingtonCounty-May19061292800696.jpgThe center island is known as Edmonds' Island, after Christie Edmonds. A famous writer who lived on the island while writing her books. The dam provides electricity to the county, some power is purchased from Verona Beach though.

WashingtonCounty-May24061292800714.jpgA closer look at the dam and Edmonds' Pond.

WashingtonCounty-Jun2061292800743.jpgThe river flows beneath the downgraded path.

WashingtonCounty-Jun5061292800755.jpgLogging camps are scattered around the compound.

WashingtonCounty-Jul2061292800831.jpgThe Miller Logging Company re-plants trees that they cut down to sustain their production. There are numerous rapids along the river and creek.

WashingtonCounty-Jun8061292800763.jpgThe end of the road with a logging camp at dusk.

WashingtonCounty-Jun27061292800814.jpgThe entrance to the compound and the Edmonds' River.

WashingtonCounty-Jul12061292800877.jpgMiller has direct access to the rail line. They are the largest employer in the county as they run lumber yards throughout the county and have considered expanding into other counties.

WashingtonCounty-Nov13061292801471.jpgMiller processes all their logs here and use the water from the Edmonds' River as well as purify it. They used to float the logs down the river until the town had to build a bridge that prevented the large logs from being sent down it. The plant is across the street from the entrance, so the trip is quick.

WashingtonCounty-Jun21061292800800.jpgThe Salamander Creek and Salamander Pond. The creek runs through the industrial sector to the south of here. That logging camp is pretty isolated, the lumber yard get most of their logs from this camp due to it's proximity.

WashingtonCounty-Jul9061292800858.jpgThis is the western section of the compound which borders the airport. That is the Edmonds' River.

WashingtonCounty-Nov19061292801491.jpgThis is the main lumber yard shipping product out of the county. Salamander creek flows beneath it.

WashingtonCounty-Jun13061292800778.jpgThe area around Salamander Pond at dusk. A college is next to the jail.

WashingtonCounty-Jul7061292800850.jpgThe compound is huge, this is the last logging camp on the path before the river goes under the road and feeds the processing plant.

WashingtonCounty-Nov16061292801481.jpgThis processing area is for logs not being sawed. Stumps and branches are removed and the logs are loaded onto trains.

WashingtonCounty-Jun29061292800821.jpgThis is the first logging camp on the path after you enter the compound.

WashingtonCounty-Jun10061292800770.jpgThere are plans for a logging camp at the bend next to the bridge.

WashingtonCounty-Jul15061292800886.jpgThe creek was preserved somewhat through the industrial sector. The rail line here is very busy.

WashingtonCounty-Jul5061292800841.jpgThese logging camps used to be the top producers of logs until the logging path was built.

WashingtonCounty-Aug2061292800947.jpgThere is a resort hotel in the middle of the farming area.

WashingtonCounty-Jul18061292800899.jpgHere is another processing plant and a lumber yard.

WashingtonCounty-Jul22061292800914.jpgThis is the entrance to the Lake Washington Campground and Leland Entertainment Grounds to the bottom right.

WashingtonCounty-Jul30061292800936.jpgSims have to reserve a spot.

WashingtonCounty-Dec1061292801537.jpg Sims can also travel the grounds by horse. Live shows are popular all day long with campers.

WashingtonCounty-Jan1071292801622.jpgThe campground at dusk. People fish at all of the lookout points.

WashingtonCounty-Jan7071292801648.jpgThe hot spring is popular amongst campers.

WashingtonCounty-Nov25061292801520.jpgThere's even a pool for those who don't want to swim with the fish.

WashingtonCounty-Jul26061292800924.jpgThere are 10 total lookout points within the campground.

WashingtonCounty-Dec12061292801570.jpgA close-up of Leland island and the Leland Bridge. The 2 camp sites on the island are the most sought after in the whole campground.

WashingtonCounty-Sep5061292801073.jpgThis is looking south at night.

WashingtonCounty-Sep22061292801171.jpgThis is the entrance at night.

WashingtonCounty-Aug24061292801025.jpgThe concert just finished up and campers went to their tents.

WashingtonCounty-Aug8061292800967.jpgThe campground is quiet at night. Gotta love the camp fires at night.

WashingtonCounty-Sep11061292801114.jpgThe camp sites on Leland Island at night.

WashingtonCounty-Aug10061292800974.jpgThis was taken right before the concert ended and the campers went back to their tents. The city recycling center is next to the camp to provide easy removal of any trash.

WashingtonCounty-Aug26061292801036.jpgThis is looking south at Leland Island at night with the campers sitting around the bonfire.

WashingtonCounty-Sep17061292801141.jpgThe lookout points are popular at night as well.

WashingtonCounty-Aug13061292800987.jpgThe main showers are at the most northern part of the campground.

WashingtonCounty-Aug31061292801050.jpgThis is looking south at part of the Leland Bridge.

WashingtonCounty-Sep20061292801163.jpgThis is the same shot looking from the other direction. If this campground were real, I would be here every weekend.

WashingtonCounty-Dec27061292801607.jpgThis is the last shot for the entry. There is a picnic area next to the shower buildings as well as a lookout point. The ranger tower is popular for tourists. I hope you have enjoyed this entry.

My next entry will be on the last county along the highway.  Plans are currently delayed due to a volcanic eruption in the area where the highway was planned to be built. Alternatives are being considered, but the common consensus is the area is vital for the Kenai Provincial Corridors' expansion. A redesign of the corridor would cost millions of simoleons and the public isn't very happy with that alternative. Do Svidaniya

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 I haven't check in for a while!!
Logging scenes are always very hard to pull off, good job. The only thing I don't like is that skyscraper in Washington. It seems so, tall!

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@reik. Thank you, the transportation system is slowly coming along and is shaping up to be a rather beautiful and efficient system. After the link is finished, I need to start thinking of expansion north, maybe a city around crater lake hehe.
@duke. the skyscraper is an eyesore, it's so out of place. I'm gonna rezone it since my original intention was for a shopping center to sprout up, but I forgot to pause the game and blamo, skyscraper lol. And the logging scenes were tricky.
As for updates, it's been a while, my current town is coming along slowly. It's turning out to be a work of art.

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