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  1. New: Discord Chat for Simtropolis

    Was having no problems with the chat (Discord) until tonight. I've been on the chat about 3 or 4 times, no issues. At the "what do you want people to call you?" screen as I'll call it, now, for whatever reason, when I click 'login' by where it says "Already have an account? Login" nothing happens. I have tried on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, so I have to assume it's just a temporary bug going on at Discord. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Does your parents argue?

    My parents argued. Then they got divorced. And they still argued for a considerable amount of years after they divorced. But now that they've been divorced for so many years, with age comes wisdom, and they don't really argue anymore, but then again, my sister and I are adults and my parents really don't have much reason to communicate with each other anymore. Everybody's parents argue whether they're married, divorced, married a long time, or divorced for a long time. It's human nature to argue, individuals are still individuals even if they're part of a couple, and individuals don't always agree on everything.
  3. Update 42: Cibebek Railway Insight 1

    I likey. I likey a lot.
  4. Thanks for responding @CaptCity and @CorinaMarie. Because of my limited computer abilities and my fear of sabotaging things if I were to mess with files and such, I'm still clueless on how this has come up. I haven't messed around with any files in my plugins or moved them or anything like that. Maybe my computer did it to itself for some reason, really weird. I figure that as long as it hasn't noticeably affected my cities I'm ok with just clicking 'Accept' when that appears when I load a city where that disclaimer shows up. I really don't notice anything different about any of the buildings or anything else in my city being affected by this, so I guess my question was more out of curiosity than anything else. Wait a second! I just read what you said again CaptCity, and I do remember something that grew in my city, I forget what kind of building or the name of the building, but when it was done with the construction phase and was supposed to show the completed building, it wasn't a building, it was a lot with just a few bushes and some concrete, the building definitely wasn't built. I think it was the first time I zone a really irregular-sized lot (at least for me) that was like 5x2 or 7x2 or something like that, can't remember for sure. If this happens again, should I note what the building name is and the size of the lot I zoned it for and come back to this thread and announce it? It might give me some more insight if I can provide more specifics and folks with computer knowledge, like yourselves, can tell me what's going on. I always seem to get weird computery problems that creep up and taunt me, so thanks for bearing with me and listening to my predicaments, haha!
  5. Hey everybody, I got this info box pop up when I sign in to a couple of my cities in my region. Before this happened I had never seen this before. I've actually not noticed anything looking outta sorts or missing any graphics or whatever, so I don't know what the deal is. If anybody can explain this to me I'd appreciate it. I'm terrible with computers, so if you can dumb down your explanation and don't use too heavy of "techy words" that would help me out as well. What I see appearing in my game is shown in the photo below. You can see my technical prowess as I forgot how to take a screenshot on my computer so I took a photo of my computer screen using my phone, haha! Ok, thanks everybody.
  6. Keep up the good work CB. As I accessed the site tonight, I was not interrupted by the red flag Norton warning (as I have Norton AV installed on my computer), as I had been last night and the previous times during this week. I feel confident that Simtropolis will be returned to green status again sooner than later.
  7. Saint Thomas Building

    I know it's sized 2x1, but what kind of residential do I need to zone for this to grow? Light, medium, or high density? Or does it not matter? Anyone who can answer I appreciate it.
  8. Antarian Condos

    Since this is growable, what size lot do I zone for this building to grow? (Ex. 2x2, 3x3, etc.?) Anyone who can answer this I'd appreciate it.
  9. @Thin White Duke Thanks for commenting. What is/are 'mmp's'?
  10. I hate to be that guy to not only not answer your question, but to ask you a question, but what the heck is a RICO building? The only RICO I'm familiar with is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law, and that's only because I grew up as a kid in an Italian neighborhood of Brooklyn in the 80's, so I heard my share of that term being thrown around by some older folks. So lemme know if ya could. Much appreciated. Again, sorry I contributed nothing towards you getting an answer for your question.
  11. I have been a SimCity nut since the original came out when most of you weren't even born yet (yes, I'm old, not elderly, but when I was a wee lad MTV played nothing but music videos - except for the game show 'Remote Control' which was awesome - and KFC was called 'Kentucky Fried Chicken', not to mention the USSR existing, ok I'm going off on a tangent, shut up self ). I got SimCity 4 (Deluxe Edition) the day it was released and have spent a good amount of time playing. In all these years of owning SC4 I still have not, for the life of me, figured out how to position a beach properly enough to get the dang thing to plop. I've tried rearranging the terrain levels, I've used the 'home' key to flip it all possible directions, and nada. Bupkis. What else can I possibly do, short of some magic wizardry, to finally break this curse of mine for many years? As those of you who are familiar with me/my posts, don't get too technical with me, computers and I are long-time frienemies. Whatever you say, dumb it down. Then dumb that down one more time. That should do it. You guys are the best. Love, peace, and chicken grease homies.
  12. @rsc204 and others: I'm the worst with computers, so I want to make sure everything is cool. I have Windows 10 and have accepted all updates since I got my laptop about a year ago. Is it likely that I have this 'patch' you're speaking about? How can I tell/where do I check on my computer? Any input would be helpful. Thank you. Sincerely, A Computer Dummy
  13. Balboa - Part 2

    I like it. I like it a lot. {Lloyd Christmas-from Dumb & Dumber-voice}
  14. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    My screenshot: