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  1. @R3V0 Ahhhh, those rails! How did you get them?
  2. Additional Public Transit

    The price reduction will be great for people who play without unlimited money! I remember when I first started playing and CO added metro I wanted to use it so bad but just placing 2 station bankrupted me. Also so happy about the ped paths and station styles, I can't wait to check them out once I build a computer that actually has a GPU...
  3. Additional Public Transit

    @andreharv Wow, nice progress! Can't wait to test it all out!
  4. Catenary Replacer

    Wow, I didn't even know! That'd be awesome!
  5. Catenary Replacer

    @Tim The Terrible You mean map-wide without restarting, or per stretch of track kind of like network skins?
  6. I know, but I just really love your containers in particular. You've done a great job on them!
  7. Is there any chance of getting a train set with double-stacked containers sometime? I feel like that's the only thing missing!
  8. Cities: Skylines - "Mass Transit" Disucssion

    I'm actually leaving my game open until I'm sure that everything has been fixed and I can restart. I've had it open for a day for today, so hopefully nothing will happen.
  9. @BadPeanut Oh, I didn't know that. Well, then I would try maybe deleting one ped path on each side of the bridge (ex. 2 escalators on one side, delete the ped path on one of them).
  10. TransitAuthority: SpaceX Project

    Released Thanks to everyone! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925100695
  11. Check to make sure that you don't have duplicate ped paths, and also make sure that snapping is OFF when you place the ped paths. Sometimes if you have ped paths too close together it causes problems.
  12. TransitAuthority: SpaceX Project

    Pre-Release Landing Zone 1 is now ready for release! All that's left is for me to make a thumbnail and cover picture, and it'll be done! The asset is found in the park/plaza tab, but has everything set to 0. It has no entertainment radius or anything, so really just functions like a block of concrete. It does require a road just to place the asset, but the road can be deleted after. Special thanks to everyone who helped me make this and solve all the problems - this literally wouldn't have been possible without all you guys. Expect the asset to be released today! I'll make another post when I do release it.
  13. TransitAuthority: SpaceX Project

    @Avanya The lod doesn't disappear anymore. I will change the texture size though, and decrease the brightness and saturation
  14. TransitAuthority: SpaceX Project

    @boformer I thought about making the texture that size, but everything would end up a blurry mess seeing as how the main texture is 2048 X 2048. I made the LOD texture 1024 X 1024 so you can still make out the big "X" on the pad from far away.
  15. TransitAuthority: SpaceX Project

    Update! I've followed all of your advice, and although the LOD issue was fixed, the texture issue was not. I removed spaces, adjusted the texture sizes, and added specular and illumination maps - but Cities: Creating Assets is Confusing strikes again. The textures are still blinding. Any more ideas?