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  1. Wood County - Rebirth

    I'd suggest #2 for athletics and #5 as water sports arena. ~bean~
  2. GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Sea Set

    Well, I really like the reefs. The boat models are nice, though they sink in deep water. Keep up! (7/10)
  3. BSC Brick Canals Base Set

    Well done goober! You proposed it for today - and here we go!. I'll download the packs and rate (after testing that timestamp issue...)
  4. European car replacement mod

    Hey mikeseith, although there is no really progress with that registry stuff (no feedbacks, yet) this is a really great idea! I just tested it ingame - wonderfull! (10/10)
  5. Ocean River MOD final

    @esmnh: animated water won't be possible - sorry. Have a look on prince_of_sims's postings to see how this mod can be improved. ~bean~
  6. Playboy Mansion

    Hey Goober! Yeah, school's out... Well I like both, the building and the entire LOT. Too bad that this got rated for just the name of the LOT. Anyways, since I really got offended for some (PM) comments these days, I'll just lurk for a while... (And keep downloading some stuff). Great work! ~bean~
  7. ISAT Aurotal Condos

    I like this kind of LOT - it could be a base for a kind of 'Gutshof' [German]. Anyways, try to add some gradient to roof/walls. And maybe add some windows (or tree props) to the small building in front of the given picture. No voting, yet
  8. CityBus 5501 UDI Automata

    There should be no problems ATM - but it could be. Update will be available soon.
  9. CityBus 5501 UDI Automata

    IMPORTANT NOTE: these days I learned, that the IID I used for the additional bus is within a range that might be used by the current/future NAM. If you encounter any problems with the NAM, trie to delete my bus first.
  10. The Saint Louis

    yticmic: well, I usually don't comment/rate on the STEX. But I really like your buildings. Keep up!
  11. NAM: Development

    Date: 5/15/2005 6:50:22 PM Author: GoaSkin A request by me is a Y-stack for railroads (like the avenue-Y-stack but for railways). MayorBean wanted to try working on that but I think nobody from the SFBT has the experience to create complicated puzzle pieces like this. quote> Huh? Seems I've missed something?! I'm pretty sure I never mentioned to do something on rail Y-stacks. Since working on puzzle-pieces and all TE stuff is off my capabilities. There might have been a suggestion, though I already can't remember that. Anyways, great stuff with the ramblas. You may attach the textures, so I may have a look on it. Although, I'm somehow short on time ATM. ~bean~
  12. Britannia of Ultima Online

    Hey, very cool map - just rendered it with cycledogg's mod. Good old times!
  13. Wood County - Rebirth

    Nice CJ. I like the way you control traffic. What are those appartments in your last update?
  14. CityBus 5501 UDI Automata

    mteach: YES! Thanks! johnb: the bus is smaller than the ingame one ;) dawidoff: if you offer any help, I may do...
  15. NDEX Grand Aqua Mall by Superstar

    Don't count on childish n00bs. The Model is great work - although I really don't like the dark roof and the 'broken bottle' night view ;) . I saw this thing ingame and it looks great - although it's not my style. Superstar&Equinox: take this as criticism and keep up!