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  1. I agree, the power plants in the base game are too small and simplistic, I like to build a bunch next to each other with some props to make a large power station complex
  2. Oh ok, then if that is the case you shouldn't have to hold off, you can at least release or test it and then if it needs tweaks you can tweak it after the expansion
  3. That's a really interesting discovery, it was my impression that the water ignores building meshes, however, you should be careful as I think the disaster addon adds buildings being destroyed by water (at least in the tsunami disaster it does) , it would suck to put all this work into something just to have it get destroyed after placement! Hopefully only strong currents will have this effect.
  4. Oh man I cannot wait for this great looking bridge, the stock brides are so boring!
  5. Wow all of those projects you mentioned sound great! In my futuristic city with its elevated tram network the vanilla tram depot is both bad looking and inconvenient. A river (or channel) flood control system would be amazing too! And dry dock doors too! It would be amazing and I mean AMAZING to have some sort of lock system to raise up boats. In my city I am working on I have flooded a desert valley to build a canal city 300 feet above the desert floor and I plan on having a ferry service. It would be amazing and I mean AMAAAZING to have a canal lock or boat raising system. It is possible to use a series of dams but then you have boats driving through dams, which looks wonky. Do you also plan on making a more modern looking elevated cargo station?
  6. Changing Vehicle Type

    I use IPT and I think its vehicle unbunching could be what is causing the long wait times. If I end up making the system for real in my city (not just tests) I am going to really split up the lines and build multi lane stops similar to a bus hub and connect them directly to the expressway. Since near vertical sections are possible there is no worrying about taking up too much space with a larger hub.
  7. Changing Vehicle Type

    I tried the aforementioned mod and all it did was cause huge glitches when the vehicle tried to spawn. I did some tests with regular cabs and found that building a large expressway system for cabs/busses would only be needed if your city was really big like 200k+ cims. Does anybody know of a mod that reduces transit vehicle wait times?
  8. Changing Vehicle Type

    ok awesome I will try it, is there any way I could make a duplicate with said tools? By the way I did more testing and the pod highway looks very, very cool, especially when you set the speed to over 200 mph and do vertical sections, I wish I could bank the turns and do like a sideways turn for interchanges. If you could run the roads tilted 90 degrees you could weave them in between buildings without creating super sharp turns. I did some research and there is a mod called assetchanger and uiassetchanger that should work, unless recent patches have screwed things up, I will try it tomorrow. In the comments people are complaining that their changed assets do not spawn, so we'll see. My city right now isn't very good or very large so maybe when its bigger and I have a pod highway that isn't just a test version I can show you guys, but I encourage you to try it out. I am going to see if I can create a system so good my city won't need much public transit or cars and ill just make most of the city pedestrian boulevards.
  9. Changing Vehicle Type

    ok I will look into it with the hex editor and see what I can do. I am pretty proficient with Hex, but I've never used it on CS mods. It would be great if somebody just made a quick and dirty mod. I am telling you these pod highways are super efficient, to the point that I might not even have trams or trains exept for absolutely critical points that move way to many people for pods. I will see if I can find a good model and maybe make an release one that looks cool, it probably won't be very good though haha
  10. I was wondering if there is any way to change a vehicle type. In the futuristic city I was working on I wanted to make an elevated pod expressway similar to what is in the movie Minority Report. I was using this mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723272626&searchtext=pod as a bus and had many different routes and created elevated bus only highways with no speed limit. However, I got huge backups in my city wherever multiple routes came together. I believe that in a previous patch they made the transport vehicles wait longer at stops so each pod would stop for like 3-5 seconds for only 10 people! Since they're capacity is so low you obviously have to have many vehicles. The only way I could think to clear up the jams is to have 30+ routes. I had planned to have many routes to begin with but with 10 routes and about 200 pods I had huge issues. Even with IPT it would be hell to have dozens and dozens of routes. It would get impossible to manage and would either waste a TON of money or have people wait forever as it would get cumbersome to micromanage so many different routes. The solution to this is to have the pods be taxis, or buses and taxis. Then the spread out traffic could still ride in the pods and using the bus pods one could make routes between critical points to move more people. Then you could still build elevated expressways and simply allow buses and taxis only (or anything else you want like garbage or freight). I found that the highways with the pods looked really cool and were very efficient and fast, as well as it being possible to do near vertical sections and not having issues with functionality and looks. The only problem is when the pods get off the highway and need to pick up people, they jam up in huge lines and actually made the traffic worse! Is there any way using a mod to change the vehicle type or make a duplicate? Would it be simple to mod it on my own? I have done A TON of modding for other games but not much for CS. I absolutely hate to make a request (since I know the work that goes into modding) but if somebody could make some cool looking pods that are taxis and buses that would be great! It would be a super useful mod since with only basic testing I found that elevated unlimited speed bus-ways worked really really well, for the most part I didn't even need more than one lane, even though I was moving thousands of people. Also since near vertical sections are possible, these expressways are versatile and flexible as well as cost effective.
  11. Catenary Replacer

    AAAAH I CAN'T wait till you add that feature! Train bridges look so so bad in general. However, I am trying to build a futuristic city and in that they look really really bad. The track in the additional transit mod would fix everything, but that mod author is making it a separate network instead of adding connectivity.
  12. Catenary Replacer

    ah ok so you just basically used a hack to change the mesh? I understand, I just really hate the vanilla train bridge, I might look into doing what you did although you said that in game it actually looks bad. What I had been doing was to place a bridge maybe 1 meter lower than my train bridges and replace the pillars with the Y pillars to cover up all that rusty crap on the rail bridges
  13. That bridge looks awesome! Plus I cannot wait for the rest of the refinery parts, when my city is more mature I normally separate the extraction and refining parts of my mining and oil. Using building themes I set up appropriate themes, this way I can maximize the amount of oil I can get from a given deposit, plus I can put all my refining in one place to be exported or used by industry. I REALLY wish the game had pipelines! It would be awesome to just plop a massive refinery.
  14. These are so beyond needed, and they look great! I really wish people would make more train cargo stations because more versatility and styles are needed in the rail cargo system. It would be really nice to have elevated stations in some other styles as well. These will be a huge help to any mayor. Right now if you want elevated cargo you have to raise up the land which can cause issues and doesn't look very nice sometimes. Keep up the great work!
  15. Catenary Replacer

    @Tim the terrible, do you know what kind of train bridge that is? Is there a mod that replaces the regular train bridge? I am talking about in the japan collection pictures, the train tracks are on a much nicer looking bridge than vanilla.