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  1. New Downtown

    Looks good... though the main street looks a bit too barren and could use some detailing ;-)
  2. Looks really nice... and realistic..
  3. The Simtopian Dream

    wow... just... wow... and also truly enjoyed the story telling ;-) Long live Simtopia!
  4. Ghetto and town backstory

    whooo... living in da ghetto! Great update!
  5. Saint-Martin en Leu

    Looks really nice... love the realism.. J'aimerai voir plus! ;-)
  6. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    my second WIP.. San Luis (major desert US city themed)
  7. Hi, the map is Mangrove Beach (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=458935786) It's not a Miami map, but with the necessary adjustments you can create the same vibes and feel.. The same crazy traffic comes along with it though lol
  8. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    WIP... Miami style city...
  9. Working on a Miami / florida themed city... 160k population so far... Pictures show the beach (with downtown at the back) and close up of downtown.
  10. The City of Blois

    Looks great... you have some street views too?
  11. Update 4.9 - Current Projects

    I keep looking... and looking... and looking ;-)
  12. Map Finished

    nice... curious to see how it will play out ;-)
  13. Introduction

    I remember that CJ very clearly still - it was fabulous! ;-) I hope the CSL version will be a lot better even.. Regarding the buildings/city growth.. to counter the growth into highrises, I always enable the 'no highrise' policy - which for the most time does the trick. Good luck!!