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Del Monte Vista: Part 1

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Pre-planning of Del Monte Vista.

46.jpgA lot of terra forming had to be done to get the final result.

47.jpgThere was no direct route from the mainland to the island, so I had to build an island in the channel and then tunnels so that the aquatic wild life could swim as they always have. Conservation is important to me. :)

48.jpgThe tunnel system with the temporary access road on the island.

49.jpgAll that land is from the volcano erupting. Del Monte Vista was built here.

50.jpgMt. Arapi after eruption. The mountain is smoother after lots of terra forming. Onto the finished product.

1.jpgThis is the Island of Del Monte Vista along with Mt. Arapi and Lake Arapi.

2.jpgThis is a shot of the village of Shasta, Mt. Shasta, the Shasta river, Lake Shasta and Lake Viera.

3.jpgA closer look at the island. Countless hours were spent detailing the river and trees going up the mountain.

4.jpgOh lookie, a battle ship is in port.

5.jpgThere are campsites on the rim of the crater. Hikers climb down the inside of the crater to swim and fish in Lake Arapi.

6.jpgThe power company is known as Arapi Hydro-electric. The dams are part of the Mt. Arapi Hydro-electric Complex. Without the dams in place, the island would experience flooding on a weekly basis since the province gets a lot of rain and snow year round.

8.jpgThe rail line tunnels under the lake to preserve the lake and island. Port Minnetonka has a large lake now thanks to Mt. Shasta erupting.

9.jpgA nice shot of Camp Shasta.

10.jpgA closer look at the Shasta River.

12.jpgThere's boyscout island. The camp dock on the mainland is at the northern tip of Shasta Village. The road at the top is a marker for where the edge of the lake in Port Minnetonka is to be formed. ;)

11.jpgThe northern section of Lake Viera and the highway interchange.

13.jpgThe southern part of Shasta Village.

20.jpgBoyscout island looking south.

21.jpgThe main dock for the island camp.

22.jpgThe village center.

23.jpgTraffic enters the tunnel here.

24.jpgThis is the access island for the 2 tunnels that connect the island to the mainland.

25.jpgThe other end of the tunnel. This is where Del Monte Vista begins.

26.jpgThe Kerr River empties into the sea here.

27.jpgThe Kerr River winds through Del Monte Vista.

28.jpgBridges were too costly for the community, so they built culverts under the roads.

29.jpgThe fork where the Kerr River begins. the Rhu River continues south.

30.jpgThis is Del Monte Vista Center. The Rhu flows through it.

31.jpgMore of the Rhu flowing south.

32.jpgThe Rhu River empties into the sea over Rhu Falls. The avenue to the right is Industrial Ave. and heads to the port.

33.jpgThis is Port Monte Vista.

34.jpgTown Center is a mix of industry, commercial and government.

35.jpgThere are 2 Dave & Busters to handle the demand for modern gaming. The Food Tiger is the only grocery store on the island.

36.jpgThe neighborhoods in Del Monte Vista are peaceful.

37.jpgThis is the northern part of Del Monte Vista.

38.jpgThe island has a lot of water towers, 1 is next to the Monte Cristo Chapel.

39.jpgThe Lucinda river and her falls.

40.jpgThe fork where the Kerr River begins is to the bottom right. The power substation distributes all power from the plant.

41.jpgThis is the commercial district of Del Monte Vista.

42.jpgThis is the edge of the town. More people live around the island.

43.jpgThis is the tallest building on the island. The fuel tanks for the navy pier can be seen to the lower left.

45.jpgThe road around the island is very curvy. Office towers are few and far between on this road.

44.jpgA close-up of the navy pier and battle ship.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry. Do Svidaniya.

Update. Del Monte Vista will be a 2 part series instead of 3. Part 2 will focus mainly on the new campsites built around Lake Arapi and on the rim of the crater. Thank you for your patience.

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