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  1. Hey guys! so with the hint of a road modding tool in the next DLC arriving, and presuming it's something like Network Extensions let's discuss what roads would be cool to add! I've looked at the source code of Network Extensions and I've looked at their textures etc so I want to make a start at creating textures for roads. for that i need suggestions! Rules: Use https://streetmix.net/new to visualise your road. I won't even consider ones that are just some random description For roads you want to zone on: use either 16m wide roads or 32m wide roads as those are the two widths that work with zoning. For highways you can use any width lanes for cars, trams, buses etc should be 3m in width. parking should be 2m wide sidewalks should be at least 2m wide (maybe 1.5m at the smallest) and this is for either side of the road, so at least 4m of sidewalk altogether! try and keep in mind that it's not about creating new types of prefabs like MOM, it's for reskinning like we do with Network Skins! Here's some examples of Vanilla Roads visualised in StreetMix a 16m Wide Basic Road: And a 32m Wide Medium Road You can click on the above links to be taken to a template in streetmix. Give me inspiration!
  2. as an Australian who likes to uphold the stereotype of swearing too much I'm heartily glad!
  3. Hey guys, if you missed it, or don't regularly look on the sub reddit, this is a repost of the same info: So I occasionally get people complaining that such and such station is broken and they want a fix - for instance the most recent being Sotunder Sunken Station (which I've hidden for the moment). Now it's usually a very very small percentage of subscribers who say that it's broken - which doesn't make sense because if it is broken then it shouldn't work for anyone and if I can have it work in a 100% vanilla game then it's certainly not my assets fault but something connected to an additional/combination of mods. In saying that, the majority of you already know this because hey - logic! BUT there is something i've recently realised/noticed that could create at least in part the problems people describe. I've noticed that since the release of Moveit! mod there's been a gradual incline of people using it for precision placement of buildings, which is great because it's such a good mod that really opens the game's placement styles. I have it and a lot of people have it. It's fine for normal unique buildings and the like but not so great for some train station assets (some, not all). Not many people will know, but the hidden pedestrian paths used to connect a cim to the platform of a station can be quite finicky, so if you adjust them in the slightest, you're likely to break the connections (hence the problems in the past when modularity was new and you needed to flatten the land before placing - thankfully i found a better solution that removes the need for the end user to think about it properly). The problem with the ped paths is that when people initially place them alongside a road, all the ped paths are exactly where they should be, but with the new adjusting habits of the Moveit! mod users, as soon as you move the building even the slightest bit you'll end up compromising the hidden pedestrian paths. thus breaking the ability for cims to get onto the platform. This isn't a rule of thumb, there can certainly be other issues with stations that may cause them to stop working, and not all stations will respond to being adjusted by MoveIt! will break. I think that it will depend on the complexity of the placement of the hidden pedestrian paths. For instance: Boformer's Sunken station doesn't break with MoveIt! mod adjustments (AFAIK) because the hidden pedestrian paths between platform and street are simple, 1 segment paths. My Sotunder Station (and usually all my stations) will have more complex hidden paths because I try to if it's possible, to create a more visually realistic path the cims walk along, so they usually comprise of more than 1 segment, and when you use MoveIt! the additional nodes between segments can rocket around - which you can't see happen because they're hidden. It's why when people find it's broken for them, then load it in the editor to check the hidden paths, they find them all as they should be - because in the editor is exactly as they should be and as they will be if you just place the station alongside a road without a MoveIt! adjustment. As a side note: I also have a theory that when people place the stations with anarchy on it can sometimes cause the connections to be broken because some anarchy mods remove the fixed height values of the nodes, thus they change heights, and lose their connections. TL;DR? You're right it is long, but I was trying to answer all the possible future questions looking for clarity - suffice to say if you use MoveIt! mod or an anarchy mode while placing one of my stations you MAY have a problem with cims getting on the platform. Read the above for details on why and how to avoid it.
  4. will you be using the animated UV shader to have the belt moving?? Looks good!
  5. While Turjan is right it would kill your city, but only in the same way as the larger disaster shelter (which has 10,000 capacity) does - so it could be possible. For now though considering it's difficult to regulate modded stadiums I have created one with a slightly higher capacity than the normal match day one. Search Steam for Colossal sports precinct.
  6. actually the vanilla bus lanes work by priority not restriction, so busses will usually be the only vehicles in these lanes (or taxis) but if a car needs to turn off and the lane that it needs to use is bus, it will still enter the bus lane in the last segment before turning off.
  7. Comments in Bold Blue
  8. In terms of using TM:PE I usually try and make things that don't require additional mods (why I'm excited for the new tool) but II do actually think what you say has merit, so i might make a collection of roads that do require (or at least strongly recommend) TM:PE with the, but I would still focus on modless roads too. I prefer the stability of making mods that only rely on the code that CO produces, rather than the whims of our dedicated modders. i really have no idea how the tool will work, we haven't had much info in the dev diaries so it's hard to know how easy it will be. I'm just guessing from the structure of what NExt uses and how the Extra Roads for Next act like, along with a reasonable amount of understanding of how the traffic AI works currently. I think though the fact you don't have those issues is because you have TM:PE (i think it has code that makes the bus lanes work like that) either that or you may not have noticed. or it might not be a big deal to you. I'm personally hoping for a lane restriction from CO but i doubt that will happen
  9. it's what this guy on the New Roads for Next page is talking about: mainly the bit where he says you have to manually restrict the busses from crossing through barriers. My general assumption that's evident from these mods is that you can't stop traffic from changing lanes, even if you put a barrier, or a median in between them. if they're both heading the same way then they'll both be use. In your latest example I think the shelter in between the two lanes on the right and the two bus lanes centre right (heading in the same direction) would have the same problem, you'd be having cars cross into the bus lanes when they need to turn across traffic and they'll drive straight through that transit shelter strip
  10. I think that lanes that cross over medians aren't going to work visually, we've seen in roads for Next 2 how vehicles will still just cross over the median strip and you can't restrict it unless you use one of the traffic mods which are CPU intensive
  11. Hey guys, I'm thinking of upgrading my computer to this guy: Now I'm aware that people think GeForce is better than Quadro when it comes to gaming, but surely with 4GB it's going to be fine right? and the Xeon processors are gonna be great for the simulation side right? I could opt for the i7 7820HQ processor but it would still be paired with the Quadro. and i7 vs Xeon, the i7 is 2.9 up to 3.9 GHz but the Xeon is 3.1 up to 4.2 GHz so surely the Xeon is better? I've just read a lot of reviews where people swear that the Geforce is better and there's usually the i7 being used not the Xeon, like why would you opt for the i7 over the Xeon and the GeForce over the Quadro? There can't be that much difference? My main game is CS anyway so as long as that'll run smoothly I'll be happy (the rest of the power is for my work) Cheers in advance tech savvy guys
  12. PC advice

    Well as I said I do a lot of 3D modelling and texturing, I use 3ds Max, V Ray extensions for several programs, sketchup (anything can run sketchup though haha) rhino, Revit, Autocad, Photoshop. But in saying all that I'm running CS very well on an old All in One. It's got an old i7 3770S in it, and a Nvidia Geforce GT 630M and 16GB RAM. Now this has been good for me for the last 7 years and still kinda is, but it's getting noticeably slower hence why I want to upgrade, but my main question is not really what would be better, (because most people say the GEforce and the i7 is better than Quadro and Xeon) what i really want to know is if there's a significant disadvantage to getting the Xeon and Quadro over the Geforce and i7. Why settle for less than the others? Mainly because I'm possibly getting a special price from my work, (which is why it's a workstation setup because that's what works for our CAD) I'm not too sure if I will accept the special price, or choose to forgo it for the better options.
  13. PC advice

    @MushyMushy my work uses CAD a lot so it'll be fine for that and i usually go for all in one PCs because i like how compact they are compared to towers/boxes and all the cables that go with that sort of set up (not to mention the ridiculous lights that gaming computers tend to come with). That's why I'm happy with a laptop and yeah the extra portability will be nice. The only game that i will play really is CS or the like (i like simulation builders) so I'm not looking for running first person shooters or anything like that. I think that considering I'm on an old geforce 640m (2GB) or something like that even if i get the quadro it will be more than 2x faster than that. My current all in one is nearly 7 years old so i think any upgrade will be excellent. It was top of the range when i first got it but it's in its last legs.
  14. nah no <censored> haha it's good to have the discourse, plus you're right about the speeds, but I don't think the smaller widths will make much difference as the bikes aren't constantly in the way (and it's fun to think it's simulating bikes weaving in front of traffic and the cars having to slam on brakes hahaa)
  15. I don't know if having a single "bus priority" lanes works, because technically bus lanes still allow normal cars if it's the only route for them (eg when they turn off) so this might just end up being a normal car lane with bikes, but if it can be done then maybe I will consider it. I'd rather not double up too much on the same function/layouts instead I'd rather give a better variation. That being said I'm still just brainstorming and see what ones are more responded too
  16. https://streetmix.net/-/575804
  17. https://streetmix.net/-/574937 something to pair with the NExt Small Avenue
  18. I have no idea what you're talking about, it's in the same options menu as the day night cycle option. If you don't have it then it probably means you're using a pirated version and if that's the case I'm not impressed
  19. Why are you posting here, this isn't a thread regarding this. As a side note: you know road naming is in the vanilla game right? you shouldn't have any mods doing it as they would cause errors...
  20. Yes, but that doesn't always work reliably (sometimes traffic turns into those lanes instead of only using them to turn out of) and I think that NEXT2 adds actual gameplay that's not in the vanilla/DLCs so it obviously won't be in the modding tool (unless they're adding new features as well??) I guess we'll see but i will plan on doing the asymmetric as there's no reason why that definitely wouldn't work (unless they keep asymmetric as DLC only - meaning it can't be modded)
  21. I'm not too sure if this would be achievable but would you like this but asymmetric instead of the center turning lane? That I think would work, it would be just like the current MT asymmetric but with bike lanes added on the sides
  22. asymmetric tram/car road: https://streetmix.net/-/574937
  23. You can't use the vanilla field dump files to reimport into the editor as they contain the animated soccer figures, which aren't supported in the asset editor (custom animations are not supported) therefore the files don't read and you don't get the textures showing up. Best to just make your own textures and mesh
  24. hahaha whereas where I live they are really that small! We'll see if it works in the game and if it does then I'm sure it'll be fine! maybe all the bikes will go single file hahaha
  25. As long as you realise they're no true bus lanes in vanilla CS so i doubt any road tool will either. There's bus priority from AD that still allows cars if necessary, so i guess we might get that but maybe only on larger medium roads