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  1. Awesome This is Ricardo from the FB group. I got the logos, the train and they all look sah-weet P.S > Why are my smilies turned into Wiggly sheep? Rico
  2. VN-02

    OP. You need to add a deatiled description as to what this mod does, how it works, how to use it etc etc.   I for one will not d-load and use something with absolutely no explanation from the author as to what it's for, or how it may affect gameplay, 
  3. XL nation question....

    Hello all: Looks like XlNation is down, yet again. Could someone from xlnation please post with some info? Is XlNation down? how long? Are you under attack? Rico
  4. Offline-Only Mod: “Pedestrian Paths”

    Now this is a MOD !    
  5. Hey all: We need more bodies and brains for the speed contest tonight ! Lets get Busy ! :kitty: Rico
  6. Well, I'll be there..... Jeez people !!! Rico
  7. Request sent to NebulaOfFire MrZepp0 and to the FB group, from Ricardo Kutz
  8. Delta

    I'll Join Vaer0. Look for a request from Nonja Cheers
  9. GhostsWithHats looking for Mayors!

    Hi Matt: Had a look at your site. Two things; Drop RaidCall > it's too buggy and unreliable. Teamspeak or similar will garner you more support. The other > as the admin and main influence, watch your spelling and grammar, take the time to edit and spell check ! You're a leader now, step up your game LOL Good Luck Rico
  10. So, Sporego, where the hell are you? :kitty: Rico
  11. Raw Ore Storage Not Shipping

    Thanks, I saw that too... Seems to be working now
  12. Disable or undbind Video Capture?

    Might try FRAPS and see if you can record Video w/o loss performance loss...... You can record in 29, 30 and 60 FPS and different frame sizes to adjust for your system specs. :kitty: Rico
  13. Raw Ore Storage Not Shipping

    Bump this... I had the same problem...... I finally had to demolish rebuild all 5 of my depots to get them working ! Grrrrrrrrrrr Rico
  14. @Sporego.. Suggest dumping Raidcall Look at the amount of problems with this app here https://www.facebook.com/RaidcallSupport?filter=2 Too many people get errors . no's 22, 426, flashctrl, Profile picture not changing, no profile page on the website, PROFILE PICTURE UPLOAD FAILED 404! etc etc etc ...... Whats wrong with teamspeak? Rico