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  1. Traffic jam effects

    Yes, the traffic jam tops out at three times the maximum capacity, at 30% of original speed. That makes driving on a congested avenue about the speed of driving on a street(with no congestion). My jams are mostly bottlenecks in front of the highway entrances and extending one or two blocks.... and I personally never had a problem with the mass transit 400% usage, and from what I know the traffic simulator doesn't work that way(close down for the day....etc.)
  2. I heard from somewhere that NAM changes the system files, not the SC4 exe. The patchlog from last year states that SimCity 4.exe had no problems, SImCity_1.dat did. Also, my exe is 1.1.638.0 and so is all the other SimCity files. None of them are 1.1.610.
  3. Whoops. I'm in trouble then. I installed that patch long ago.. also SimCity1.dat has a different Edit and Access Date from the others... the other files have these dates at November 14th 2003, but SimCity1.dat stands at June 13th 2015(guess that's the date I did that patch...) long ago, I tried to do that patch, and I faintly remember getting the 'file with the same name' error.
  4. I installed the NAM fine and it shows i am at 1.1.638.0 which I'm pretty sure is the EP1 update. Would I need the nightlighting one too?
  5. You're right. However, Although I know why the helicopter moves as such, the question is why my viewpoint is following the copter.... unchecked the auto go to disasters but the bug still continues randomly.
  6. Midrise Office Pack Volume 7

    This goes into my plugins folder RIGHT NOW! These mid-rises will fit almost anywhere.
  7. My mayor rating in that zone stands at 112(from the extended query or whatever). No riots anticipated. I did send the patrols just in case, but nothing changed. AFAIK there is nothing wrong going on, no red borders. except for perhaps a few patches of crime (well, the copter sometimes flashes its spotlights) it doesn't happen very often, but apparently it's pretty random and once it starts to follow the copter there is no way to really fix it without quitting the game. I have found out that moving while zooming does alleviate some of the problems but doing these two at once makes the game very choppy. (and no, the game doesn't suddenly focus on the copter, it only does when I change the zoom level or as rsc204 said, rotate the view. Once it does, it follows the copter.)
  8. Recently I'm having an annoyance regarding police helicopters. Sometimes when I change the zoom level, I suddenly change position to somewhere else - that is, where a police helicopter is hovering above the city blocks. If I don't do anything while on this rather irritating 'mode', the point-of-view follows the police helicopter and the lights. Is this a bug, or some kind of secret function that I activated by accident? Because I don't want to navigate the whole tile right across just because a chopper is on the other side of where I was working on..... Anybody heard of this? Any tips would be nice. Thanks in advance!
  9. Proportional Industry Jobs

    hmm.... interesting.. because I didn't really see such a phenomenon, at least from the region view and stats (they register correctly) and the commute works as normal. Could you elaborate about how the decreased jobs affect the game? The amount of lots that had their jobs decreased is extremely rare and I don't think it will cause much problems, but nevertheless I posted your message in red at the beginning. Does that mean that the demand for R and C will be affected, so that in your example, there is 10 demand for 8 jobs?
  10. Proportional Industry Jobs

    Version 1.0.0


    * It is highly advisable to demolish I-HT yards, I-D/I-M sheds or grounds.(they're the whitish land that's not really a building. Sheds are the tiny buildings in I-D or I-M zones(I'm not sure which one)) The decreased job count for these lots can mean they might turn into ghost jobs. Except for them, the 'buildings' have been boosted in various amounts. OK, the Industry sector in this game is not really all that great. I was fed up with the fact that a large industrial building(ex. Dead Forest Paper, Zeno's Truck Parts) is thirty, forty times larger than a small one(Farley's Foundry, Bella Barium, etc.) and they have about 3~10 times the jobs. Bella Barium, a 2x2 stage 1 building that looks more like 2x1.5, has 23 jobs. Zeno's truck Parts is about 2 times taller, 2.5 times wider and 3 times longer, and it's a stage 3. It should not have only 78 jobs. I used both the Industry Doubler and the Quadrupler once, and while it was nice to have 400-ish jobs on large buildings, an I-HT yard having 20-ish made no sense. =============================================== So I have boosted the pop counts for those industrial buildings, based on the 3-dimensional size of said buildings and by stage. (stage 3 has an advantage over stage 1, and I-D has more pop than I-M, which has more pop count than I-HT) You can see that it is proportional to the *volume* of the buildings, not just a blind x2, x4 factor. (Yards/Grounds actually decreased in job count) They range from single-digit numbers to 606(I-M), 962(I-D, Dead Forest Paper), and 386(I-HT, Spline Testing?) After testing, I found that it usually increases the industry population by approximately three times. This is quite variable, if your industrial zones have lots of big buildings there will be bigger boosts, whereas in industry zones filled with Bella Barium or Farley's Foundry has less of an effect. I have separated the files into 3 parts - I-D, I-M, and I-HT. *Don't mind the font. I changed it manually using another .dat. This mod has no effects on your game font. *Comments and constructive criticism always help. (I am a light modder, but anyway)
  11. The Wide-Radius curves only had ones relating to NWM networks, none with default maxis. FAN menus had a curve but it only had a 18.4 degree / 26.6 degree one, none of which looks like the first one(apparently that's a 90 degree wide avenue curve.) While I could make a wide avenue curve by putting the pieces together, that curve has a 12-block radius which seems to go a bit too far! The first one(which I really want to have) seems to get about 6~7 tiles radius wise..... plus they're smoother. Any puzzle pieces for that one?
  12. I've seen quite a lot of pictures with smoothly curved avenues, such as this: (original pic is from http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=5706.20 ) I know that road and street curves are done by putting a single road tile next to the planned-to-be curve, but apparently the same doesn't hold true for avenues. These curves with the default Maxis avenues were quite common, but I couldn't find a puzzle piece that does that, let alone any draggable solution that I know. I'm using NAM 32 version, and I'm sure draggable curves are enabled in this version. I have no trouble dragging curves with roads (with a bit of practice) and streets, and FARs can be dragged too. However NOTHING seems to work with those avenues.... help is needed!! Something like the picture is what I want to achieve, preferrably by dragging/Non-puzzle-piece version. There's got to be a Maxis avenue curve somewhere......
  13. Crashes with "Priv_Instruction"??

    I know the query lot when it crashed (Name was Sokos Hotel Viru or something) so I queried it again. It used to work fine, and no reason for it to crash now. I made the situation as close as possible (being growable buildings....) and the query works flawlessly. Not that one (and I'm pretty sure a faulty query usually brings up ACCESS_VIOLATION...)
  14. I was playing a session the other day and went into a zoning-w2w-apartments spree. I forgot time passing and didn't save for about 1.5 hours. As I was hovering over one of the custom Hotels with the query tool it crashed. I assumed it was the normal 'ACCESS_VIOLATION' but it wasn't. It wasn't anything I ever saw before (I had access violation and another one with INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO caused by a bad plugin). This is the first 20 or so lines of the exception report: Exception time: 09/08/2015, at 00:51:04. Exception code: 0xC0000096 (-1073741674) PRIV_INSTRUCTION. Current thread ID: 10552 (0x00002938). Version information: Application/module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe Application/module version name: SimCity 4 Application/module version: 1.1.638.0 System version: Windows NT 6.1 System memory: 3980 Megabytes total, 2008 Megabytes free. Exception module: . Exception address: 0x12ddce50. Section:Offset: 0x00:0x00000000. Registers EAX: 0012ddc3 EBX: 00000000 ECX: 12ddca04 EDX: 12ddca04 ESI: 1567c014 EDI: 12ddca04 CS:EIP: 0023:12ddce50 SS:ESP: 002b:0018f80c EBP:0000006e DS:002b ES:002b FS:0053 GS:002b Flags: 00010286 Compare that with the 'normal' crashes I get from time to time (usually only after not saving for 2~3 hours straight. Nowadays I usually have an alarm so I save every 30 minutes or so) Exception time: 08/27/2015, at 16:36:58. Exception code: 0xC0000005 (-1073741819) ACCESS_VIOLATION. Current thread ID: 6076 (0x000017bc). Version information: Application/module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe Application/module version name: SimCity 4 Application/module version: 1.1.638.0 System version: Windows NT 6.1 System memory: 3980 Megabytes total, 1752 Megabytes free. Exception module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe. Exception address: 0x0065ed40. Section:Offset: 0x01:0x00257d40. Registers EAX: 0018f6f8 EBX: 0018f6fc ECX: 00000000 EDX: 000000c1 ESI: 00000000 EDI: 43888d9c CS:EIP: 0023:0065ed40 SS:ESP: 002b:0018f6c0 EBP:0018f6f7 DS:002b ES:002b FS:0053 GS:002b Flags: 00210246 The new error came up after I installed a bunch of new plugins. Perhaps they could be the problem...? On the other hand my game still runs for long hours with good stability with a 900MB plugin(not very large!) unlike many others who say they CTD within the hour, even just with NAM.... see how there is nothing next to the 'exception module' and that EBX is 00000000 (unlike the bottom one with ECX, ESI at all-zero)
  15. Industrial Job Quirks

    I altered capacities before this particular HT complex was formed, yes, but I had something like this with the vanilla game (actually with NAM only) installed as well. One I-D factory employed 8 thousand workers while the others: none... Each time I come in a different block is getting the traffic. Sometimes none of them, but then the neighboring blocks get an increase (one block 8000 - others 300 => all are 500 or so) Also when these happen, the end blocks get some jobs too although it's only about 50 by the query...