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  1. HK Bank of China Tower V2

    You beat those losers at EA! lol Good job.
  2. Bal Rare

    What are you talking about? This guys work is excellent for a first time deliver. Congratulations spore415! I am going to be renderizing this map in a bit.
  3. Kaiser Permanente Tower

    Very good.
  4. Green Wyatt US Federal Building

    Good Job.
  5. Commonwealth Building by Bixel

    It's good.
  6. Jackson Tower

  7. CKLW One Riverside Drive

    Looks good. Brand new.
  8. LBT WalMart Supercenter v2

    Very nice.
  9. Riverside Grand Plaza Tower

    Very good work.
  10. MP Corner Market

    I like the texture work. Good job.
  11. KUMHO ASIANA group company

    Pretty looking.
  12. BLaM Design Studios

    Nice job!
  13. BLaM SC4 Towers Complex S Tower

    Out of the 3 buildings with this style I like this one the best. Thank you.