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MHW Total Retexture Mod - European Version

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About This File

MHW Total Retexture Mod version 1.0 - Euro textures


This mod is now included in the Network Addon Mod (from version 31 onwards)


What is the MHW Total Retexture Mod?

This mod will totally retexture your Maxis Highways to match the NAM's European Texture mods. This will retexture every single Maxis highway texture, including the NAM interchanges.


Are there any issues?

Unfortunately, due to the way Maxis Highways are UV-assigned, there are some texture issues, mainly with the NAM interchanges. This cannot really be easily avoided from a texturer's point of view, but the current texture issues aren't really that serious.

If you happen to spot any other issues, please let me know.


How do I install this mod?

To install this mod, unzip the downloaded file to Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins

IMPORTANT: Ensure the included .dat file is INSIDE a folder in your Plugins, for example the path might be Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/zz_folder-name/retexture.dat


If you have the NETWORK ADDON MOD v31 or higher...

I'd recommend that you install this texture mod using the Network Addon Mod's installer. If you didn't select it during your install, you can run the installer again without removing your existing installation, and tick the box which can be found in the Textures section.


I have an issue/question/request!

Please post in the Development and Support thread.





Recommended Mods:

Network Addon Mod, available here.


Incompatible Mods:

This mod is incompatible with any other mod which alters the textures/models of the Maxis Highways, for example Project Symphony included in the Network Addon Mod, or any other Maxis Highway retexture mod.


Looking for a US version?

There's one available here.



There's also a version of this mod available which alters the Ground Maxis Highway models. Find it here.



Thanks, Sam.

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  • v1.0 - Original Release

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