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  1. There's a mod that allows you to control zoning
  2. If they're on a bike lane then they're separate and don't use the pedestrian crossings. They instead wait for vehicular right of way
  3. Hey guys! so with the hint of a road modding tool in the next DLC arriving, and presuming it's something like Network Extensions let's discuss what roads would be cool to add! I've looked at the source code of Network Extensions and I've looked at their textures etc so I want to make a start at creating textures for roads. for that i need suggestions! Rules: Use https://streetmix.net/new to visualise your road. I won't even consider ones that are just some random description For roads you want to zone on: use either 16m wide roads or 32m wide roads as those are the two widths that work with zoning. For highways you can use any width lanes for cars, trams, buses etc should be 3m in width. parking should be 2m wide sidewalks should be at least 2m wide (maybe 1.5m at the smallest) and this is for either side of the road, so at least 4m of sidewalk altogether! try and keep in mind that it's not about creating new types of prefabs like MOM, it's for reskinning like we do with Network Skins! Here's some examples of Vanilla Roads visualised in StreetMix a 16m Wide Basic Road: And a 32m Wide Medium Road You can click on the above links to be taken to a template in streetmix. Give me inspiration!
  4. they have to be either the wide or narrow or single track configurations as seen in all snowfall roads think of bikes as vehicles that carry 1 person, that's how the game reads them. they have their own lane type but they do not act like pedestrians.
  5. There are a lot of flags, the best thing to do is play around with them and see what they do by trial and error, or find buildings/roads that use specific ones and deduce what they do
  6. Who says I have beta access?? I didn't see any of these tags I'm sorry everyone! As for tutorials on the hows and whys for roads it is extremely detailed as far as the editor goes so it would be hours and hours of writing/recording step by steps for what to do inside the editor alone, not to mention all the work on meshes and textures you need to do before importing into the editor. I'm not exaggerating - although it IS still quite intuitive as long as you are aware of how the game works and know its limits. Given that, you should all start off learning normal asset creation like buildings and maybe vehicles (vehicles can be tricky to map) because there are loads of mesh tutorials and also specific tutorials for CS and a lot of the skills you build on with those you will use and understand how to apply to road creation. I've - as of monday - returned to University full time and working practically full time (yay) so I'm going to be only available for small comments, very very occasional releases as i will be working on my 4 major projects I've started, all but one are practically still in concept stage, the first one being modeled but not fully textured or imported to the game for testing (it contains sub buildings and some things aren't working as i intended them too so I'm trying to figure out how i can get it to work) In order to manage expectations: expect maybe at the most 4 released over the next 4 months of uni, and that might mean I'm working on all 4 simultaneously until the end of the period and dump 4 releases on you in one go, which is more likely than releasing them once a month. (Masters is harder than a bachelor )
  7. "No Base" Script removes snow... any fix?

    You could try using another of the shaders that allow textures below 0 or maybe look at modtools to check/uncheck the "disable snow" value. That might be affected
  8. As far as I'm aware as long as you keep the name, file name and asset description exactly the same to the character - including case sensitivity it *should* work. A good thing to do would be save a backup that you can revert to if it doesn't work out. Or you can test before uploading by going into offline mode, replacing the steam file of the road you want to replace and run the game then. That way the game thinks the replaced version is the current steam version. After just delete the steam folder for that particular asset and once you're back in online mode steam will download that asset again
  9. Thanks guys for your support, and you're all right of course, it would be punishing the wrong people. As to kowkamurka, their last comment before hiding the asset was they will take it down because it's easier and not because of my claims. They were flat out rejected the idea that they'd used my mesh and textures and insisted that they could do so. So frustrating when you come up against a real life trump who insists the wrong is right...
  10. Further to this post on twitter, You all know I take the quality of my assets very seriously and i actively defend intellectual rights for my work. I'm not too sure I've made it clear why, so i will try and give a good understanding here: The time and effort taken to make the meshes and textures is actually quite substantial. A simple road can take at least 20 hours at bare minimum to come up with the different meshes, supporting texture maps to go with each mesh and the optimization process. This is probably an under estimate too. It's hard to count though as I usually do it when I get home after a long day at work. I test my stuff to make sure it's going to be as user friendly as possible - sometimes i fail, and i will do everything in my power to rectify that. this means i need full control over what everyone perceives as my work. and my work is usually recognizable, be it from the same styling, the "branding" (or attempt at) of the Bad Peanut cartoon I stamp on most things these days, or by the blunt yet constant support I provide for each and every upload to the workshop. And yes, I know I can be blunt, or straight up incredulous sometimes, but most of the time, if I feel it's a legitimate request for help I will provide answers or at least explain why things can't be done (the bluntness depends on how much logic the person in question has used before asking questions) This sort of "I do what I want, but what I want is to provide you with awesome assets" approach is the best way I can stay sane and provide a good range of (hopefully) quality custom content. When people upload copies of stuff I've created, it can be confusing for subscribers who don't know any better when they subscribe to a copy thinking it's done by me. On more than one occasion I've had an outdated copy of an asset be broken or not work so good and I've updated my original, only to have an angry fan complain that it's not working when really they're not actually subscribed to the correct asset. I always feel helpless in those situations hence the constant infringement notices I file for my assets. It may seem trivial but it really isn't to me, I can't really explain why it feels like a violation but it really really makes me not want to put out more content if people will just blatantly copy it for their own purposes. This moves on to the latest debacle: Most of the time when issued infringement notices, people back down and delete the asset in question. Everyone moves on and they probably get a strike against their name on steam. This time however is different. Another fairly active asset creator - I mean they have more uploads (and presumably time) than I do - has reuploaded one of my tram roads, with the small adjustment of changing the tracks. (the one part of the road that isn't my intellectual property!) So they're continuing to use my custom mesh and textures as a basis for the duplicate road. I've asked them to take it down and I've filed the infringement notice, but this user refuses to acknowledge they have done anything wrong. however in their latest response they say they will take it down in a couple of days if steam doesn't, but they reiterate they haven't done anything wrong. So what will I be doing in the future with similar cases? I think if someone refuses to take down copies or reuploads then I will stop producing assets until they agree to remove the content in question. If it really gets to a point of no return and I feel that I'm no longer even motivated to make new things I would probably remove all my content from steam, and actively have it taken down if people repost saved versions. That may sound drastic and it is worse case scenario but it's maybe the one thing that will make people rethink plagiarizing other people's content so blatantly. I hope that I will never been in such a stand off situation where i basically have to blackmail with my own content. As of now, I will continue working on the upcoming content I mentioned a couple of days ago when and only when this particular road has been removed from the workshop. Thanks for your understanding, BAD Peanut
  11. it returns to a normal node mesh, that way there's no odd overlay through an intersection
  12. Update time guys, please take into consideration this is just a placeholder/working concept and there is no way the mesh and textures are near finished. I just wanted to make sure the flags obey my mesh rules Don't you love it when things work out how you theorize? <3
  13. Shannanigan: WIPs & Stuff

    You can change the shader using mod tools if you don't want the concrete base texture
  14. tiny roads (ones that have zoning set less than the 16m wide) require additional modded info hence why they only work with Network Extensions
  15. @andreharv How are you planning on feasibly doing this and not adding a whole lot of bloat? For each iteration are you going to have a completely new road prefab or are you going to instead hook into the flagging system and create flags for lane types and have meshes bundled into the one prefab? If it's the latter it would be probably much better performance wise, although I am skeptical about the ability to use flags on lane types (which is a pity but would be awesome) If it's the former and you're going to have separate prefabs for each iteration and have most of the them procedural except for the main one won't that mean you'd be adding megabytes of data just for the simplest thing? Sounds a little too much in terms of managing the mod, running the mod in lower end computers (which people certainly do) and just overall data bloating. If you manage to do the first one though I would be happy to lend a hand (in between uni and work) with modelling and textures if you'd like it. If it's the latter I would probably just stick to releasing my individual roads. Although it would be cool if you made this menu selection feature (i'm guessing like the way you select features in MOM for what rail type you want) if this was a modular mod separate to NExt where anyone could hook in by adding an xml doc to their subscriptions. That way I could specify in the xml file the main prefab, the iteration prefabs (which the mod would override to be procedural) and what selection title they would appear as in the menu. For example the 12 lane roads I released that have all the combinations (except monorail) would work great. If people sub to the mod the xml file is read and puts the roads into the GUI. If the mod isn't subbed then the xml isn't read by the game and the roads will show up like normal. message me if you'd like to discuss
  16. I think we have permission to use any of the CO meshes as long as the required DLC is still mandated. Apart from that everything on steam is protected by intellectual rights agreement which everyone agrees to when they sign up to steam. Technically if someone really got annoyed they could press charges for copyright infringement.
  17. Hey Guys, Head over to twitter to take part of a popularity poll to decide in which order I will work on the pictured roads. These are kind of placeholder layouts so they may be tweaked by the end (with discussion from you guys) but please vote on the initial idea of each one. I think that twitter isn't multiple choice which is fine as I'm going to make ALL of these roads, it's just a matter of when. So choose the one you want to see first! (and the popularity of each one will dictate the order) I will also along the developing process post pictures to keep you updated on the roads design and you can feel free to comment on them as I go - although as usual I MAY choose not to act on feedback (mainly because I would have a good reason not to) Incidentally @Giveaway412 - see above that I was just about to post Although note that i would never use their bridge mesh as that's plagiarism and I would need to ask permission to use it. (And I'd feel like a hypocrite asking when I could just make my own ) And you're still welcome to suggest things (especially when they're a broad idea like yours) I just don't necessarily act on them all. But i DO consider them! Happy voting!
  18. Not really no, I'd have to change the way the modularity would work a tad. Even then if it all works it would still require at least 3 main models from scratch and with different textures. It's actually a lot of work to do. I may well attempt it but it's going to be a very long way away. I have several other projects I want to get done first, and I'm about to go back to uni and simultaneously work full time too so there won't be much time for big projects once i do (although hopefully i can still manage a few roads)
  19. it's not really the centers of the tracks i think, it's more the building footprint that covers up the modules underneath. Say the ground level: you'd have tracks directly adjacent to each other as the repeat in modularity. On top you'd have the same except the elevated modules would be 90 degrees to the ones below - but they would still be right up against each other and the more you add the more covered up the modules below are.
  20. Always good to see some posts for inspiring me! Don't be afraid to share just be aware i won't choose any specific road but make something that covers a few designs to suit more people
  21. I don't know whether it's impossible. It may be but i can think of one way of doing it. But as i said above it may be defeated by the fact you need too be able to click on the lower modules that might be hidden by the elevated modules
  22. The only way i can think of doing it would 1. limit the number of modules to the amount you can fit into the length of the station track 2. It would not let you place stops on the modules below because the cursor wouldn't be able to select them through the modules above.