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  1. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    thanks alots... this is something did not think would occur anymore... well done fills a need and looks promising to 5/5
  2. Torre Colpatria

    LOOKS PROMISING... so I took it...
  3. RRetail Misc Entertainment Relots Pack Two

    looked promising went to download and got this: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><BucketName>simtropolis</BucketName><RequestId>tx0000000000000011e7640-0059e152d9-1eca4-nyc3a</RequestId><HostId>1eca4-nyc3a-nyc</HostId></Error>
  4. Creator Pack 01: Ceafus 88

    Thanks... nice little project... will put to use..
  5. Karlsruhe Courthouse

    well done... 5/5... it even looks like a bank head quarters of some sort...
  6. Comcast Center

    liked the subject and the texture work... however the lotting could be better in the detail as it relates to in game... yet its an overall 5/5
  7. Watkins & Sons

    a great surprise from a bat master... all points great... extra merit on subject, model, project... 10/10... thanks a bunch
  8. Urban School

    very very good... 5/5... like the lotting of the model... like that it carries some jbsimio sensibilities in school texture and final look...
  9. Eighth Avenue Place - East Tower

    very nice... well done, 5/5
  10. Alighieri Apartments

    overall well done, 5/5... like the subject for project study in design...
  11. Great Southwest Building

    luv'd watching this project happen... I am a great fan of the art-deco period, and this does capture it... the project developed nicely into wonderful finished product... overall very good, super well done, 5/5, +3 = 8/10
  12. ING Direct

    luv this office building... typical in cities mid states USA... like it over all 5/5
  13. Gertrude Apartments

    peculiar looking apartments... like it over all well done 5/5... also bro, isn't it "sic" instead of "sick"?...
  14. B62 Remastered - Safeway 60's Retro Grocery

    like it... however how do the semi supply trucks get n out and around?... 4/5, block teh trucks and run out of supplies
  15. Houston Place Apartments

    like this model alot... well done 5/5...