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  1. RRetail Development

    Meijer experimented with a few other designs during the 90's and 2000's. There is weird one in Southgate, MI with a round structure on the front which is affectionatly called "the pineapple". There is one in Livonia, Mi that looks like a small village on the outside. They have also taken over Super K Marts and other defunct retailers in some areas and didn't change the design much. IMO, though the ones I pictured are the best.
  2. RRetail Development

    Meijer is headquartered in my home state of Michigan. I only have 3 that are within minutes of my home lol. Here are the 2 most common Meijer designs:
  3. ericexp

    pics of my Detroit area re-creation.
  4. pclark06 Retail BAT stuff

    Been waiting for this
  5. RRetail Development

    Gotta have a Meijer to go with those pumps now lol
  6. BAT Request Thread

    I've been there. Its pretty neat to see in person.
  7. RRetail Development

    Is diamond shamrock still around?
  8. RRetail Development

    Marathon definately. We have a ton of those here in Michigan and I can't add them to my Detroit area re-creation.
  9. RRetail Development

    While there aren't any Bon Ton stores in my area, We do have Carsons and Elder-Beerman. I can guarantee that at least one mall just outside the Detroit metro area will close all together because of this because Elder-Beerman is the only real anchor store left in it.
  10. mipro

    Eagerly awaiting some updates!
  11. mipro

    I have to ask: Jason, has this been the most challenging BAT that you've done? How do you think the Book Tower would compare in difficulty?
  12. mipro

    so looking forward to this! There is a big empty space just waiting for it in my Detroit re-creation...
  13. BAT Request Thread

    oh cool!
  14. BAT Request Thread

    I would like to see a Buffalo Wild Wings. It seems like no one is interested in making retail lots anymore. I may have to learn how to do this, but I'm really no good at using CADlike programs.