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Thompson County- Small cities amongst farmland

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Thompson county has 2 towns known as Thompson and Porter and a small village known as Fisher. Both towns are surrounded by farmland, forestry is very lucrative in this county thanks to an abundance of trees. This entry will focus on the towns in particular. A later update will focus on the farms.

I will start with an update for the region.

11-7-10.jpgI installed the RHW transportation modd for the trans map and though it shows the RHW great, it turned my water black :(. As can be seen, 2 counties to the west of Franklin and Thompson counties need to be established.

11-7-10-2.jpgThompson County has more residents than Franklin County and has a municipal airport while Franklin County has yet to decide on where to build their new airfield.

ThompsonCounty-Aug13081289529373.pngThis is the town of Thompson.

ThompsonCounty-Aug13081289529392.pngThis is the far eastern part of Thompson and the village of Fisher.

ThompsonCounty-Aug20061289190812.jpgThis is the village at night.

ThompsonCounty-Aug30081289529442.pngThe village is named after Fisher Lake. The village is a very popular tourist stop along the railway and the lake is stocked year round.

ThompsonCounty-Jun20091289530394.pngThe lake kind of looks like a fish. Some lots still haven't been bought due to minor flooding.

ThompsonCounty-Dec11051289190001.jpgThis is a major highway and railway junction that connects both towns to Franklin County.

ThompsonCounty-Dec8051289189992.jpgThis is where the railway re-enters the center of the highway towards Porter. Freight traffic is heavy since Port is only connected by rail and highway.

ThompsonCounty-Jan14061289190117.jpgHappy New Year Thompson County.

ThompsonCounty-Dec14081289529733.pngThis is the heart of Thompson. I love this type of interchange, it's free flowing and has lots of green.

ThompsonCounty-Jan9091289529809.pngThompson Center consists of 2 rotaries. At the bottom is the old Thompson farm, hence the name of the town and county.

ThompsonCounty-Jan5091289529799.pngBaker farm to the left was the second farm to be established in Thompson.

ThompsonCounty-Jan2091289529791.pngProperty next to the farms are the most sought after properties since the farmers share crops with their neighbors.

ThompsonCounty-Jan12091289529816.pngThe mayors mansion is nestled in between historic homes and the town forest.

ThompsonCounty-Jan16091289529827.pngI have no idea why a police chopper is using it's spot light on a section of the Freemont farm.

ThompsonCounty-Feb12091289529905.pngGarbage is brought out of the county by rail to Port Minnatonka through Franklin County.

ThompsonCounty-Feb14091289529913.pngThere is a mini golf course across the street from the Thompson County Agricultural Institute.

ThompsonCounty-Feb16091289529919.pngThe rail tunnels under TCAI, freight traffic is heavy during the week on this stretch.

ThompsonCounty-Feb18091289529926.pngThe lumber mill supplies lumber to the Mine for supports. A Champions store was recently opened.

ThompsonCounty-Jan20091289529840.pngThis area of town is diverse with students, farmers and laborers mixed together in their daily lives.

ThompsonCounty-Feb9091289529893.pngMost freight exits by rail, The rotary was built due to expansion of the city and the traffic signals no longer benefiting the area.

ThompsonCounty-Dec18081289529745.pngThis is North Thompson, employment is easy to come by in this town.

ThompsonCounty-Dec21081289529753.pngOne ways have solved traffic problems.

ThompsonCounty-Dec24081289529761.pngThe oldest church in the county is in the northern part of the county.

ThompsonCounty-Apr11091289530132.pngA majority of residents use the public transportation. This section of town is becoming very expensive.

ThompsonCounty-Dec27081289529775.pngThe county fairgrounds is popular during the warmer months.

ThompsonCounty-Aug25061289190831.jpgThis is Thompson Center at night.

ThompsonCounty-Aug28061289190840.jpgThe rotary is known as Victoria Circle. Victoria H. Leonard grade school was built here after the old school got too small.

ThompsonCounty-Aug13081289529383.pngThis is the town of Porter.

ThompsonCounty-Nov4081289529587.pngLooks like I have a dependency problem. I'll have to dig in and solve it. But this is the only way in or out of Porter.

ThompsonCounty-Nov8081289529601.pngFlowers from Porter are becoming popular.

ThompsonCounty-Nov13081289529644.pngThe lumber industry is the main source of income in Porter.

ThompsonCounty-Nov18081289529669.pngThis is the civic complex in porter. You can see part of the Porter rail yard.

ThompsonCounty-Nov21081289529677.pngThis section of Porter is the oldest.

ThompsonCounty-Nov24081289529685.pngPorter Lumber was started by James Porter who founded the town after Thompson town council turned down his application to build a lumber farm.

ThompsonCounty-Dec8081289529716.pngPorter boasts a large industrial sector next to the rail yard.

ThompsonCounty-May25091289530308.pngThis is the Porter rail yard.

ThompsonCounty-Mar14091289530025.pngThis is a teaser for the farms entry. This is the Baker farm in Thompson. I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.

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Just to clear up any possible confusion, I used cities in the title as they are the right size for small cities, but haven't been incorporated as cities as of yet. :D

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